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The Old Guard

Horrible soundtrack
I don't understand the great reviews, this movie was mediocre at best. And the music was atrocious!

Space Force

This show had the potential to be something great but I can't bring myself to laugh at any of it. Very boring.

Ray Donovan

Get over yourself.
The people that don't like this show because of Voight's political views are pathetic. I still watch many movies and tv shows with liberal actors and I still enjoy them. The show is great.

Uncut Gems

Way overrated.
The music was terrible. The constant yelling and talking over each other was obnoxious. All that build up to make it seem like it's going to work out in the end for Sandler's character and then he's killed. People were leaving the theater before it was even over. Do not understand the near perfect reviews by people on here. This movie was pointless.

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