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Rim of the World

Rim of the crap.
I went into this movie without knowing anything about it, and I thought it was going to be a cool post apocalyptic film about a group of kid campers fighting for there leaves against aliens like that cool book The Fifth Wave. Oh wait the movie The fifth Wave sucked and so did this movie.

Ok where do I begin.

Ok the kids they can come off as very unlikable. The black kid acts way to old for how old he actually is and he can get annoying really fast. The other kid the Juve kid he has this some what sad backstory but I can't really see it as a sad backstory seeing how we never see it happens. The Juve kid just says it too us, maybe the film can out of money rendering the bad special effects to afford to film the scene so I can't really get any emotional impact out of it.

Another thing too the evil criminal guy he plays almost no role in the story the kids break him out of jail after he lies to them that he's nice he shows up later tries to kill them gets killed by the alien and that's it. You could have cut that character out of the movie entirely and you wouldn't have missed a thing. Also the aliens too the aliens are really bad cgi, and look like they were for a bad to tv movie from the sci fi channel. Also the female astournats scream comes of more comical then scary. She does this stupid scream and gets impaled through the mouth by the alien. And it is freaking hilarious to watch.

Also we never find out what happened to the aliens. We never found out if the alien that chases the kid characters are the actually aliens of weapons from the aliens. We never find out what happened to any of the other characters like the campers or the rest of the world.

All of this mess all gets tied together by a stupid montage showing all are main characters poorly photoshopped over real events something a 2 year old could have done better with, and that is how the movie end. Hell the ending makes it look like everything that happened never happened.

Dumb movie that I don't recommend to anyone. Rim of the World should be blown of the face of the earth like the barely seen stock space ship at the end of the movie.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Entertaining but decent
Ok granted I wasn't really excited to see this movie honestly I think the only reason I was interested in seeing this movie was so I could see Nagini but she barely does anything in the movie only has like 5 lines and is just there looking all freaked out in all her scenes that's all.

Basically the film is pretty confusing like near the end of the movie there's this super complicated backstory about the character Creedence origins and it makes no sense really. Like why did Leta switch the babies was it annoying did she just hate it if she hated the baby she already had why did she switch them out and don't think this will be answered in a future movie because the only person who knows about all of this is dead right when I was starting to like her character or at least her appearance because she's super good looking but now she's dead.

The old characters are back again and they're all ok. Eddie Reedmen is good as Newt he still does a good jib but he kind of feels out of place in this movie and his creatures don't really do anything besides cause some comic relief and for his one platypus like creature to steel something in the end.

Tina is back she's played by that character in aliens who everyone thought was Riplys mom. She's fine but I just kind of forgot she was in the movie a lot until the last third.

Jake and Queenie are but I have some issues with them. Jake doesn't really play any real role in the movie he doesn't really even do any as funny as in the first movie but he's still enjoyable to watch so I want critic to much about him now. But Queenie oh Queenie oh my god. She becomes a bad guy in the movie and its just so stupid and happens just out of nowhere, and all those parts where she cries are super cringe why can't people not make crying not cringe like come on they made Gamora's crying not cringe why not Queenie

Despite all the marketing Dumbledore doesn't really anything in the movie. Jude Law still does a good job as the character I can definitely see him as a young Dumbledore but its just that he doesn't really do anything to motivate the story. He appears at the beginning than at the middle and at the end that is all.

And now we get to the main antagonist Grindelwald. And I thought he was good. He's overpowered and I do like that in a villain but its just that I just don't get him. He's always quiet and slow which is strange because I just thought he was going to do a lot but all he does is make some fire and kill of a attractive character I wanted to see more of.

In the end Fantastic Beasts 2 is a fun movie still theres still a lot of action especially near the end and the special effects are good. Thats why I give it 6 out of 10. I still think this movie is still flawed and at the end of the day Nagini is just standing in that corner all freaked out looking and Im just there sitting in the audience yelling in my head.


