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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Immy's review : Flawed but enjoyable. Definitely worth watching if you're interested in Ted Bundy.
I actually really enjoyed watching this movie. I thought Zac Efron and Lily Collins gave some very good performances, and i was genuinely intrigued throughout as I learnt more about Ted Bundy's murder trials and the absolute torment that his girlfriend was put through. Ted Bundy is an extremely interesting topic for me, and so this probably helped peak my interest in the movie. Although I did enjoy it, it won't be for everyone. It didn't totally capture how dark and sinister the period was, and it did feel clean cut and emotionless in many ways. There lacked an intensity that could have turned this movie into something much more harrowing and psychological. However, I still thought it gave a good run through of Ted Bundy's years in court, and the emotional strain it put on him and Liz's relationship. A lot of the movie focuses on Liz's denial of her relationship with a serial killer, and so in a way the movie is pretty clever in how it doesn't portray Ted Bundy as a complete monster on the outside, and so we understand why so many women fell for his charming personality. The film picked up more as it went on, with the film giving more and more away about Ted Bundy's character and the vile ways in which he killed his victims. There was a fast paced energy throughout which made it a lot more engaging. My favourite scene was definitely the final confrontation between Ted and Liz in prison, which sent chills up my spine. Overall, although not as intense or dark as it could have been, this is still a light and enjoyable watch. Recommend!


Immy's review : So so good
I absolutely loved Euphoria. It deserves a 10/10 in every department. I'm grateful a show has been made on teens that doesn't skim over important issues, and actually portrays teens realistically. The visuals and cinematography were breathtaking, incorporating an ethereal, dreamlike vibe, helping to convey the clouded, often jaded teen years. The music was perfect ; I loved Labrinth's soundtrack and it made the show feel out of this world. The plot line was extremely gripping throughout, in fact some of the side plots were more intriguing than the main plot itself, which I find rare. Maddy and Nate's relationship, for example, was definitely a favourite. The characters all felt close to home and each had different qualities and attributes that resemble friends that we know in real life. The show truly had an understanding of the problems that teenagers face, and wasn't afraid to expose their weaknesses and vulnerability in handling situations, without showing them as dumb or naive. The show had an electric, quirky atmosphere with mesmerising screenplay and camera shots. The performances were 10/10 from every single actor, and you could really feel the pain and confusion that every character was going through. Euphoria is definately an emotional rollercoaster of a watch as you connect with the characters and enter their chaotic worlds. Euphoria focuses on a whole array of issues including drug addiction, toxic relationships, self esteem and mental illness, all of which were portrayed well and realistically. Overall an incredible watch which will defiantly leave an impact on you. Highly recommend!

Ex Machina

Immy's review : Black mirror but as a movie
Ex Machina felt like a black mirror episode due to its dark subject, eerie tone and horrifying plot twist. Although I don't think the movie is life changing, it was still an enjoyable watch. The movie had an incredibly intense atmosphere throughout and left you wondering what route the film would take. They use the perfect balance of anxiety and relief to play with your emotions. The acting was fantastic ; Oscar Isaak was unsettling to watch as I could never quite tell his true intentions despite his complex, unpredictable character. I loved the plot twist as it wasn't afraid to be bleak and terrifying, revealing the true meaning behind the movie. The reason I didn't give it a 7 is because I felt it could have done more with its concept and shown a more horrifying, evil glimpse at the consequences of Ai and abuse of human power. For a rather dark subject matter, the execution felt maybe too mild and subtle, not making it nearly as horrifying as it should be. I wish to have felt more fear or stress watching it. However, this is still an entertaining watch with good performances and screenplay. Highly recommend.


Immy's review : Phenomenal
One of all my all time favourite movies. Goodfellas is captivating throughout, with superb energy and Oscar worthy performances. I loved the pace of the movie, as the director managed to fit over 10 years in without it dragging on, but also without just skimming through the story. There was a perfect attention to detail and a focus on what was interesting to the story and what was not. The 3 main characters had exceptional chemistry, and Joe Pesci's performance was incredibly intense and nerve wracking. He was the perfect pick for a psychopathic thug. The soundtrack featured some brilliant songs from each decade, and lastly the cinematography was incredible and showed some beautiful and well thought out shots. Highly recommend!

