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A fun little gem
I have been wanting to watch this movie for quite sometime now, so now I finally got around to watching it and here is my review.

This movie covers Billy Batsons backstory of being a fostered kid on the street and how he becomes Captain Marvel (I know he is called Shazam but to me he is still going to be Captain Marvel as that is the name I knew him as ever since I got into DC).

Zackary Levi, while he was not my original choose was good as the super hero child Captain Marvel, while capturing younger Asher Angels Billy Batson personality very well and of course Mark Strong definitely steels the show with performance as Dr Sivana. The rest of the cast also did well.

This is definitely my favourite DC Movie from this year. Even though it is not heavily action packed like Aquaman, Wonder Woman or Man of steel but it was still fun to watch by it's own merit. And something that kids and adults may love even as a film. Although, there is still some terrifying imagery but nothing major.

Also, I am very glad this movie beat that SJW, feminist, man hating, garbage known as Captain Marvel. Please don't think that movie is better than this one because it is not in my opinion.

I am leaving this review spoiler because I am going to let you watch it. And Shazam!

Kôkyô shihen Eureka Sebun

A story of growing up
Renton Thurston is a 14 year old kid who lives in a town at a garage with his grandfather. In this town nothing good happens and Reton has a dream to do a cut back drop turn like his Holland. A beautiful alien girl arrives called Eureka arrives on the planet with the rest of Gecko state and they recruit Renton with them and they embark one some epic adventures. While fighting some baddies in this mecha/KLF called the nervase.

This series has 50 episodes total with 4 awesome seasons. What I really like about this show is that it is not just your typical mecha and robot anime, it carries out story arcs about what the characters were doing before they joined Gecko state, and how most of them change in character from beginning to the end for better or worse purposes. While as a weakness there is not that much actions in most episodes, but in some episodes this is kinda my favorite arc it sort of teaches morals and lessons like why running away is the key to solving your problems and how you can learn from past mistakes

The music was really good, i actually liked all 4 intros it had a long side any background music so it doesn't feel like some generic mecha anime. The ending credits music was also good despite the last one being a step down from the other ones.

This anime is more suited to older audiences as there is a lot of violence, imagery which may seem terrifying for younger audiences and even drug dosing.

The voice cast of the dub is very solid Johnny Yong Bosch did a good job voicing our young and winny protagonist and he doesn't seem to be trying too hard to voice him like one reviewer here claimed he was, sure he might have not been the first but at least he sounds like the characters unlike the japanese which who made him sound like a 5 year old and still male sounding unlike his animax voice. In fact Yuri Lowanthal was originally meant to voice him but then Bandia decided his voice was too high pitch so they casted JYB, lucky though in episode 7 an archived dialogue can be heard briefly. The other voice actors including Stephanie Sheh, Crispin Freeman, Kate Higgins, Jessica Straaus, Steve Staley, Peter Doyle, Megan Hollingshead, Kirk Thornton, Bob Papenbrook (RIP: this was his final project before he passed away), Kyle Hebert, Kim Stass, Kari Walgren, Peggy O Neal, Mary Elizabeth Glen and Tony Oliver (Director aswell) did a good job as their roles. My only disappointment was they did not honour Bob Papenbrock last episode in his name but other than that it was a pretty sold dub.

If you want anime with cool fighting scenes, backstories, sci-fi and a bit of drama I strongly recommend this anime.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Far better from Homecoming
==Warning if you have not watched Endgame yet please watch that right now, because there is a big spoiler I will include which may ruin your experience or if you are planning to read my review and have not watched please do that right==

Now that I have got that out of the way I will do a proper review of this movie. After, Iron Man dies at the end of the last movie Peter is struggling to cope after all of thing Tony taught him in the previous movies. He is left under Happy Hogan (Tony's friends) custody. Our friendly neighbourhood wall crawler is on a trip all around Europe to stop this weird elemental creature and he is partnered up with Mysterio an agent of Nick Fury. However, Mysterio has his own hidden agenda.