I do hope you enjoy this movie and I will dare to spoil the twist at the end.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Better then the first
So basically when I went and saw the first Antman movie 3 years ago which now feels like it was a year ago, I hated it. Similar to Guardians of the galaxy i just didn't find it funny. I felt that it was a bit to depressing in some areas though far less then the first guardians of the galaxy, and I just didn't find it that funny.

And like guardians of the galaxy vol.2 I found this one as well a improvement over the first Ant-man movie, though it wasn't as big as an improvement compared to Guardians of the galaxy vol.2. For one for once i actually laughed watching this film unlike the first Ant-man movie. Such as the scenes where Ant-man does the card tricks to the FBI agent and then later in the movie we see him trying to learn the card trick that left me laughing. And so did a couple over jokes in the movie.

As for the characters. Let me give you the short one on that:

Ant-man: Basically threw out the movie he sucks not as being a character or being a superhero but because everything around him screws up.

Wasp: I thought she was better in the first one. I hated her and she was once of the things I hated the most from the first movie. At least they got rid of that stupid haircut she had in the first movie. Hell even Luis points that out.

Luis: He was hilarious he was my favorite thing from the first movie and thats saying a lot especially when you take into account my feelings for the first movie.

Hank Pym: Hes a jerk throwout most of the movie, lad the movie brought of much of a jerk he can be at times.

Ghost: Well Marvels been throwing out a bunch of new villains this year from Killmonger to Thanos and all of them are sympathetic. This one is sympathetic too, she has a really sad past. But just like Captain Marvel if she's been around for years being evil. Where the hell has she been all these years.

And then theres the end credit scene the best part in the movie for me. Oh my god it was so shocking.

In the end while this film isn't perfect, i do have to say that compared to the first movie this film is a big improvement over the first film. And for that i give this movie 7 out of 10. But because Hank is a jerk throwout most of it and Michelle Pfeiffer only gets around less then 10 minutes of screen time and you all know what happens to her at the end of the movie.

Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni

Wow I knew that i had to watch this movie as soon as I was done watching the show. The show was good but then after episode 16 things became all physiological. There some good episodes like episode 18 and 19 which are some of my favourite episodes from the show but then theres other episodes like episode 16, 17 and 15 which are just kind of boring and when I saw them for the first time I just skipped other them. Those episodes were nothing compared to the episodes before episode 16. Well this movie is kind of like that.

Its a film who's first half is action and the other half is a physiological trip. Kind of like the show in a nutshell condensed into 90 minutes.

Now basically the film is kind of confusing the first time I watched I was just trying to remember everything they were saying in the first half of the movie like when Misato was talking about what really happened in third impact. I kind of got it, it was like writings notes down for a test. Then there was the second half of the movie and it was like trying to write down a years worth of what my english teacher is telling me, but I barely pay attention.

The first half has an epic fight between Asuka and the Eva series, which is the last fight in the show and boy does things get bloody. I loved too watch it we haven't have a fight like this since episode 19 and Asuka is my favourite character so its a perfect match of what I like. To bad she died, but I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know how it was going to happen.

Then theres the second half of the movie and thats where i'm like. Ugh. Because I had no idea what the hell was going on in that half of the movie. I don't really know what to say theres some good animation which is very nice seeing how this is a movie the budget is bigger then what the show cost. The show cost 65,000 dollars per episode I heard. Then the tumbling down song played and thats the best part of this second half of the movie. And then every one turns into goo and everybody dies.

And then theres the last and shortest part of the movie. Even before seeing this movie I knew what this scene was. Asuka and Shinji the last two things alive on earth are on the beach surrounded by the dead Eva series and giant reis head. I knew this from a episode form Steven Universe Kike's pizza delivery service where the end of the episode is a parody to the end of the movie. I was like whats next and then Shinji starts to strangle Asuka, he stops and Asuka says "How disgusting". And I was like Hah. And then it ended.

