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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Absolutely loved it
Magical, breathtaking and simply superb a worthy sequel with more action without losing the magic of the original. A solid story and performance from all throughout the only criticism may be that at times it was a bit of a cgi overload but I was enthralled from start to end so can't conplain.


Good kids film
Ignoring the controversy surrounding the map allowing for this to be an error rather than purposeful this was an extremely enjoyable and charming kids film with enough to keep us adults more than content and engaged throughout also. Well worth the watch.

Jack Whitehall: At Large

Good but could be better
I mostly chuckled throughout with the odd moment falling flat very few full belly laughs that I couldn't control which is what we're always aiming for. Fun but could be funnier especially with the talent jack has.

Russell Howard: Recalibrate

Absolutely loved it
After being given a spare ticket to see him live recently reminding me just how good he was I watched this on a plane journey and reminded me once more just how funny Russell is could not contain my laughter at times making me look a little odd on the plane I'm sure but worth every second of funny looks I recurved!

Gemini Man

Good fun
Often a little predictable due tot the trailer but generally great fun with enough twists to keep it interesting and some great CGI mostly although at times a little tacky. Will Smith put in a great performance and carried it could have done with some more complexity to add extra layers to the story but still a solid thriller.

Uncle Drew

Enjoyable family fun
A film the whole family can enjoy some great laughs and set pieces other times it's slightly average but had enough laughs to get by without breaking any new ground and being a tad forgettable. Perfect viewing on a weary Sunday night.


Great fun
Enchanting visually and emotionally a great performance all round and fun for all the family. A little to cheesy for me at some times but to be expected with a Disney film I suppose.


The best performance I've seen from an individual actor combined with some of the best cinematography I've ever seen also. So perfectly dark, sinister and crazy! I doubt there will ever be a more perfect joker in any film of this doesn't win multiple oscars it will be a travesty.

Deep State

Reasonable spy thriller
Nothing special but has its moments and interesting enough to get into. Mark strong carried the first season and stood out. However the 2nd has a much better story. Mildly above average worth a watch if you get the chance.

The Last Tree

I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either dragged especially towards the last quarter of the film but did have its moments. Wouldn't go out of your way to see it but passes the time.

Don't Let Go

Great thriller that keeps you guessing
Just continued to get better and better from an initial slow burn. Thought it was just going to be an average detective thriller with a b list cast but was far better.

The Farewell

Funny and saddening in equal measures
A beautiful portrayal of a long farewell and an insight into the difference between western an eastern culture. Powerful performances through and well worth a watch.

Ad Astra

Tedious waste of time
Pitt was good in his role but couldn't help this from feeling like an big old road to nowhere. Barely anything happens and I was crying out for the ending by the halfway point at the latest. Nothing wrong with the acting as a whole just not a great story, pacing or script. Good medicine for sleeping if ever on tv and struggling from insomnia.

Ready or Not

So much fun!
I didn't expect much from this but it just worked perfectly. A great cast, enough of a storyline to work, great action, perfect amount of comedy and one liners thrown into lighten the mood and even a great ending. Most fun I've had at the cinema in months.

Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself

Solid comedy special although Jeff has done better.
Not his best work but still pretty damn hilarious. Would like to see the characters get more equal timing or just more each in general. An hour and a half would have been perfect.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

When it's funny it's really funny but can be just as dull
The interviews are great and the outtakes later even better and make you wonder why more of that material isn't put in. I'd rather see him just do an actuall talk show like this mind. The story in between was fragile at best and just became an annoyance between interviews.


Expected more
After seeing some of the big praise the film has had including talks of Oscar nominations for Lopez I expected a lot lot more from the film. It was still ok but reasonably good rather than anything exceptional with multiple flaws.

The Kitchen

I was enjoying it but got lost in itself
I was actually enjoying it for atleast the first half of the film maybe more but it transcended into chaos often not making sense the female empowerment they were going for slightly lost within their actions and the final topping of the cake the closing sequences making no sense at all and a cringey speech from Mellisa McCarthy. I actually liked the 3 women in the role and was working well but they tried to fit to much in the storyline often parts clashing with each other or straight up plot holes before in the end going from what was a great feeling of female empowerment to a straight up male hatred speech at the end of the film. I still just about enjoyed enough parts but what could have been an 8/910 rather fizzled out in the second half.

Rambo: Last Blood

Quality action sequences more than paper over the cracks
The script and overall storyline were more than a little ropey and some of the early sequences with Rambo talking more than a little cringey. Despite these floors however the action sequences are perfectly executed and once the pace of the film picks up its more than entertaining enough to spend your time on. Not perfect but worth the watch.


Charming but often cliche
It follows a tested and tried formula has an extremely likeable lead and was thoroughly enjoyably throughout despite its predictability and using the template of many successful sports films. The only thing that was slightly annoying was the subtitles were horrific often nothing like what they actually said and I'm not sure why they were needed anyway given it was in English to begin with. Doubt many would be disappointed with this and most will enjoy without it blowing anyone's minds or achieving any true level of greatness.

Hands of Stone

Occasionally cliche but still beautifully performed
De Niro felt like he was at his best for a long while in this film a passionate performance in fact most of the cast milked every drop of passion and emotion into this film. Occasionally it was a little cliche for my liking following the same route as many generic boxing and sports films in general but still managed to be thoroughly entertaining.

It Chapter Two

Had its moments but pacing all wrong
I struggled so hard to keep attention with this film at times it excelled but to often it needlessly dragged and felt splintered into separate films. Unfortunately hard to enjoy due to this and nowhere near as scary as the first. Could and should have been much better.

The Mustang

Reasonably acted but incredibly boring
I couldn't connect or care for any of the characters the film dragged like hell with zero emotion throughout. There was nothing wrong with any specific performance within the film it just felt there was very little substance to the story and unlikely to even be conceivably possible to have happened at times.

A Million Little Pieces

Has its moments
A strong central performance about a film that dances around the edges of the grim reality at times and at times was poorly paced sometimes rushing sections and dragging other parts out. Still does a good job making you care about most the characters unlike some similar films. Unfortunately however it doesn't quite all come together and falls just short of being anything more than reasonably good.

The Informer

Gritty emotive crime thriller
An absorbing thrill ride of a crime thriller. Unlike some reviewers I actually found this well paced with enough twists to keep it interesting and a ruthless violent edge alongside the drama. Was tempted to even rate as a 9 until near the end but I just can't stand open endings to these things no matter how minor unless we know there'll be a sequel I just want to know how the story is resolved fully. Nevertheless one of the better thrillers of the year so far and well worth a watch.

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