The story for the movie was very good, while it is not as good Endgame in terms of best movie from the MCU but was far more enjoyable than Captain Marvel. Heck, even Nick Fury agreed with me in the movie about Captain Marvel. I am not sure on how it could be improved possibly just did force the romance between Betty and Ned but that is all. I really liked how the setting kept on change in the movie as well.

The humour could have improved but I really liked the 'night monkey joke' they added. The acting once again was brilliant Tom Holland continues to impress me as Spider-Man and as well as the rest of the cast. The best bit was when Spider-Man was fighting Mysterio and they changed setting constantly during the fight with his illusions and the brilliant use of CGI. I would seriously want to know how to do that.

Overall while it may not be my favourite MCU movie this but it is far better than Captain Marvel and even better than Homecoming.

Hauru no ugoku shiro

Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie is a young woman who works at a hat shop, she meets this strange man (Howel) who escorts her away from two men. Then she arrives home and gets cursed by a witch to look from young and beautiful to old and wrinkly. She, runs away meets this turnip head scarecrow and finds this castle which is on two legs and is run by a talking flame and some young boy who we have zero background over.

The dub by disney was pretty good plus it was nice seen Christian Bale in a dubbing movie and go Batman. Same with Josh Hutcherson (who is on the recent Ultraman dub by Netflix) everyone else including Billy Crystal, Jean Simmons, Emily Mortimer and Lauren Bacall.

I had been planning to watch this movie for quite a while especially since there were references to this movie I came across like in an episode of ben 10 Omniverse and when the castle itself made a small came in an episode of Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. I have reviewed both shows.

While it is not my favourite film by Miyazaki but I still like it.

Justice League vs. the Fatal Five

A blast from the past
I have to say after watching this movie it was nice visiting the Brue Timmverse/JLU Universe again. And this was a massive after seeing all those midcore New52 movies and hilariously bad movies which I have not been happy with Timm for the past 4 years. Failures like JLGaMC (although the movie was good), Batman The Killing Jokes, Batman and Harley Quinn and Batman Gotham by Gaslight made me give up on his work. But after seeing this movie it gave me hope.

I am going to presume that this movie took place after the JL. Also, my confusion is why Supergirl was not in the movie despite joining the legion and where were the other league members when they were in the watch tower for most of the movie.

Major props for bringing back Kevin Conroy, George Newbern and Susan Eisenberg as their roles respectively.

But other than that it was a good movie I hope that Timm can continue making movies like this and maybe for the next one involve The Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter and John Stewart.

Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online

Just call it Gun Gale Online
Karen Kohiruimaki always felt out of place in the real world. Due to her extreme height, she found it hard to make friends with other girls her age. Everything changes when she's introduced to VR and Gun Gale Online. In GGO, Karen is free to play the cute, chibi avatar of her dreams. Can Karen find friendship in this bullet-ridden MMO...?

In terms of origin I would say Llen has a better origin since Kirito is just some kid playing a video, where as Lelien in real life is a sexy woman who is surprisingly tall to most characters and is a college student. However, as a protagonist she is annoying but only in the game.

It is overall a good side story but I prefer the other series. That is all i am going to say about it.

Zankyou No Terror

Terror in resonance
=Warning this review may contain spoilers so if have not watched the series yet or are going to I recommend you go and watch it before you continue reading.=

Zankyou No Terror or Terror in resonance (as known in english) is about two boys who were orphans at a science lab where they were experimented on, brain washed and used as guinea pigs as part of an experiment. They escape and have a new life. Their names are nine and twelve, they are disguised as high school students but secretly they are terrorists known as spanks who implant booms and threaten the police with riddles to stop the booms. Meanwhile, a shy girl who is a lot of the time quite and is surprisingly beautiful, is living with her over protective mom and is getting bullied at school by other girls her name is Lisa. Lisa becomes the accomplice of Twelve and Nine. Nine is against the idea but Twelve who even goes out of his way to save her no matter what gains a crush on her and because of that he wants her to join them.

The anime was one amazing ride, despite only being 11 episodes long it took me 3 months to fully watch due to exams, college and my theory test getting in the way but now I have watched it. Originally it was very slow moving but it gets better as you go along the only episode I was too much a found was episode 2 or 3 because of her scarily over protective Lisa's mother was. But my favorite episode was episode 10 which was when Twelve went to save Lisa who was trapped with a bomb on herself and 12 was very determined to save her. The moment and the chemistry between Aaron Dismuke and Jad Saxton was excellent in this episode. Also, the final, not going to say what happens but you may cry.