I liked the movie a good send of to a great show that had a bad ending. I just wished Gurren Lagann did this instead of condensing the show into two, two hour long movies. But those were awesome too.

I give it 9 out of 10. But only because the second half was just weird.

Jurassic World

I hate this.
Ok I really liked the trailer and when I first saw the movie around the time it came out I liked it a-lot. But then later as I began to watch more and more of the movie other time I began to realize I hated this movie and that it wasn't as good as people said it was.

Ok for one why is it that everything goes wrong so easily. What people sometimes don't realise is that the entire film takes place in the span of around 16 hours. How does all this stuff go down in such a short amount of time. It takes just 2/3's of a day for everything to go to hell and everybody's lives being ruined forever.

Then there are the two kids, while not being as bad as the first pair of kids in the first movie, I still don't really like them. Probably because in almost every scene there in, in the last 2/3's of the movie they are just magnets for the dinosaurs to attack. Also then theres there parents who as shown in one scene are getting a divorce. Now I know that in a movie that would be a good premise but in a movie with dinosaurs crawling around killing people not so much.

Claire I thought was going to be your stereotypical work addicted character who was going to get killed but she gets better as the film goes on. But I liked her much better in the films sequel. Chris Pratt does a pretty good job as his character too. He's riding of the success of guardians of the galaxy and the lego movie and he plays his character well.

With all that say I don't hate this movie that much but I do give this movie:

6 out of 10.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Critics stop with the negative talk
Well during the last year I was living in London I was excited to seeing Jack the Giant slayer but sadly I was unable to see the movie for some reason. Just because I just didn't see it. I later saw this movie on an airplane coming from Miami to Dubai where we moved to in 2013. I really liked the movie and for a while it was one of my all time favourites. I remember when Ewan Mcgregers character jumping onto the beanstalk before the Giants could climb down and I was like.

So everything is resolved, Jack and the princess are safe and none of the characters I like are dead, so I was like thats it right. But then the giants find some of the beans my the waterfall entrance and they use it to get down to the ground and I was like. Holy sh-t. This is going to be epic.

Basically the rest of the movie is the giants trying to take down the castle and get inside and everyone is working together to try and stop them.

Having not seeing this movie in a long time so I cant really talk about this movie that much. Why don't I do a pro and cons.


1. Ewan McGregor was awesome in this movie. He's really good in all the roles he does.

2. The music is pretty good.

3. A-lot of the characters are really likeable to me, even the king.

4. The last 30 minutes were just great.

5. The giant leader and his second in command was awesome.


1. That thing about the giants just wanting eat the princess or at least the giant king because she's related to the king who banished the giants by blood. Which I just find stupid.

2. The main human antagonist Roderick dies looking like and idiot.

3. The special effects aren't that good. Some stuff looks nice but the giants look like they were being rendered on screen. In my opinion the cgi looks better at the end of the movie, but it still looks bad in the first 2/3's of the movie.

For all these things I give this movie a 10 out of 10. The bad stuff I listed isn't enough for me to hate this movie.


Um. Eh
I honestly I thought when I first saw the first movie trailer I was pretty scared, then when the second trailer came out about a month before the film came out I was also scared especially at the end. Then when the movie came out. I was like after it was finished. It was loud. And there were jump-scares.

This film had way too many jump-scares for me. When Pennywise is scaring all the kids in the beginning of the movie there are so many jump-scares everywhere. Too make things even worse I saw this movie in IMAX when it first came out and the movie was just to damm loud. It sucked that I didn't bring my headsets with me because in almost every scene even when the happy whimsical music is playing I have to cover my ears because it so loud.

Then theres the acting. Suprisonly the acting in the movie isn't that bad. I know when the movie came out a lot of people were comparing this movie to Stranger things which came out about a year earlier. But I hadn't seen Stranger things when I saw this movie I didn't know what they were talking about. The only person I didn't like was Stanly. He's just really bland that you could cut him out of the movie all together and you wouldn't really miss him all that much.