Fight Club

Immy's review : Beautiful, kinetic spectacle
Fight club was probably one of the best movies I have ever watched. The energy was intangible throughout, helped by the fiery and fast paced cinematography. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt gave incaptivating performances and helped display an intriguingly complex relationship between their two characters. The plot twist at the end was completely unfathomable and left me completely star struck, changing the entire narrative and meaning behind the movie. Every character was unique and given an interesting context in their part of the story. I loved the gradual increase in intensity of Tyler's ego and criminal behaviour, slowly unveiling the cult of personality around him and how easily his initial ideas manifested. There were so many layers and little details hidden within the movie, making it very intelligent and always one step ahead of the audience. The ending was breathtaking and generated a near perfect cinematic scene between two main characters. Highly recommend.

The Godfather: Part II

Immy's review : Masterpiece
This was every bit as good as the first movie, and maybe even better. The Godfather part II took a more psychologically complex look into Michael Corleone's mind and the ways his behaviours have changed. The film also provides a stark contrast between Vito and Michael, as we cut back and forth between Vito's way of handling things and his loyalty to his family, and Michael's. By the end of the movie, Michael represents something of an isolated cold narcissist, who has become something far worse than his father could have imagined. The finale was shockingly eerie and dark, and provided the perfect conclusion to Michael's story. The acting were once again incredible, with Robert De Niro giving a very warm and likeable performance as Vito Corleone, and whom mastered everything from the voice to the mannerisms, making him the perfect actor for the part. The plot was intriguing and suspenseful throughout, conveying again the integration of Michaels private life and his role as leader of the mafia. The film balanced the perfect amount of drama and violence. Highly recommend!

The Godfather

Immy's review : One of my favourites
I was pleasantly surprised by The Godfather and didn't expect to like it as much as I did. The plot, acting, videography and atmosphere were phenomenal, and you find yourself becoming entirely captivated by the story of the Corleone family. The movie explored every character and it was interesting seeing their different personalities being dissected. Michael Corleone was by far the most intriguing and complex character, and has not left my mind since I finished it. The change in his involvement with the underworld was mind blowing and it was truly unsettling watch him become an even darker version of his father. I loved watching how each characters personal and business life intertwined, as well as each family members relationship with one another, good and bad. It was like watching a family reality show, but about the mafia. The performances were excellent, most notably from Marlon Brando and Al Pacino (of course). The film carried plenty of interesting twists and turns, creating the perfect balance of shock and intrigue. The screenplay was exceptional and really helped distinguish between the different personalities. Lastly, I can't ignore the significance of the ending and how well executed it was.. The imagery, symbolism and pace all worked together to create one of the most beguiling endings of all time. Highly recommend.

Schindler's List

Immy's review : Left me in awe
Schindler's list is the type of movie that'll leave you sat in silence for 5 minutes after the credits roll. It is difficult to put into words what this movie can do to you. Everything, from the brutal and unapologetic portrayal of the holocaust, to the small details like the little red girl who contrasted against the black and white effect and who became a symbol for Schindler, make this movie a spectacle and a masterpiece. Firstly, the performances were absolutely captivating, even from the less significant roles, who brought you to tears with their solemn and soul crushed faces. Ralph Fiennes gave a disturbing spectacle of an emotionally unstable psychopath, making for an unsettling watch. And, of course, Liam Neeson was entirely captivating as the greedy yet kind Oskar Schindler. The film was executed so well and completely drew you into the story. You don't just watch these people suffering, you become them. The scenes of brutality and death were hard to watch as they were portrayed with such realism, as if they were actually happening. Spielberg let the scenes unfold naturally, like flowers blooming, creating some horrifically real and raw scenes. The camerawork was sharp, suspenseful and honest, conveying everything with little need for dramatic effect. The black and white colour was particularly clever, especially in relation to the ending. Despite the sad plot, the film stands apart from other holocaust films in that it carries a message of hope, and shows the significance of the many lives that Oskar Schindler saved. With a beautiful soundtrack, superb execution and a sad but meaningful screenplay, Schindler's list stands as one of the greatest films of all time. Highly recommend.

