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Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds
Episode 2, Season 1

Much better than expected
While typically I cannot watch a Carlos PenaVega movie (as nice as he is, his acting can be way over the top), this was much better from him. He often in my opinion has acted over the top, and in this movie it started out that way, but his cop character is actually a good fit for him and he settled down after the first couple of scenes. When he is being serious in a role he does a good job. I also can appreciate Alexa more here than in some of her other movies.

I don't know if this is the case, but it seems like they would bring their kid/teen Nickelodeon personas to their movies in the past. Maybe the challenge has been how to transition out of that. This movie however is more toned down for them and I was really able to enjoy it so much more.

From the Heart

Contrived and anti Faith
The script was soooooo contrived and full of worldly cliches. I'm used to the predictable Hallmark movies. I don't mind that. I don't mind cheesy. But this was way over the top and the characters cared more about "love" than their love and devotion to God. It was annoying that they would so quickly convert (the woman) or turn their back on their beliefs (the man). I am a huge fan of movies that show the Amish lifestyle but this one seemed totally unrealistic and there was no reverence which is so key to Amish life. If an Amish character leaves their lifestyle in a story, it should be that they don't have the same convictions or desires as the rest of the community. Or if she were to convert it should have some connection with her realizing her love for her community and her faith. I really wish it was better because the actors seemed good but the story was a mess.

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