The music was beautiful throughout. The dubbing was excellent despite a few faults. Christopher Bevins and Aaron Dismuke knocked everyone out of the park with their performances as 9 and 12. With Jad Saxton doing great as usual as Lisa. But, even though I am very disappointed with her because of the recent Vic drama at Funimation but Jamie Marchi stole the show with her performance as 5. With Robert McCollum as Shibazaki.

Overall this was an amazing anime and I would definitely recommend it if you like something which involves police, terrorists and a bit of slice of life.

Sirius the Jaeger

Vampires and werewolves
Imperial Capital, 1930. A strange group of people carrying musical instrument cases landed on Tokyo station. They are called the "Jaegers", who came to hunt vampires. Amongst them, there stood a young man with striking serenity and unusual aura. His name is Yuliy, a werewolf whose home village was destroyed by vampires. Yuliy and the Jaegers engage in deadly battle over a mysterious holy arc only known as "The Arc of Sirius". What truth awaits them at the end...?

Well as it another series which had Khoi Dao as the lead character and had similar pretenses to Sword Gai i thought i was going to have the same out come but I was wrong. Since Yuliy is more of a likeable character than Gai and Reiko is not annoying like Sayaka was.

Story wise it was very interesting but sad at the same time.

If you are looking for a good horror/murder mystery anime I would strongly recomand this. Episode dubbed and subbed are available on Netflix.


New opinion
Well, if any of you read my last review which I posted last year you might have noticed I was not very happy with the series cause I found the series straight up weird and terrifying and the end for season 1 (shudders) that took me a long time to get over. But now that I have finished season 2 that has changed.

This is an unpopular opinion but I personally think season 2 is much better than season 1. As, I thought with season one the characters were uninteresting the plot hole was weird and the ending was FTW. But when, i watched I was more relaxed with the series and what to expect as the gambling was more interesting and the characters had more development.

The animation and art style was great and voice acting was spot on.

If you love a good anime about gambling watch this. If you have friends watch it with it is a real pleasure. bIf you skip it you are not ready to get your gambling freak on.

Episodes dubbed and subbed are all available on netflix. (thumbs up)


A very cute anime series
Since no one has reviewed this title ever since the last review on here which is from 13 February 2007. (Mind you I was in elementary school at the time when that was written) so I am very surprised that no one has reviewed this title from the past 12 years. Unless, if they did but IMDB, might have deleted their review because it is reported, too offensive or has hate speech. Or they might have reviewed it but they could have deleted later or ended their account.

Anyways, I think it is now my turn to share my opinion, plus a lot has happened in 12 years. Without further or due here is my review. After enjoying Fruit Basket I was looking for an anime which was similar but more lighted heart and I got what I was looking for.

Kamichu is about a young middle school girl called Yurie Hitosubashi, who suddenly, figures out that she has god powers. She tell her best friend Mitsue about her powers. Then a another girl by the name of Matsuri who runs a shrine with her younger sister, decides to become her manager. At the same time Yurie wants to confess to the boy she likes.

There is not really much story to the series it is basically just Yurie trying to grant everyone's wish and using her god powers. But, I still love it as it kind of reminds me of school life. I admit the first episode was a bit boring but as I watched the episodes got better and better.

The music was very good. The voice cast including Megan Taylor Harvey (who was actually 13-14 years old at the time when she voiced Yurie), Erika Lenhart (who has not done any anime ever since 2014 really did a good bring the best out of Yurie, Erika if you read this I hope to see you in more dubs someday), Stephanie Sheh (she brought the best out of the bossy Matsuri and can be heard on anime dubs even today) same with Johnny Yong Bosch (it was a surprising change hearing voice a cool headed character), Jessica D Stone (her name was credited as Jay d Stone cause at the time she voiced younger boys even as a child and because they were very secretive about her gender they gave her that name: she did a good job as Shoikichi) and of course Yuri Lowenthal (while I found him a weaker aspect of the dub, since his voice sounded too young as Yashima but his acting and performance made up for it). Other voice actors include Carrie Savage as Tama/poverty god, and of course Liam O' Brien, Hunter MacKenzie Austin and Sam Riegel as the Shika, Ino and Chou (the three messengers) pretty impressive range off all of them.

