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Not engaging.
OK I did listen to the hype so was expecting the continuous shot footage to be engaging and special. But no, this film has the same hype as Dunkirk, both films are boring frankly, I did not care about the characters at all, running around without any common sense to their actions. I think I will give up on the cinema I am so fed up of the critics over hyping how good a film is. On this film the characters were instantly forgetful and the poor actors will now be dragged around the world.being interviewed about a very less than average film.


Does not live up to the critics reviews
I have never bothered to post a review before for any film. But I feel that I must to point out the nonsense of film reviewers these days. I see the critics post as must see, film of the year, et, etc. This was billed as a film with fantastic sound. I found the continuous droning noise whose pitch increased during the film to what I hoped would be a fantastic climax, but I the drone included what sounded like whale noises and more boring droning noises with occasional sounds of gun fire. I was bored after 15 minutes, the ridiculous story of the kid in the fishing boat, the original bit about the spitfire pilots and the nonsense of the soldiers taking cover in the boat.....absolute shallow lazy boring rubbish filming. If they added a decent music score it may have kept me interested. This film does not show it as it was its just absolute cap and does not come across as a powerful film at all. A waste of money.

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