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The Body

Good suspense with okayish acting
The suspense created in the movie is good. But the acting is totally weird and overacted. It is very slow as well


Can be skipped
I watched the movie on Netflix. The movie is dull. The acting is dull. Specially the acting of Nikki. He always has the same expression on his face. There is a message but the focus is somehow drifted. For me, the movie can be skipped.


Pleaseeeeee do not go by the low ratings..Watch the movie. The story is well executed and the acting is really great.It will make you think for sure. I wonder what people expect from a movie to rate it so low. I would give it a full rating because why not, jab sirf gaano ke basis pe movies hit ho jaati hai, toh this is hard core. Awesome work. Loved it.

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