And people make excuses for hating on dubs. Major thanks to Patrick Setiz for directing this dub and getting someone who is actually close to Yurie's age rather then hiring someone to put on a fake kid voice.

If you like want to have a good slice of life, school, yo kai or supernatural anime I would definitely recomand it. choo choo choo

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman + Ninja Turtles (short review)
Well this crossover, I did think was real, until I had researched up a comic book which contained this crossover, I am not a massive TMNT fan but I do like DC and Batman.

Even though, I find the concept weird of this movie but it was definitely enjoyable. The animation, voice acting and story was enjoyable.

I also found it interesting that Troy Baker was cast as both Batman and joker.

I am going to end review my review here and let you go watch the movie. And COWABUNGA.

Ping Pong the Animation

just don't let the animation put you off
Hoshino is a ping pong player from childhood alongside his friend smile who compete in the tournament after Kong from China defeats Peco in match they get challenged. Peco is an expert ping pong player while his friend smile is just playing it for fun. Things begin to change massively as the show progresses.

It is a really good anime with a good plot, this is especially good for people who are getting into anime or are into sport anime. It is not too violent or intense for anime starters if that is what you are looking for.

I admit the animation might not be the best but the show itself is good with excellent music and voice acting, while I think the Japanese version in terms of voice acting were a bit more polished as they used child voice actors to do all of the boy. While Funimation (if you want to call it that anymore before they went downhill with the Vic, drama) just used women to put on boy voices. The dub was good and the women who did the boy were not bad, mind you some of them sounded girly in pitch but they did fine.

It kinda feels like Bruce Lee as some of the designs look like him and Filthy Frank created their own anime but with Ping Pong.

I admit myself I did not know much about ping pong before this anime.

Overall pretty good

The Flash

This is not fun anymore
My last review for this show which I wrote for this show was very positive now each season is getting worse.

This show now focuses too much and Iris and their so called future daughter then Barry. Back in season 1 when the Flash made his debut to the arrowverse the show was good and Grant Gustin was a perfect fit for the role he still is now but the quality of each season is not very good at all.

I don't see much diversity difference at all from the other CW shows but it is just as bad as CW only forced.

If this show really can't improve at all then please cancel this show and start from scratch once again. As they say if it ain't broke don't fix it but if it is broke do fix it.

I have dropped my rating from 10 to 6 since there are some episodes like the crossover episodes which I did enjoy. Other then that I am pretty much done with this show.

TMNT: Don vs Raph

Funny short
Well there is not much here for me to talk about but this is a very funny short. In good voice acting animation and art style. If you want to watch this short and if you like TMNT it is available on youtube.

Nerawareta gakuen

A classroom filled with psychics
Okay, since no one has reviewed this titled as of yet I think I will go first.

Plot A mysterious new transfer student who claims to be psychic, arrives and changes the lives of a group of students.Meanwhile, Kenji wants to confess his feelings for a girl he likes.

The movie was pretty interesting it wasn't just some typical teen romance drama or a school filled with kids with superpowers. But, rather a mixer of both.

The character were pretty interesting I especially find the love chemistry with Kenji and Natsuki very cute, I am not a romance guy but their bound with each in the movie makes you want them to be with each other.

Animation and art style was very interesting and it holds pretty well with the graphics.

The voice cast was pretty good but my only fault with the dub was in flashbacks while Amy did a decent job as young Kenji since Graham likelyhood finds it hard to voice a kid, Cassandra Morris sounded very jarring when she did Natsuki as a child but fitted here present day form very well. In my opinion they should have used children to voice in those flashbacks since they used children the japanese. But other then that it was a solded dub.

I have no idea why it has got only 5.9 on IMDB I think it should get higher.


