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Zathura: A Space Adventure

Seen this move 10yrs back, now just suddenly seen and came here to register my viewership
It's a great movie of its time, really enjoyed watching this movie on TV back when Internet was not a pop, kids of this age will still like and enjoy it.


Good frictionl storyline
The story is too fake, painting all in black in white, portraying the majority on a religious basis as evil, using a bogus family story.

Overall, not information, mostly created to generate more hate against non-muhammadans.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

Blew my mind with the amount of strange, socially, politically inaccurate psychotic acts, very well of its genre, one of its kind, surely this movie set a new height to dark side of cinema.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The concept is faulty and very edgy
The plot has a very edgy idea, consisted with an idea of making a "Human Centipede", tho centipedes don't have multiple brains, eyes in their length body, just consists with multiple legs, so the surgery could've been easily done by adding multiple legs and hands to one really long human body, instead of making it more disgusting.

El cadáver de Anna Fritz

The movie teaches you a lot about human nature
The movie has a very good disturbing plot, not far from reality, I'm sure these cases are not very rare in morgues, since sexually frustrated males can mate with anything that has a hole in it, for example 'fleshlight', anyway, the characters in this movie are very skilled, played their respective roles very well.

The movie, overall, teaches you, that It's all your Karma (Activity) which chases you till the end, even if you overcome the guilt.

So never commit such mistakes.

Yatri Kripya Dhyan De

Ye toh YouTube wala prank ho gaya
Seriously guys, its a nonsense prank, featuring attractive actress and heavily advertised on Amazon shopping app and all.

Do watch it, its decent but very short and casual.

Wild Wild Country

A baseless conspiracy
Literally, this film is propagating any nonsensical baseless conspiracies, accusations against a spiritual guru to defame demonize corner him.

The organizations behind this are deeply funded by the churches and billionaire conservatives.

Shaurya: It Takes Courage to Make Right... Right

Movie is a copy of an Hollywood movie 'A Few Good Men'
The movie contains intents to defame Indian army, portray the Indian Army as 'Radical' and 'Fanatic', it scripts a communal story to show a patriotic Indian Army man in communal light, intention of this move is to do Hindu-Muslim in Indian Army in a very clever manner, but in the process and at the very end of the movie (Court Room) it speaks the true lines.


Cheap bollywood garbage
The movie producers attempted some controversies with the name to come in light, but it failed miserably, cause of its cheap attempts, and nonsensical story directing.

USS Seaviper

Just another cheap Anglo world war propaganda movie
From the starting it looked cheap and USA focused, just take it as another Hollywood movie an attempt to glorify USA through digital propaganda and show USA in "god of the world"


A very good short film
The film has a very good plot, acting, dialogues, and a theme song; Overall a good move to watch and seek knowledge about humanity and self-righteousness.

Resurrection - Jaago Aur Jiyo

A very motivating short film
The acting in this film is not the top class, especially by the actress, but the storyline is quite well and life encouraging.; Overall I loved the film very much.

Sexy Durga

Very bad and cheap way to instigate controversy for publicity
The movie has nothing, no good story, production, only kept an offensive name and a cover, to offend a certain section of the society and an attempt to generate cheap publicity through controversy.

Angry Indian Goddesses

D grade move from a D grade movie producing house
The movie has nothing, no good entertaining content, just kept a provoking name and a cover, to offend a certain section of the society and generate cheap publicity through controversy.

Table No.21

One of the very few bollywood production I liked
This movie has a good plot, songs, and acting. Overall I really enjoyed and I recommend you to watch this not for the so-called famous actors but for the good storyline.

Jihad Hai

Good al taqiyya
Not based on reality, this film actually whitewashed 'Jehad'. Twisted the narrative from its original meaning. Mostly misleading, not based on facts, not recommended.


This mainly contains friction nowhere it holds accountable the real perpetrators like INC, etc
This is a movie claims to be based on a real incident but doesn't quite tell the real tale, only fan friction and mockery of that real event. This is why it also not taken seriously by the public.

Delhi Riots... A tale of burn & blame

Good documentary film
This film is a collage based on ground reporting clips, shows how before the attacks they were gathering home-made ammunition, rocks on the rooftops, and group messages describing the pre-planned notion of this incident, etc.

On Her Shoulders

India, Israel should help Yazidis
I've known one Yazidi for a long time, and I think their Yazidi religion/culture is very much similar to Hinduism, India should help these Yazidis and settle them in India. 🙏 Similarities in a sense:

1. Yazidis worship God 'Melek Tawwus' (In Hinduism known as 'Kartikeya', Peacock symbols both have) 2. April 14 Yazidi New Year (Hindu New Year also) 3. They made a mouth sound in their celebration (In Hinduism known as 'Ululudhvani, Ululation') 4. Yazidis have a symbol similar to Bindi or Tilak during temple prayer, very similar to Hindu forehead custom.

5. Does fire ritual (Very common in Hinduism and core of Zoroastrianism) 6. Yazidis do not circumcise, a very rare thing in the Arab culture (Hindus also do not circumcise).

7. Prays with folded hands (Just like the Hindus).

8. Believe in a recurring birth and death cycle (Dharmic philosophy of 'punar janam' or reincarnation) 9. The oil lamps called 'Sanjakas' that the Yezidis use are very similar to 'Arti' used in the Hindu culture for worship.

10. The Yazidi temple shrines or 'Lalish' are of pyramid structure, which are quite similar to Hindu Temple architecture.

11. Yazidis pray at sun rise and sun set, just like Hindus. Both face the rising or setting sun when praying to sun.

And these are just a few similarities, I'm pretty sure there are many more, we just need to re-establish the broken links, I believe Yazidis were once linked with Hindus of the Indian peninsula but got separated because of natural calamities and Islamic Invasions and Influence.


Very good emotional movie
Inspired from original incident, patriots of mother India, died as brave warriors in 1971 war. Very good move, thanks for bringing this to life, and letting people know the sacrifices.


This has everything, except the Religious cleansing and seriousness
This is more of a propaganda move in the name of Kashmiri Hindus, showing total opposite twisted narrative, as Bollywood often does to prove its loyalty towards Dawood.


Very misleading and offensive movie title
Hakenkreuz is not Swastika, Hakenkreuz is Hooked Christian Cross, that NAZI Party used.

So please people, do not associate Hindu/Dharmic Swastika with Hakenkreuz (Hooked Christian Cross).

The Silence of Swastika

Very Educational Documentary Film
A very well researched and very well-made documentary, this 50 min film briefly specifies the difference between Swastika and Hakenkreuz (Hooked Christian Cross) A must-watch for everyone, for me this was quite eye-opening.


Not good
Very bad movie, mostly boring, this is typical mainstream Bollywood production which manufactures these nonsense boring movies, and further degrade the reputation of Indian movie industry.

Atrangi Re

Very bad movie
Bad not good, same boring outdated love story, and Bollywood songs forced packed, no innovation since the history of Bollywood, just easy money with the mindless love story.

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