The Shawshank Redemption

Immy's review : One of the greats
A classic for decades to come. A wonderfully moving and touching film featuring incredible performances, a beautiful soundtrack and an incredibly human and raw journey through human salvation and friendship. This is yet another movie that constitutes as more than just a film, but an experience. This was emotional, joyous, sad, vibrant and moving all at once. The film's passion and emotion was retained so well throughout, and the over-leaning message never strayed. I liked the how the movie exposed the injustice of the criminal system, and showed the criminals as just ordinary people who made mistakes. The ending was absolutely beautiful and was a joy to watch. It was probably the most satisfying ending I have ever watched. Highly recommend.

Good Will Hunting

Immy's review : Warm and intelligent
Good Will Hunting is a lovely watch about a young mans realisation that he could strive to do more with his life and the intelligence he has been acquired with. The film featured a stellar cast of grade A actors with tear inducing performances. Matt Damon carried a cheeky yet entirely charming and loveable demeanour on screen, and Robin Williams was enduring and cordial throughout. Both possessed a very human and captivating chemistry throughout, and lit each other up. The screenplay was quick witted and intelligent, sparking some thoughtful and philosophical conversation between the characters. What won me over with this movie was the raw and authentic interactions between Will and his psychiatrist, and their ever growing father son bond that you couldn't help but smile at. The cinematography was gorgeous, especially the late night shots, and helped hone in on the landscape that Will had been brought up in. The plot was simple yet incredibly heartwarming, with the movie presenting Will as a lost and angry young man who failed to realise his potential due to his background, and so throughout we constantly sympathise with him. Highly recommend.

Gone Girl

Immy's review : A wistful, atmospheric masterpiece
Gone girl is perhaps one of the best murder mystery films, incorporating a dark and psychological tone with stark character analysis and incredible performances. The movie is so comprehensive and explores every little detail involving the mystery around Amy's disappearance. The atmosphere remained dark and suspenseful throughout, boosted by the incredibly tense soundtrack. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike gave brilliant performances and possessed a kinetic and fiery chemistry together. Both of their characters were as complex and entertaining each other, and the movie made room to dissect both their personal emotions and intentions with one another. The plot twist was legendary and was executed so well and so uniquely, as the movie leads you astray from the real truth for the first half of the film, completely shocking you with the final revelation. Overall I highly recommend.

I, Tonya

Immy's review : Beautifully shot with amazing performances
A captivating, wonderfully executed account of the hidden atrocities and private life of Tonya Harding. The film peaked my interest in Tonya due to the vibrant and zestful energy sustained throughout, balancing nicely between humour and emotion, and being accompanied by a totally ironic tone. Margot Robbie's performance was Oscar worthy, lighting up every scene she was in. She was able to portray such an emotionally complex character so well. The scene in which she smiles whilst attempting to hold back the tears was emotionally significant and resonated with me as well as many others. The soundtrack was fantastic and featured a variety of classic songs, pumping up the energy of the film. The cinematography and editing style was sleek and captivating, putting you right into the story. The film was not afraid to delve deep into the traumatic past that Tonya faced, and the constant abuse and torment she received, gradually wearing her down mentally. The only reason I deducted a point is because I felt some scenes (like with Tonya being beaten up) could have carried more emotion. Overall, however, I found this to be a very entertaining and stylish movie with grand performances and superb execution. Highly recommend

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Immy's review : Haunting
By far one of the most emotionally scarring movies to date, showcasing an unusual yet highly frightening view of the Holocaust. The boy in the striped pyjamas is one of those films that will leave you numb for the rest of the day. Possessing an eerie subtlety, the film is shown through the eyes of wide eyed 8 year old Bruno, who lacks an interest in the nazification of Germany and instead desires nothing more than to be a child. The naivety and lack of understanding from Bruno is what makes this movie so haunting, as he never truly hacks what's really going on behind closed doors. The performances were spectacular, with special mention to Vera Farmiga who excels in her display of progressive emotional instability. I loved how we are able to see the Holocaust from the point of view of a family who are favoured by the system, making for a very intriguing perspective on the subject. The music was beautiful, and helped bring to life the heavy emotions that are displayed. What really makes this movie a 10 is the ending, which was masterfully done in a way that completely breaks your heart. The editing, camerawork... everything made the last 10 minutes truly horrifying. Highly recommend.