Good but too short for a movie
Sidenote: I had a weird dream this morning so I woke up at 4:30 could not go to sleep and decided to watch this movie.


A humanoid robot is asked to replace Hal, who was killed in a terrible accident, in order help Hal's girlfriend move on in life, but struggles to understand the real Hal's past and the meaning of being alive.

The plot was pretty good. The dub by Funimation was excellent pretty good no complaints there. Chris Burnett, Bryn Appril, Todd Haberkorn and Bill Flynn did a good job voicing in this movie.

In my opinion though, the ending could have been a bit better but that is really it.

Tengen toppa gurren lagann

If don't believe this anime is awesome then believe in me for telling you that this anime is is awesome. "Just who in the world do you think I am?"
Gurren Lagaan is about a young boy by the name of simon (pronounced as: Sea-mon/See-mon) who digs tunnel for a living because of living underground. Him and his blood brother have a dream of going up to the surface to see what it is like. Thaey attempt to do it but get caught by the village leader. Then they meet this sexy looking woman from littner village and dig deep where Simon finds a robot looking head which he can pilot with his core drill. They escape the village and come up to the surface.

They meet characters such as Rossiu, the black siblings (Kittan, Kionon, Kyion and Kyon) sorry I don't remember all of there names but I know they all began with the letter K, Gimmy and Darry, Nia and many others. With that we are are also introduced to some badies such as Viral, LordGenome and so many others.

Story wise it was good but had a very slow start, I especially like very emotional *spoiler warning* and I picked up many lessons from it. Music wise it was okay, though in the second half they shouldn't have added singing.

The dub was very good I we have a very good cast including Yuri Lowanthal, Kyle Hebert, Michelle Ruff, Johnny Yong Bosch, Doug Stone, Steve Blum, Jamieson Price, Karren Stressman, GK Bown, Stephanie Sheh, Chris Smith, Brianne Siddal, Mela Lee, Hynden Walch/Bridgit Hoffman, Sam Riegel and everybody else thanks to Tony Oliver did a good job. My only fix with the dub was that Brianne Siddal was still voicing Gimmy after the time skip despite being a teenager. If they cast someone like Ben Diskin, Bryce Papenbrock or even Michael Sinterniklaas then that would have been much better.

The animation/art style was pretty unique and interesting it is done by the same person behind Kill La Kill from what I have heard.

If you like a good mecha anime especially ones with good lessons I highly recommend. As I massive fan of mech type animes such as Code Geass and the Vision of escaflowne I really like this.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame part 2
Sidenote: this again is a review for a film I am writing as college homework so do bear with me for any SPAG errors.

Welp, it has been a good 11 years of the MCU with some amazing films, sure there might be some bad movies such as Iron Man 3 and Captain Marvel but other then that the MCU has had many impressive films and now we come down to the endgame. Ever since 2008 there have been around 22 movies and now we probably have the best movie of the MCU in my opinion although, it is on a sub-par with infinity wars. I also felt very emotional because of a death of a character specifically an avenger not going to say who otherwise I might spoil too much.

I finally got around to seeing it yesterday and I am completely mind blown. I was very disappointed with Captain marvel day before yesterday when I watched it but after this movie I am fully happy. I remember saying that Avengers Infinity Wars was the best movie of 2019 at present.

If you have not caught up with the MCU like my sister was yesterday or if you haven't watch Infinity wars yet I recommend you watch all those first because to understand this movie you need to understand them first. Also, this review is filled with spoilers so if you don't want to get spoiled get out of my review right now and watch those movies before you continue reading. Cause this movie is going to be hard not to spoil.

So, endgame takes off where infinity wars ended/ant man and the wasp post credits scene, when everyone but a few avengers disappear. It had been 3 weeks ever since Thanos wiped out human life on the earth, they find out where Thanos is hiding Thor kills him because he got rid of the infinity stones. They also take the infinity gauntlet with them.

5 years later

Captain America, War Machine and Black Widow are still figuring out what to do? Thor goes his separate ways, Hawkeye becomes a vigilante in Tokyo still grieving over his disappeared family, Iron Man starts a life with Pepper and has a daughter, Hulk mixes his brains and brawns together, Thor alongside the Asgardians and ant man finally escapes the microzone only to find out that Thanos invaded the earth and wiped out the population.

