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Hearts and Minds

Great documentary, shows the basic contradictions in U.S. ideals and foreign policy.
Should really have mentioned the cock up that happened before, The Korean War. All the lessons were there to be learned but ignored with even worse political consequences. The U.S. has only ever fought one total war with full military might, then actually done what is necessary, that's occupy until stability is sustainable. Ever since it's tried to fight " limited " wars with limited aims and humiliating results, every successful campaign followed by a useless even antagonistic puppet government. Every military intervention by the U.S. since WW 2 has been disastrous not only to the target country but the whole region.

Trial by Fire

Fiction is always stranger than fact, movies prove it.
It's a good movie, well worth watching, but facts do sort of spoil it. Funny thing is this film seems to say that prison or death row is truly reformative. Our hero / villain starts off as an ugly, mean, vicious redneck white trash, who is transformed into attractive, handsome good old country boy. The brutal, sadistic prison guards become caring, sensitive wardens, what better advert for incarceration. Then a basic fact, if a propellant is found that's the primary cause, not the reactions causing flash. Many would be heroes have actually found themselves in the same situation and had to face the consequences, don't play with fire.

The Great Hack

Important topic that gets clouded by political viewpoint.
It's the usual story of the stupid Trump & Brexit voters all being manipulated by clever data manipulation by nefarious right wing and or Russian protaganists. Complete ( insert word here ), if it had stuck to the basic premise of data mining - is it actually legal and who regulates it, they'd have had a winner no matter what your political views. CA are just one player in a massive industry, overseen by the biggest players in social media. The political shocks of late have more to do with a sense of disconnect amongst voters with established politics and media, rather than a connection to any social media. Irony being it's only now governments around the World are starting to look more closely at these I.T. giants in terms of taxation, responsibility, and monopolisation.

A Dog's Way Home

Great family or dog owners movie.
It's fairly standard predictable film of this genre, but even cynics like me know they're needed now and again. Great chance to spend time with the ( younger ) kids, teens won't like the saccharine overdose. Couple of things that did detract for me was the fact all couples are portrayed as mixed race, yet it fails to note the star is actually mixed breed. Bella has more Doberman or German Shepard than pitbull in her. Then a wild cat kitten started out as a Lynx then turned into a Cougar, but ignore that just enjoy for what it is.

Never Grow Old

It's ok film and good in many ways. but always goes back to it's origins.
Liked the portrayal of a brutal way the U.S. and its West was won. So often it's glossed over that early and later settlers were generally religious dissenters, political malcontent and criminal transportation. Not forgetting ordinary dreamers, as all above had their own dream scenario, not all of it for the good. Then it follows the path of our hero is Irish Catholic, forced to convert to Anglican or Puritan faith to be accepted. Is it just Irish Catholic idea of what's in a church or a total faux pas. The crucifix in Anglican or Puritan churches of that time would amount to the sin of idolatry.Then there's the constant taunt, " Irish you can't do it, all I see is fear in your eyes". That's very strange to say the least, but overall it''s worth a watch.

Isn't It Romantic

OK start became average then downhill.
I really don't understand ratings anymore, how anyone could love this so much as to award 10 is just as incredible as anyone hating it so much as to say 1 or less if they could. It maybe ok for some or just a quick turn off for others like me, but it's nowhere near any extremes.

Instant Family

Enjoyed it, bringing up kids with added attitude.
I admit I only watched this due to viewer comments, the vast majority being so spot on. It covered just about everything on this topic with all the emotions that entails. Some might say predictable, but as an avowed cynic I still like a story that ends well, escapism never hurt anyone. Thing that may annoy some is this is your near perfect white middle class couple living the American Dream, who decide to have kids by selecting a few of those available. The film actually deals with that by throwing in disparate couples travelling the same journey. It's well worth watching.

Green Book

Very good film, mainly because it's something different.
Now and again amongst the comic book franchises, the re- hashed horror and total CGI comes an interesting story that's truly entertaining. I don't know if it's just a blip in studio output but they have recently released some good films with different stories. The whole cast were excellent, the editing / pacing well done, all helped by a script that had a bit of everything. Furthermore it's not a PC preachy type, it just retells a story for viewers to consider. Very good, watch when you can.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Excellent in all respects.
I say excellent but give 9, I just think the last part should have been given over to the original Live Aid recording of Freddie - the ultimate performer. This guy could rock a stadium with or without music.For all his faults of which there were many, which this film doesn't gloss over, he was an exceptional talent. Queen as a whole are part of a pantheon of bands of all genres whose music will out live us all.

King of Thieves

Decent enough film based around the Hatton heist.
I don't understand those who say it's slow, this was Hatton not Brinks Mat or Great Train Robbery. Its no smash and grab with shooters, took 2 days to break into the vault, none of it high octane action adventure.As for the squabbling over the loot, that's so true, every divvy up someone or everyone is not happy with their cut. Ever been to a shared dinner in a restaurant when someone won't pay into the pot for wine as they didn't have any, someone else will say I didn't have a starter you did, its just life.As for honour amongst thieves, no it's never existed, something else does. Watch the film and you'll get a little insight of what it should have portrayed. These old lags are nothing more than sub-contractors, all of them are caught, none of them grass on the one that got away. The guy in the ginger wig, he's the guy with the keys to enter. Gets warned by Caine character they'll have to flee the country after the job, otherwise they'll be hunted down and killed as some of the stuff belongs to certain types. That's the real story behind this, rumour was always inside job, old lags used by new nasties.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Really good film, well done in all aspects.
Didn't know anything about this story before watching, but found it very entertaining. Its classic down on your luck needing money, what skills do you have to earn some cash. It turns out to be a scam, a total fraud, it's a crime. But I won't be the only one who enjoys the fact that it's run on the greed of the literati / art collecting types. It's well worth watching, one of the best I've seen recently.