Immy's review : A beautiful spectacle
Pleasantville is a wonderful movie about the beauty of human nature. I loved the quirky nature of the film, taking place in a 1950s dystopian TV show where everything is 'perfect' and nothing is ever unpleasant. It carried good performances all round, and had a good balance between light hearted humour and a philosophical touch. There were some very moving and heartwarming moments, and overall the film retained a touching sentimental feel throughout that never failed to leave a smile on your face. The soundtrack was phenomenal, and some scenes were absolutely breathtaking to look at. The court scene ending was slightly cheesy, but overall this was a lovely little gem of a movie. Highly recommend!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Immy's review : Brilliant
A captivating movie about one mans strive to better his life. Will Smith gave an incredible Oscar worthy performance, demonstrating a very raw and emotional insight into a mans everyday struggle. It was incredibly human and enough to break you down into tears. The movie had an intangible passion and enthusiasm, and despite the sad nature of the main characters circumstances, the movie had an powerful and uplifting quality to it, making it highly memorable and moving. The cinematography was on point and helped display the emotions of each scene. The screenplay, direction, score...everything was perfect and really draws the viewer in. The only reason I granted it a 9 and not a 10 is because sometimes i felt the movie lacked authenticity and was very polished / clean cut. Overall however, an incredibly engaging and enjoyable movie. Highly recommend!

Hot Fuzz

Immy's review : Nearly as good as Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz is the second best of the cornetto trilogy, taking Edgar Wright's memorable style and humour, and mixing it with a murder mystery element, resulting in a hilariously sharp and enjoyable film. The characters were fabulous as always, with Nick Frost & Simon Pegg yet again delivering a wonderfully animated performance whilst inhibiting a strong chemistry on screen. Like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz doesn't take itself too seriously and takes the mick out of its concept. I'm also impressed by the speed and delivery of the jokes, as they are always naturally funny without trying too hard, and retains the infamous British sarcasm throughout. The cinematography is yet again on par, possibly better than Shaun of the Dead, with its kinetic and fast paced action shots and timing, making for some worthwhile action scenes. The murder mystery element was quite intriguing and made the story more interesting. The only reason I'm rating this movie an 8 and not a 9 is because I feel Shaun of the Dead has slightly more of a storyline and has a deeper, more emotional connection to all its characters. However, Hot Fuzz is still a fantastic film and never slows down in pace, humour or storyline throughout, making it tons of fun overall. Highly recommend!

The Full Monty

Immy's review : Lots of fun!
A delightful comedy-drama about a group of unemployed men in Sheffield who form a male strip tease group to make money. The film is exceptionally witty and entertaining, showcasing some quirky and interesting characters, and colourful screenplay. The Full Monty not only has a lot of laughs, but also focuses on some pressing issues like poverty and unemployment in northern England, and the effects this has on families. The film makes the best of showing off its gritty, miserable northern scenery, and always carrying an edge of realism and relatability. Some of the dance scenes were very funny and memorable, especially the Hot Stuff scene, which is an example of a masterful scene in cinema. Highly recommend!

Billy Elliot

Immy's review : Everything a movie should be
Bright, lively, infectious... Billy Elliot is hard not to love and fulfils all the attributes of a superbly done movie. The film stayed true to its gritty, northern English roots and examined the lower class culture of the 80s, whilst retaining its notably fun and humorous atmosphere throughout. Billy Elliot dives into many different themes such as family, poverty, the 80s miner strikes, sexuality and masculinity, which all balanced well in relation to Billy's budding love for dancing and how these issues impacted on his new found hobby. The performances were excellent, especially from Jamie Bell, Gary Lewis and Julie Walters, who all had amazing chemistry on screen. The soundtrack was electric and helped to create some very memorable and compelling scenes. The movie is packed with vigour, drive and an inspirational undertone, reminding the audience to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles, making this film very motivational and pleasing for all. Overall, a charming and uplifting movie about a young boys love of dancing and the obstacles he has to overcome to fulfil his dream, jam packed with notorious English humour and music. Highly recommend.