They realise the only way they could restore everything is if they go back in time and stop Thanos from getting the stones so each of the avengers have a pym particle which can send them back in a moment in time before Thanos got to them. I enjoyed this scene because it gives me memories of each movie I watched of the MCU and makes me relive a few of their best moments. However, there was a high price for this.

The effects in the movie were good, the camera angel was excellent and the time and pacing of the story was good too. The cast including Chris Evens, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johnanson, Elizabeth Olson, Josh Brolin, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downy Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Tom Holland, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Evangeline Lilly, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Tessa Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anthony Mackie , Rene Russo, Dave Bautista, John Slattery, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Emma Fuhrmann (who knew after 5 years Cassie would become hot) Vin Diesel, Gwyneth Paltrow and everyone else did a good job as their roles. I am going to really miss Chris Evens and Robert Downy Jr as their roles.

My only fault with this film is that there was a lot of talking in comparative to the last movie and a lot is going on at once. But that was my only fault.

The best scenes in this movie are when we go back in the past and Steve gets to see Peggy again, Tony gets to meet his dad, the fight scene when Captain America gets to fight Captain America (I wonder how long that took for Chris Evens to film), the final fight between thanos and when War Machine calls ant man regular size man.

This is possibly the best movie I have seen in 2019 I could even give it a 15, 50 or even 100 if I could. Thank you, Stan Lee (RIP), Kevin Forge and everyone who worked on this movie I really loved every bit of it.

If you actually, decided to continue reading and haven't seen the movie it. Opps, but I still recommend you watch this movie.

Captain Marvel

Worst MCU movie I have ever seen.
Honestly, this is the worst MCU I have ever watched. This is my fifth time now trying to get IMDB to accept my review. If they don't expect this one I am going to just give up reviewing this title.

The movie takes place in the past when Carol was starting out as a pilot for the air force, then see runs into these kree shots this a car like box thing and gains powers. They are on a mission to stop the Skrulls.

The movie felt like an attack from disney on Marvel fans and just felt like it was encouraging feminism. I am truly disappointed.

Brie Larson's acting completely ruin the movie even Captain Marvel was just a Mary Sue. I am glad she never got too much screen time in Endgame.

Look if you like this movie or if you are going to see it more power to you but you are going to be disappointed.


MAD is just painful to watch honestly, I remember when I was really young and there used to be MAD magazines at my local newsagent I was never interested in these but I always noticed them when I went to pick up the ,latest Simpsons issue.

Now on to the show aspect, I know it is trying to be like Robot Chicken but aimed at kids but it just isn't working. The comedy comes out as forced, slapstick or just plain stupid.

The fact that this show parody so many movies, cartoons, anime, and general history is just stupid.

I give it a two because I remember laughing once or twice.

Do me a huge favour and just skip it.

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

Better then the series
Well not that the series was bad it was good (see my review) but this movie was much better.

Phineas and ferbs accidently meet the evil scientist that perry fights every day and windup going into a second dimension where dr d is the ruler of this dimension and the whole world is an apocalypse under his vision. Perry is forced to reveal his ID in front of his owners, this shocks Phineas, though he is annoyed he doesn't realise the consequences for what is to happen when they find out.

My favorite scenes are when they are fighting the norm bots, the summer song, when they are going through dimensions and the very last scene.

In fact I even remember writing a short story to my form tutor about this movie because he tasked me with it every weekend.

Is it as good as the show? yes

My only annoyance is that events of this movie are referred in episodes of phineas and ferb in spite of what happens towards the end.

Other then that it is a good movie.

Phineas and Ferb

A review coming from an ex phineas and ferb fanboy
Well, this show was a part of my childhood memories, I used to be a huge fan of this show especially because my former best friend from school George was as well.

Plus, when I was like 11 or 12 I think I was like addicted to the series because of how creative each episode was of what invention Phineas and ferb where going to make and what song they was going to play. But, I think after a year or so I got board because of how repetitive each episode was.

Here is an episode in a nutshell

Mom goes off somewhere.

The boys plan an invention.