As for Pennywise he does a good job too but unlike the 1990 tv miniseries where he was played Tim Curry this one comes of as just to scary. But I found him good too especially during the climax. The makeup also looks good to but when he's not playing the other monsters as pennywise he only has about 10 minutes of screen time.

Then the CGI is just, ok sometimes it looks good like I said with Pennywise as a character during the climax. But in the beginning of the movie it just looks bad especially with Pennywise's monster forms.

I just hope the sequel does a better job with almost all of these bad things I said about this. But give it a job just keep the volume low or bring a pair of headsets.

I give it 7 out of 10.

Spider-Man 3

Give it to Hardy
I don't know when I was a kid i saw a trailer for this and Venom scared the crap out of me. When I saw the movie a few years later with the other two spider man movies and I didn't even know what I was scared of. Because that Venom sucked.


But we only get him in basically the last 30 minutes because before we get to the real venom we get Imo Peter and he sucks. And don't even get me started with that dance party scene which is just awfully cringe. Multiple love subplots with MJ, Peter, Gwen, and Harry that almost go no where.

And there are just so many to pick from.

Besides Sandman and some good performances and the cgi for the most part are what I really like from this movie. Just let Sony make there own Venom.

Lost in Space

I can't believe it, I for someone who has only seen the review of this movie on Nostalgia critic, and 4 episodes of the amazing Netflix show that just came out. I never saw the show form the 60's but I heard the show was just very weird. But going into this movie I just thought I was going to hate this movie throwout most of it, and yeah the first 10 to 15 minutes were pretty bad.

There is a over long action scene, with so ok effects for the time, put then theres some dumb scenes with Will and his teacher. And Penny's annoying voice that sound like Peridot from Steven Universe, that made me want to rip my ears out. Gary Oldman playing the villain and being other hammy. But after that things actually get better.

The acting for the most part though is not that terrible, and isn't actually cringe after they get into space. But then there is the CGI. I know for a long time that this movie has some really bad special effects, I know for the time they looked ok but on elf them is this monkey named Blarp, and he too me still looks really bad and is considered one of the worst special effect ever made.

The last 30 minuets is a bit different. In my opinion I would just say it would be a better movie. Also the fight between spider smith and the dad character could've been better. Honestly I wish this movie got a sequel but I think it was good on its own.

I can't wait to finish the first season of the netflix show and I give this movie a 8 out of 10.

Steven Universe: A Single Pale Rose
Episode 18, Season 5

I can't believe it again
I am so dead after this episode. Having not seen the previous episode Cant go back I knew what was going on in this episode. After months of speculation it is finally confirmed that Pearl was the one who shattered Pink Diamond. OR DID SHE.

Because as this episode shows that Rose quartz the leader of the rebellion against homeward and Pink Diamond leader of the colony of Earth were the same person and that Pink diamond had faked her own death to stop homeward from destroying the Earth. (Gasp)

This shocked me I couldn't stop thinking of it. For a while a select few have been thinking of this theory of Pink Diamond being Rose Quartz but no one really believed them. I just want apologise.

So many questions were answered too in this episode:

1) Why Pearl always stays quiet when Pink Diamond is mentioned.

2) What Pink Diamond really looks like.

3) Why Steven has all those crazy gem powers that other gems don't seem to have. Like the giant indestructible shield, the healing tears, or the ability to possess over people via dreams.

4) Who Pearls diamond was.

Man I this episode was a lot of fun too watch. And also it finally got me out of that depression from watching Conquer now i have a new episode to stay up all night and think about.

The Simpsons: The Great Phatsby
Episode 12, Season 28

One of the worst episodes I have ever seen in my life of anything.
I'm reviewing part 2 as well:

Around after season 25, was the point where I first got into the simpsons. My parents were fans of the show, but I liked Family guy more, but I liked it. But when I began watching the older seasons, I found out that later episodes of the show were just resting the same concept from older episodes. And it happens a lot.