The Duchess

Immy's review : A modern perspective on a Georgian society
I highly enjoyed The Duchess and it's account of Georgiana's extravagant yet rather depressing life. The film felt a little like a modern reality show packaged as a Georgian period drama, highlighting the sexual intrigue, relationships and enemies Georgiana forges with those around her. The performances were excellent from our main leads Kiera Knightly and Ralph Fiennes, striking a remarkably intense and seething relationship between the two. The costume and design and set were fabulously put together and really evoked the adornment and luxury of the upper class during that era. The film retained a good balance of drama and lighthearted humour, revealing the many ups and downs of Georgiana's life with feeling and emotion. The Duchess also perfectly captures the isolation and loneliness that Georgiana feels, whilst exposing the horrendous sexism of the time and the unfair treatment she receives from her husband. Lastly, the soundtrack was lovely and brought a very sentimental feel to the movie. Overall, a very intriguing yet sad look at the Duchess of Devonshire's adventurous life, and the inner turmoil and confusion she feels at the man she must call her husband. Highly recommend.

Girl, Interrupted

Immy's review : Raw, intense and compelling
Girl, interrupted is a wonderful, feisty account of 18 year old Susanna's eighteen month long stay at a mental hospital. Filled with vigour and quirky energy, the movie is a must watch. I loved the authenticity of the film, revealing a raw account of the heavy inner workings of mental illness. Although lacking a substantial plot, the film takes an intriguing route with portraying Susanna's life in a mental institution and the friends she makes. Every character was played to perfection, most notably from Angelina Jolie as Lisa, a borderline psychopath. Her acting was incredibly compelling, and she stole every bit of screen time she had, conveying a tough, narcissistic yet tortured young girl. Although the basis of the story is rather depressing, the film carried a warm, uplifting undertone, depicting the many friends and lessons Susanna gains from her time at the hospital, and the conclusion on what life means for her. Overall, a gritty but lovely slice of life film about the quirky and entirely fascinating life of a 'crazy' person. Highly recommend!


Immy's review : Beautifully tragic
A captivating, beautifully shot story about one young girls life changing mistake and the consequences it has on the ones closest to her. Firstly, the cinematography is absolutely breathtaking, especially the scene in which Robbie tirelessly wonders around the beach in France, revealing the alluring yet shocking images of loss and war. The performances were spectacular from every actor, including Saoirse Ronan and James Macavoy. The plot itself was very intriguing and dealt with many different issues including love, redemption and war, which all intertwined to create a very moving and emotional story. The film was portrayed in an interesting structure, and can almost be separated into 3 parts : The lead up of events to the eventual climax, the consequences it has on the lives and relationships of Robbie, Cecilia and Briony during the war, and the eventual conclusion of what comes to be of them. It was incredibly sad, and the movie does a wonderful job at grappling with your emotions, as well as shifting your sympathies towards each of the different characters. The plot twists were undeniably shocking, and the suspense was high throughout. I have to applaud the ending for how incredibly depressing it was, and how much they had fooled us with the alternative ending ; Sad but clever! Overall, a beautiful yet awfully depressing movie with incredible shots, performances and a clever plot. Highly recommend!

Big Eyes

Immy's review : Has it's problems
'Big eyes' is a worthy attempt at portraying the rather sad life of Margaret Keane and the constant lies and deceit she experienced in the face of her narcissistic husband. It was enjoyable for the most part, but it was nothing more. There was nothing particularly memorable or spectacular about it. I feel like there was room for more emotional complexity or authenticity, which it did lack. It felt maybe a little too polished and shallow to be considered truly masterful. None the less, it's still an entertaining movie with grand performances, most notably from our two leads. Christopher Waltz was very colourful and expressive with his role, helping bring his crazy, psychologically complex character to life. I also thought Amy Adam's performance was very genuine. At times, the movie lacked direction and consistency. It didn't know whether it wanted to be a drama, a comedy or a light biography. For example, the court scene felt more like a comedy and as funny as it was, it didn't fit in with the tone at the time. There was also a narrator at the beginning, who suddenly vanished only to pop back into the picture much later on in the movie, making him completely irrelevant in the first place. Although the film has many problems, it's still an enjoyable watch to pass the time. It's just nothing special.