Candace is left in charge.

Perry the platypus their pet disappears to stop an evil scientist who wears a pharmacist looking lab coat. Phineas usually asks "where is perry?"

Phineas and Ferb build something.

Isabella a cute girl who has a crush on phineas comes in and keeps on saying her catch phrases every episode "What ya doin?"

Then buford an overweight strong kid and this indian nerd bailgit come in and join in the fun.

Perry attempts to stop Dr Doofinsmorphs but gets trapped in one of his trap and explains his evil or shows his inator plain like a chessy cartoon villain.

A random song plays.

Candice notices the boys invention calls her mom with the usual "Phineas and Ferb this" "Phineas and Ferb that"

Perry escapes the trap, fights the doctor his inator gets fired. When the fight ends the doctor keeps on saying the same thing "Curse you perry the platypus"

The inator hits phineas and ferbs invention and the backyard is back to normal.

Candice tries to show her mom but is humiliated because the invention is gone.

Perry arrives home with phineas's usual statement towards the end. Oh, there you are perry"

Mom calls them in for snacks and the episode ends.

Perry's entrance theme song plays in the end credits or what ever song was played in the end credits.

There you have it an entire episode in a nutshell.

But some of my favorite episodes such as Phineas's birthday, Where's Perry? and a few specials don't have this formula. Plus I liked the marvel and the star wars specials.

So, overall good show but can be repetitive.

Hero: 108

Decent then I remember
Well, I admit canadian imports have been the worst cartoons on cartoon network but this show was not as bad lets just say Johnny Test or supernoobs. Yes the animation and characters designs are week but at least it is better then most shows on cartoon network currently.


I am sorry but I have never been a fan of this show even as a kid I hated
Cartoon Network has had some good shows for a really long time like Regular Show, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Scooby Doo, Ben 10, Teen Titans, The Marvelous miss adventures of flapjack, adventure time etc. But Chowder is not one of them.

In fact in my opinion Chowder is the worst cartoon network show alongside The Problem Solverz, MAD, the annoying orange, Teen Titans Go, Clearance (which it influenced), secret mountain fort awesome, uncle grandpa, Johnny Test and super noobs.

The characters are annoying. The main character Chowder is nothing but a constant eater, even his voice makes me want to cut is tongue out so he couldn't talk anymore.

Even, the characters are worse. Mung keeps yelling, snitzel keeps on saying "Radah Radah" and truffles that old fairy looking granny is annoying to the point where I can't believe she was voiced by Tara Strong.

Heck my friends at my both schools didn't like this show, even my mom, dad and my sister hatted this show. In fact, everytime it was on TV, my dad told me to turn it off or said there is nothing on to watch. I used to argue the case but I am thankful i listened.

It was even annoying that one of my classmates who kept on getting told off in my fifth grade was on the Cartoon Network website everyday and constantly played clips of this show on repeat and getting bad influenced by it.

The animation is ugly, the character designs are okay, but stupid.

The voice acting is fine but it's not there fault they had to work on this show. In fact I am supprised to see people like Dee Bradley Baker, Yuri Lowanthal, Corey Burton etc. take part in this crap.

The only episode which was good was when all the voice actors show themself on screen and cleaned cars to get the budget of the animation back. I admit this got me interested in voice actors in cartoons, anime, video games and films.

But my opinion still stands Chowder was a bad cartoon on cartoon network, if you enjoyed this show I am glad you have something to enjoy which i don't, and I am glad it got cancelled. So, goodbye, and good riddance to a horrid show. peace

Gravity Falls

Wonderful creativity
Twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines spend the summer at their uncle's tourist trap in the enigmatic town of Gravity Falls.

This is one disney xd's best shows I have watch back in my early teen years. Although, I do not remember much of it but it is definitely popular. There are even a lot of theories and questions that wonder about this after each episode.

If you like a good series which has adventures and mysterious I would recomand this show.

Also, if you want figure out some questions and theories further outside this show check out a YouTuber called Valiskiabum he talks about this show a lot.

8/10 because in the UK they took ages to get episodes aired (we had to wait 1 year after season 1 finished to get season 2)

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