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La Casa de Papel: Game over
Episode 1, Season 4

Total waste of time
Production values still high, but the script is nonsensical. Terrible character choices, cheesy dialogue and the action dodn't move a bit. Don't waste your time. This is the last episode I watched. No more.

Zjednoczone stany milosci

Total waste of time
Never in my life has any film made me regret buying the ticket. Wasilewski's movie is so badly executed the visit in the cinema is an excruciating experience. There is no script (how come did it get an award in Berlin? it doesn't make any sense), the cinematography sucks (what happened to the colors?), the direction is terrible (Wasilewski can't make use of terrific cast - they all seem lost in this story) and the score is non-existent. I will not mention intentional and over the top nudity (I don't mind nudity, but the number of penis and vagina shots is inexplicable taking into consideration movie's theme) and a final scene, which sums up my experience in the cinema. That puking woman (that's not really a spoiler - the scene doesn't fit the movie whatsoever) is like the director puking on the audience. Definitely not recommended.

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