Mean Girls

Immy's review : The best of it's genre
A classic, quintessential teen chick flick with tons of charm, intelligence and wit. Firstly, the reason why mean girls works so well is because it's self aware and is a complete satire of its own concept. It never takes itself or it's characters too seriously, which is why it's so hilarious to watch. The pace is electrifying throughout & there is never a dull moment. The casting was spot on, with memorable performances from Rachel Mcadams and Lindsay Lohan. Rachel played her role as Regina to perfection and exuded a powerful on screen presence as the bratty queen bee. I also thought Lindsay was really well cast as the innocent, girl next door character. The actors had such a strong chemistry together, and they all obviously had fun with their roles. The screenplay was exceptionally witty and sharp, helping make the most of its unconventional characters and offering some very memorable lines. Mean girls offers a fresh and funny perspective on high school popularity without taking itself too seriously, with eccentric and loveable personalities, iconic screenplay and a killer soundtrack. The movie has so much personality and colour that it's hard not to fall in love with it. Highly recommend.

Call Me by Your Name

Immy's review : Beautiful summer romance film
A gorgeous and profound coming of age tale about the love story between two American boys in northern Italy. The cinematography was stunning, revealing the calming and exquisite scenery of Italy. The atmosphere felt composed and tranquil, as we watch the very natural and human interactions between Elio and Oliver, and their budding hidden feelings for each other. Timothée and Armie were incredible in their roles, and possessed an electric and evocative chemistry between them that completely dominates the screen. The film largely relies on body language, expressions and chemistry between the characters, which all balanced together perfectly to create a sensual and passionate experience of hidden feelings and erotic ambience. Highly recommend.


Immy's review : I think about this movie a lot
Titanic is one of those movies that stays with you for life. Sure, the romance could be soppy at times, but this doesn't deny the fact that this movie is a masterpiece. Never have I seen a film with so much vigour and passion, entirely devoting itself to the horrors of that one tragic night. The movie is an experience rather than a viewing ; You get so involved with this isolated society at sea, as well as the characters, relationships and barbarity they experience. Firstly, it's worth praising the astounding set production, design and costumes. These all helped give us a beautiful, classic image of people at the time, as well as the splendour of the Titanic. The movie makes full use of its editing and cinematography to help convey the story in a more personal way. Every emotion the characters experience, we experience too, and this is largely thanks to the filmography. For example, the last half of the movie when the Titanic is sinking, utilises effective editing and videography, from its suspenseful action shots to the more sombre and touching scenes. The performances were mostly good. Unfortunately sometimes I did find Kate Winslet's acting slightly annoying and over melodramatic, although the screenplay could be widely to blame. Leo was impeccable with his cheeky demeanour and charming looks. It's to be said that Leo and Kate have captivating chemistry throughout, and I have no distaste in saying this is one of the greatest love stories ever told. The movie had set up Jacks and Rose's romance so well in the first half, and we had become so attached to their story, that by the second half we are completely glued to our seats and praying for the survival of the two main leads. In this sense the movie is very clever in sucking us into the relationship between these two characters. I loved the movies strong focus on the different treatment of the upper and lower classes, whilst exposing the egotistical and narcissistic nature of rich men like Cal, thus commentating on the unfairness of social class. His character was very well written, as he comes across as incredibly intimidating and possessive throughout *shivers*. It amazes me how a movie based on the Titanic has come to create a entirely different story of its own. The last half of the movie is what truly makes this a masterpiece. The sinking is told in great detail from beginning to end, portraying the slow descent into chaos and death. The atmosphere was filled with tragedy and sorrow, and never faltered in keeping us gripped the entire time. The mixture of sadness, despair and loss of life makes this an incredibly powerful yet disastrous look at the sinking of the Titanic. This movie succeeds because of the profound and overwhelming mixture of emotions we experience. We laugh, we despair, we swoon, we cry ; The movie transports us right into the action as if we were there. Overall, although this movie has problems, I can't deny that this is a staple in global cinema and is extremely enjoyable. I will never forget my first time watching it, as it was the first time I had ever felt so strongly about a film. It would be rude for me to rate it lower than a ten. Highly recommend!

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