These are some examples.

1) Lisa, Bart, fall in love with somebody, but break up at the end of the episode. 2) Homer gets fired and gets a new job. 3) A new character comes in and that said character leaves and we never see or hear of that character again, because there played by a guest star. 4) The family gets something cool but loses it at the end of the episodes.

But this is just an awful episode.

I remember before this episode came out, Family guy aired a similar episode. Though on like this one which is a modern day retelling. That episode stuck more closely to the source material even if they cut out a lot of scenes and subplots. It was still funny and they did it 5 minuets. This episode is 44 minuets. And it doesn't need to be. It combines all of the reused plot points above. Like Lisa fall in love with another character. And it is just so cringe to sit threw. I haven't seen this in a long time. Marge opens up a buesness on the rich peoples island and it goes down hill so quickly. But this isn't a surprise because this stupid plot point has been done so many times in earlier episodes.

The episode drags on for way to long. This would've been better if it was just a one parter, but it isn't. In the second part are main characters decide to beat the main antagonist. Who is played by Kevin Micheal Richardson by doing the most epic rap ever made. So they bring together a bunch of African American rappers together, and have them sing the most epic song rap song ever in this like 3-4 minuet montage. And it was so cringe for me to sit threw that I just wanted to rip my ears of. Oh and then its revealed that the rappers were all working for the antagonist. That entire cringe induced montage was basically completely pointless.

So of course everything gets resolved in the end by basically impossible or improbable means and every one lives happily ever after agin. I f-cking hate this episode so much.

Conclusion: To me this was the final nail in the coffin when it came to me watching the simpsons. And while it was nice to Homer and Mr. Burns work together. The episode just drags on for way to long, and most of it is just so cringey. I hate it. This show should've just ended after season 25.

This is one of the worst Animated tv show episodes, Ive ever seen. And for good reasons to.

Meari to majo no hana

"This is amazing"
I first saw this movie on April 14th 2018. And I first heard about this movie on June 19th 2017 on the day I arrived in California to go to Disney land for the summer and all I saw of the movie was a poster of Mary and that was it. I wasn't that into it because there was no english dub and this was a month before the films release in Japan. Well I saw a trailer the day before the films release at my apartment at camp I saw the same trailer when I saw the re release of Castle in the sky one of my favourite animated movies at theatres in august 27th. Then a week later the english cast was announced being Ruby Barnhill (Mary), Kate Winslet (Bumbleshock) and Jim Broadbent (Docter B). Thats a good cast. The film as release in America in January 18th 2018 and the trailer was release in early December 2017.

I saw the trailer and the voice of Mary was cringe and a lot of people agreed in the comments. But two weeks later I got into the trailer and I watched the trailer like 50 times. I couldn't see the movie in America as I left 3 weeks before it came out there. I saw a special trailer when I saw All the Money in the world, and it showed some more stuff that wasn't in the trailer. I liked it. I had to wait till March 30th before it came out on DVD. I was going to watch it on thursday like all of my new movies but the DVD was the Japanese version with no subtitles. I had to wait longer until on Wednesday I found out it was playing in Vox cinemas and this was my chance.

I saw it and here are my thoughts:


Ok for one the english dub is pretty good. Mary's voice unlike in the trailer isn't that cringe. The same goes for the rest of the cast there pretty good too. One thing is the pacing and for the first 20 minuets things are very slow besides the awesome opening which was shown in the first trailer I saw. Like we have Mary adjusting to her new house and her neighbours and it was kind of. BORING. Luckily things blast off afterwards as Mary gets the flowers and is sent to Ender College and Ender College is like Hogwarts if it was from the Future.

Also for one I'm not that good at reviewing the plot, I'm more good at reviewing nitpicks.

