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Really annoying
This series promised so much but instead delivered little .The main problem that runs through every scene is the ludicrous behaviour of the Norwegian mother ,Anneke von der Lippe .It is not the actress's fault but the script which shows her as undertaking ridiculous nasty counter productive actions at every turn .She excuses this as "she is a mother" as if being a mother allows just about every pathetic worthless action rather than letting the experienced professionals get on with trying to sort things out She is the cause of the deaths of the hostage girl and the Gaza boy because she keeps pressing the Israeli intelligence chief to take crazy actions using blackmail . . And suspend disbelief as she would never have been allowed to rampage aroud Israel and Gaza if this were a real situation . The contribution of the Norwegians in the so called Oslo Accords 1993 was completely pointless and achieved nothing .. It is ironic that the opening credit shows Bill Clinton declaiming a major event for world peace ..worthless just like almost all of his statements .

There are some major plot holes but just about forgiveable if the rest of the script had been plausible but alas it was not .

The relationship between Alex the Norwegian woman and. Arik the Israeli minister was miscast as she is in real life 12 years his senior and on screen looks more .Perhaps he was her toyboy .

Disappointing and makes you want to scream at Alex ....go back to Norway you jerk.

Les Olympiades, Paris 13e

Goodness I could not disagree more with the other reviewers so far .I found this movie ugly and dispiriting and .frankly,pointless . I am clearly not a millenial and if ,as other reviewers mention,this is a fair reflection of life for millenials in Paris then i pity them, although i frankly do not believe it to be true . The lives portrayed are drab,souless,uninteresting,vapid and vaccuous. Yet not because this inevitable but because these characters choose it to be so . They are mired in their own self absorption and selfishness .The secret of the universe is of course somewhere in the sim card of a mobile phone .

What happened to personal drive ,determination,generosity of spirit ,unselfishness,creativity ,making a better life for self and all ?

If the Director wanted to show the shallowness of this cross section of French society he succeeded . And he also managed to make this area of Paris look so ugly one would never be interested to travel there .This must have been a really difficult task .

Given the desolation of the script the actors made the best of a bad job.


So disappointing
I am a sucker for crime dramas especially those set outside UK or USA so had much anticipation for this . Absolutely loved Polish series called Pakt which was brilliant .They cannot all be good but by the standards of the genre this is dire . The series started sort of ok ...if you can accept a law firm taking on the role of detective agency .,.and Magdalena Cielecka is great eye candy but honestly the plot decends to drivel by episode 3 .Plot complletely stupid and incredible .Cannot believe Polish police and justice system is so incompetent .

Mr And Mrs Polish scriptwriters please try to write something better . Cinematography good and shots of Polish small town and countryside pleasant enough ,but thats all .

Black Space

decent watching
Sure this is not the greatest crime thriller ever created but it is a very respectable and enjoyable series . As with most series of this type the plot is pretty far fetched and has gaping holes in it but suspend your disbelief and cynicism .Instead enjoy the character creation particularly with the lead the special investigations cop Rami Davidi beautifully acted by Guri Alfi and his colleagues .Ruso and Morag .Sure the kids were almost uniformly selfish,stupid,narcissistic,nasty etc etc but heh .i thought thats what kids were like today. There is also a nice entry portrait of a section of society of Israel which is not somewhere i knew much about .Of and for goodness sake watch in hebrew with subtitles .Who on earth thinks dubbed voices is a good way to watch ?

Delhi Crime

absolutely excellent
I do not need to add to the many comprehensive reviews praising this work other than to support the judgements that this is an outstanding series with excellent script ,superb acting and an insight into the life of the people of Dehli The horrendous politics continually thwarting the efforts of the senior police is disappointing and must be frustrating for those trying to improve the society .


I am a complete sucker for crime procedurals/thrillers especially those based outside my home country ,england ....dont mind subtitles at all ..So looked forward to sampling this and the first i had ever seen based in Luxembourg . Goodness i tried and persevered but halfway through episode 6 I just had to cease...even in lockdown there are better things to do than watch this drivel . Terrible story ..totally implausible even on the assumption that all Luxembourgers are dim,corrupt ,morons which i am sure they are not . Plot holes you could drive a tank through . I cannot describe the holes for fear of spoiling ...just trust me ...Awful .