I thought it was OK time filler.
I hate the franchise movie syndrome that Hollywood pumps out incessantly. I've never watched any Transformer film before, or any CGI overloaded comic book heroes either. I watched this expecting to go search for something else soon, but found it was fairly well balanced in terms of action then humour. One star was added for Hailee who held it all together, all in all not a must see or avoid, just a little entertainment if there's nothing better to watch.

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer

Very good film on a very difficult subject.
First off I'm from the UK and this issue isn't as divisive here. The film did seem to lean to the pro life agenda slightly but not enough to discredit it's main theme. Biggest serial killers have always been medical professionals, they do get a tendency to play God. The film is well crafted and acted, would recommend to all no matter their side of the argument.

Kinky Boots

It's a good movie, I liked it, but never thought wow.
Enjoyed watching it all, which is commendation for any film now. The " factually " based story is predictable but entertaining. The sub-plot is clear but not preachy, just people are different but can work together. Chiwetel Ejiofor actually rates 8 or 9, great portrayal.

Gloves Off

It's OK but very predictable.
Big plus, I watched it all the way through knowing how it would end. The cast were great at their roles, the laughs weren't actually that plentiful. It was like boys from the blackstuff meets Snatch. It's nowhere near worth 10 but worth watching.


Very good adaptation of Kipling's tale, but not for your toddlers.
Much darker than any previous, which might please the great man himself. There was always a dark menace in his writings which is often overlooked. Would recommend the classic " man who would be king" starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Watch and read what you can of him, as being an ardent British colonialist, his books will no doubt be burning soon to appease the Liberal Nazis.


I really don't know, stopped watching within 10 minutes.
What did Predator have in it's opening scenes - a possibly realistic scenario. What does this film do - the exact opposite. Maybe they want more characters, a doctor, a convict, diverse military personnel and an engimatic Asian. All arriving in some strange way, maybe it's explained later, I don't care. The only good follow up to any groundbreaking film is still Aliens. This is a poor revamp of the excellent Predator.


OK if you haven't read the book or think clowns are scary in themselves.
Started so well I thought it was going to be a good re-telling of King's novel. Then it hit the bog standard horror, that's a very dark room with strange noises, I'll have to go and take a look. Pennywise starts well at the beginning, then seems to be the most inept creature of evil ever. What's really scary is the end credits label it as chapter 1, now we're scared of another franchise et infinitum.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Excellent must see film.
Started like Blazing Saddles meets Grand Old Oprey, thought I was in for a laugh a minute western movie. Then it got darker & darker, the comedic even romatic interludes took a sinister turn. When people talk of a western as new and refreshing just shows how tired we are of the latest superhero franchises.

Death of a Nation

Absolutely awful, apart from one salient fact.
This is fake news plus fake history, apart from the fact that all 20th century extreme politics were borne of a National Socialist nature. But this ridiculous notion that the U.S. Democrats were a major influence on their thinking isn't laughable, the fact someone proposed it is. I'm a U.K. Conservative and find this ridiculous, it seems like an extended attack advert on U.S. democrats. Maybe these Democrats started the Russian revolution and brought Mao and Pol Pot to power, I'll never know, I just stopped watching.

Outlaw King

Very good film, enjoyed it, but usual why did you do that.
First off I really did enjoy it, very entertaining, best I've seen lately. It is of course a romanticised re-telling of history, especially when history becomes legend. What's wrong then, well the fact this is the battle of Loudon Hill and Edward I doesn't die until a few months later. Edward II is nowhere near Scotland let alone this battle, it was fought between De Brice & De Valence. No I've not mixed up countries, though Scots and English would like it so. The Normans, Plantagenets, Angevins ruled these Isles for centuries, 100 years war had to change the name, just like house of Saxe - Coburg - Gotha had to switch to Windsor when the extended family had a major fall out. I'm being picky, just watch the film it's very good.


The classic of a modern nightmare.
It was true then and even more so now, computers and robots offer so much in the way of pleasure and entertainment. They are now.so much a part of military, civil and personal use, the questions this film raises are even more relevant.

The Magnificent Seven

Classic with stellar cast.
It's one of the best Westerns, but if you can watch B&W films with subtitles see the original - seven samurai. This film is very good, but when Hollywood studio throws cash for multi star roles, best cinematography of the time what do you expect. Its still a rip off of the the original and best.

Harry Brown

Very good societal rather than vigilante film.
Many refer to death wish when reviewing this but it's nothing like that, it's far deeper. This plays more on the ugly sometimes sordid underbelly of modern society. Throw in a geriatric hero whose not the modern hard man, but an ex-commando.Then is it mistrust or general lawlessness when whole communities disregard and attack police forces. There are certain people and areas that feel it was better when the likes of Kray's and Richardson's ruled the roost.

Night of the Living Dead

A groundbreaker that studios won't make now.
It's a cheap B&W film, but so different in it's time. It was like watching Alien / Terminator or Predator for the first time. As all mentioned it became a very tired franchise. We await the new interesting cinematic story with anticipation, no doubt we'll get the latest comic magazine offering. The World needs some story tellers, cinema needs them even more.

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