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  • My new fav film of 2020, so far. The factual subject matter couldn't be any more relevant to today when most American is once again experiencing a total disconnect with the government amd its actions. It teaches veluable lessons about our less than perfect system even though we might likr to believe otherwise. Great performances! Oscar bait for sure. I found myself profoundly moved at the end of the movie. It's great.
  • The film has an eerie feeling throughout. The special effects were pretty good considering that this was a product from the 80s. I like the whodunnit style in which the story was written, having u guess who was The Thing at every twist and turn where the characters were being picked off one by one.
  • It's the pioneer of slasher genres that will bring out all the reactions you love/hate to give to any horror film, except that this is one of the first amd few of psychological basis.
  • I wasn't aware I needed a black and white, romantic, feminist, iranian vampire theme film in my life. A great original movie that puts u in a nostalgic mood thanks to its style but also doesn't fail to deliver a humorous, romantic and thrilling story.
  • Clever idea. From dark humor to the bizzare murders. Amazing thriller from start to finish. Brilliant acting and music got along well. Nice finishing touch.
  • Talking about a political event with a horror twist, La Llorona isn't a horror movie per say, but more of a political drama with some horror overtones here and there. The first half can be overly slow, but the second half is quite dramatic and impactful. This serious movie above all else painfully depicts the atrociousness of the event that was the Guatemalan genocide of Maya civilians with some scenes being suitably tragic and angry to boost.
  • This film gave me anxiety. A tense, dark thriller, well acted, directed and scripted. It's a slow burner, but certainly not boring. The suspense was immense. It keeps getting better and better as it goes along.
  • Are your inner demons real? An entertaining psychological horror. It boldly examines challenging subjects like mental illnesses alongside the struggle for self-confidence. How it handles mental health is thought-provoking and it never demonises suffers of these real-life issues.
  • This is scary. It really got my heart racing. I do feel the payoff in this movie is good, but could have possibly been better and maybe could have been a bit longer. The combination of horror and social themes against its political background: Awesome. I didn't miss the cultural and religious symbolism, which created a unique atmosphere for a horror film.
  • The atmospherics and setting are straight out of "The Witch" for me. The film strikes an excellent balance between slow-burning dread and gore, but the background story needs more exploration. In the end this film leaves a lot of questions.
  • Gangster. Children. Horror. All in one. Interesting film, it literally plays like a modern dark fairytale. I loved how theu brought the fantasy and the horror elements into a what could've been a regular crime/drama. Well done.
  • Dark. Cold. This one was strange. The storyline was abstract, not much dialogue. A real head-scratcher. The film felt shorter than it actually was, but the story and cast were only averagr. Overall, a borderline thumbs down.
  • A crazy, gory and freaky with a little twist in the end. This film takes a terrifying and new approach to home invasion horror films by creating tense and atmospheric scenery which scares u and uses the setting as an advantage. To what lenghts can maternity push u? Well nothing is more extreme than this.
  • This film is a work of art. Frustrated, but in a good way. Is it going to offend religious people? Yes. Is it an analogy for history? Yes. I believe this movie was unfairly taken for granted.
  • This film is bizzare at best. Dark and unsettling. It is supposed to be mysterious and vague, but the abscence of explanation for the paranormal, at least for me, lives unsatisfying taste. It's not movie for everyone and those who could appreciate it must be in a certain state of mind in order to enjoy it.
  • Creepy atmosphere, good acting and so many turns. Gripping from start to finish.
  • HEARTBREAKING (I cried). I never knew these details. Horrifying story. This kind of documentary is far scarier than any horror film I've ever seen. It's so hard to watch. The problem is WHY? Chris Watts why? What's in your mind?
  • I love the social message! How the topic of domestic violence and emotional abuse is covered in both working women and housewives is just brilliant. The unapologetic behavior of the men and victim blaming by society is well captured. I think all young women should watch it.
  • Interesting mix of historical footage with a storyline in Vietnam both past and present as part of the equality messaging and narrative. Great potential, great cast but lack of focus - too many plots, decent dialog. Overall it was good but it was often all over the place.
  • Definitely an entertaining and enjoyable/light-hearted family film with a respectable cast and their top notch acting. However, it's bland and predictable and probably disappoints for a more mature audiences with its unnecessary love story and blatant social propaganda.
  • 26 September 2020
    Good suspense and story of survival. The problem with cat and mouse plot is that the schtick ends up getting old pretty quick. There are no real surprises here. What u think will happen based on the plot summary or trailer is exactly what happens.
  • "You are lab rats. We are lab rats". A real eye opener. Easily one of the most important movies of modern times. A documentary that people need to see, a call to action and a cautionary tale about what is happening and how we just don't want to accept or decided no to care about. P.s. side effects may include you wanting to delete your ig or fb. Hehe.
  • Low budget, quality cinema with a perfectly paced, modest plot. A truly unique experience. There is something incredibly realistic about this film's portrayal of revenge that makes it all feel authentic because it is such a small-scale production.
  • 19 September 2020
    Another disappointment of the year. Not as eventful and thrilling as I had hoped for it to be. Unnecessary plot twist. It had so much potential to be its own unique horror story, but in the end, it flaunted itself to be bland.
  • This film basically created suspense in films the way we know it. The filming, the performances, the whole atmosphere and especially the score. Unforgettable ending.
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