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Raja Jani

Raja jani is a perfect movie for the conservatives families because this movie shows us every aspects of lives of millions of movie lovers


a woman in the film
I have seen this movie 100 times in youtube it has lot of drama and mysteries

Pocket Maar

All in one
You will get everything in this movie be it acting music comedy cinematography and songs wonderful

Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan

I saw it on first release
Wow wow Indian hindu Indian muslim what a concept this has been in India today is 07/01/2019 and i am watcing it again i would like to tell all the people in India that how the politicians of India have taken advantage of it but look at the all cast and crew of this film almost everybody are hindu the writerthe producers the script writers the directors the actors how they have showcase a muslim culture although the language of this film is hindi but show me anybody that nowhere in the film a single word has been talked in hindi but in urdu. Inder Raj Anand what a writer and hindu he was so much urdu he knows

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