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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

If movie producers can just buy good ratings, what is the point of IMDB anymore?
If you scroll down through all these 10/10 ratings that make this movie an 8.1, it's pretty clear that these aren't real reviews. "best one yet!" "best one yet!" "best one yet!" interspersed with much lower ratings claiming that the movie was awful.

I thought the movie was about average for a tom cruise action film, which means below average for the kind of film I consider worth my time.

it's not great. it's certainly no 8.1. and I am convinced that that is not an organic score.

so I post the question again: if you can buy likes here like on facebook or instagram, what is the rating system worth? nothing. it just means the producers had a budget to buy likes. IMDB, please don't allow this. I've been counting on these reviews for decades. thank you.

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