Black Work

passable but not very good
The problem with this mini series is the writing ,specifically the plot . There are so many holes in the plot or really stupid non explanations for issues in the plot that it spoils the watch for anyone who likes taut well thought out plausible actions and stories . I will not spell out the plot holes as that would be spoiling but they are so numerous and obvious any one with a brain will spot them ..especially crime story aficianados . Beyond the plot several characters are given actions and words that even the most theatrical person would never say .never mind real people . As has been said elsewhere good cast of actors but Sheridan Smith just looks wierd although I think she does ok with the poor script she has been given .And clearly influenced in a pathetically simplistic way by the long running saga of UK police undercover infiltration of movements and alleged subversive groups a couple of decades ago . because of some decent acting just about worthy of a watch if nothing else available.


absolutely superb
So few reviews suggests most have no idea this exists .I discvered it almost by chance buried on uk tv channel 4 walter presents world drama ...a good source ..but was astounded at its quality . The plots ,two series, are dense and interesting and the scripts excellent . The actors are really convincing and not all pretty pretty as would happen in US .The cinematography is very good ...and the atmospheric background music really complements the visuals .Even the titles are classy ...try ..

Nero a metà

perfectly watchable but not outstanding
No one would credit Italian tv with any quality so this is something of an achievement The stories and plots are pretty thin and riddled with gaps of process and impossible results from really poor policework ...yet,yet ..its quite fun to watch ..largely as the characterisations of the various members of the police squad are well drawn and interesting and mostly believable .Also the acting is really good .. a great ensemble . The pace of the police procedural is fast ..the pace of the character development is slow and dense and interesting . Worth watching ...worth developing .


Like others this film had nearly passed me by .I had noted its release and read some reasonable critic reviews and filed it for future viewing .And then forgotten ..partly because there have been so many films with boxing as the subject or backdrop .It was drawn to my attention and I am so glad I watched .Marvellous film with great script ,direction and acting from Considineand good performances from Jodie Whittaker and the support cast . Cinematogrophy outstanding . The fight action scenes are fine ...of course they are not quite authentic but all boxing representation is ridiculously difficult to authenticate and this was miles better than almost all other .Whereas Considine's portrayal of the physical and mental damage and the very slow recovery was fantastic . .One could quible that he would probably have had more professional support in real life but that's nitpicking .This film should be far better known and many would enjoy and appreciate I am sure

Schitt's Creek

Too subtle for the masses
To those who hate this show ...and there are plenty from the IMDB reviews ..are you quite clear that is not intended to be realistic ,but in fact is a satire about the complete schism of experience and understanding between the urban ,rich,pampered and dim and the rural or small town ,modest in income and outlook, and dim .? It is poking gentle sometimes funny fun at each of these groups and i kind of believe there may be some who think that some of the drama and some of the characters and some of the plot is silly without realising it is upposed to be silly Only the minor background characters like Stevie are portrayed as normal and sane . The acting is superb and Dan Levy is excellent only minor criticism is that the programme scripts are becoming a little samey because the set up doesnt give much scope for development . But definitely worth a long look .

Baby Driver

I joined IMDb just to write this review
Someone else also used this summary and gave a glowing positive review so it just goes to show that two people can see the same movie and experience completely different emotions. Having read several pages of IMDb reviews I can see that I am in a massive minority of those who have posted .But as with everything in life.. that doesn't make the majority right and the minority wrong ....I mean look at Trump ...oh sorry he lost the popular vote as well so even the "majority " was wrong ... Anyway this movie is complete drivel and one of the worst of the last decade . I deeply resent the waste of expenditure on two movie tickets and the two hours torn from my life . The script must have been less than 4 pages of A4 if the directions were left out as there was almost no communication worthy of the name and no subtlety in character development whatsoever . The "plot" is ludicrous so that would be OK if it was supposed to be a farce or a fantasy but I fear it was intended to be neither of those two genres . And of course I should have anticipated that to be the case in view of the Director's puerile previous work .I somehow thought he might have grown up . Towards the end a car containing one of the villains Buddy , John Hamm ,who has already been shot, is pushed through a barrier in a multistorey car park and falls at least 4 stories to the ground outside landing on its roof .Less than a minute later Buddy ..completely uninjured by this catastrophic incident ..has emerged from the car and somehow regained the fourth floor to attack the sort of hero "Baby" . So I suppose I am the idiot for believing that excitement ,thrills ,tension needs some element of credibility. With literally dozens slaughtered by gunshot and farcical car stunt chases ...yawn yawn ..oh surely the movie goer cannot get a thrill from such action...?..seen it all before a hundred times ..boring boring . The only remaining content of the movie was the music : good but anyone can phone up to license the use of the creativity and skill of real artists so it doesn't exactly count as some sort of creative worth and a nice performance from Ansel Elgort as Baby. Every other major actor played an "I am only doing this for the money" wooden caricature .If you are assessing this movie before going please don't waste your money and time .

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