I wished they used more magic in the movie. Like theres a spell which can undo any spell and thats mostly everything the two characters Mary and Peter use. Most of the magic is used by Mumbleshook and those spells are cool but why couldn't the rest of the characters use spells like that. Ok I know Mary has magic for one day so you can't do that much, but she steals a spell book from Mumbleshook and they only use one spell. But you know, you only have magic for one day. At least they use brooms a lot.

Also since this was made by some of the same people made by Studio Ghibli. So following a similar trend I do at the end of most Studio Ghibli films I would watch the whole credits cause even the credits are like apart of the movie. I stayed to the end and then The End appeared and that just put a smile on my face.

All these reasons is why I believe Studio Ponco is a good Studio to make new movies. And I sure hope they make more movies soon.

I give it 10 out of 10.

Heavy Metal

#8 I need an adult
I should have not seen this movie or at least not at my age. Heavy Metal is a film I have heard a bit about before I saw it. Like in that episode of South Park: Major Boobage, where Kenny gets high on cat pee and is sent to a fantasy world which parodies three of the films stories. I like that episode and I got all the references in the movie but I was not in store for all the adult stuff and naked things. I don't know it's just weird.

I did find some of the scenes in the movie like the end of the Captain Sternn or too say most of the captain Sternn short especially the end.

I only recommend this film too those who can handle this kind of material or who are fans of South Park or fans of the comic which spawned this movie. I never saw the comic and I didn't know there was a comic until before I saw this film.

8 out of 10.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Conquer
Episode 21, Season 3

I can't believe it.
Wow all of the second half of the third season has been building up to this episode. From the aftermath from the The butterfly trap where Star and Moon aren't related to Eclipsa or royalty. Meteora's origins and her slow descent into becoming a monster both physically and mentally, and Moon leaving to the dimension of magic. All these sum up into one great season finale that did one thing that no other show could do, Make me cry. That is the second time this has ever happened to me when it came to me watching something.

From Eclipsa almost killing her daughter, to seeing Eclipsa in tears, having Star give her wand back to Eclipsa, meteor turning into a baby, and Eclipsa reuniting with her monster husband was enough to do it.

I loved this episode one of my all time favourite episodes and I hope season 4 is even better.

I give it 10 out 10.

Fire and Ice

#7 The second of the Ralph Bakshi fantasy Trilogy
Another movie Which Ralph Bakshi said was a kids movie like Wizards, and although this doesn't have the same propaganda effects like in Wizards 3 years earlier. But this film is a lot darker, grittier and more adult then Wizards.

I don't remember a lot about this movie. I did see this movie on Apple tv making it one of the few movies of my Weekly movie mania on Apple tv. I also saw it the same day I saw Thor: Ragnarok and during the last 20 minuets my dad came home. He didn't see it though but he let me finish watching it. I thought the film was decent at least. This film was shot entirely in Rotoscope similar to the last animated fantasy film in the trilogy The lord of the rings animated movie. The animation is very fluid almost looking life like and super realistic but that only goes for the animated characters.

Besides the characters nothing else is rotoscoped, its just the characters in stilted animated backgrounds. Now granted the backgrounds are very well done and very detailed but they could have some more movement besides the characters walking in front of them. I thought the climax was a bit short as well.

Even though I was happy, I was expecting Larn to kill not Darkwolf. But it was still good to Darkwolf kill him I guess.

Too bad this was the last move directed by Ralph Bakshi until 1992 and we all know how that turned out.

7 out of 10.


#6 A steampunk film that is fun but hard to follow
I knew about this movie about more then 2 before I saw it almost 3 years, and I knew it was the most expensive anime film ever made or at least until 2014 when the record was beaten by The tale of princess Kaguya at 52 million dollars. So one day I decided to watch this movie after i got home from school one day on a Thursday. But there was a problem I promised myself I see Princess Mononoke on the same day and I didn't know which one to pick. I decided to watch Princess Mononoke because I thought it would be shorter.

It was 135 minuets.

Well I loved Princess Mononoke, but as for Steamboy not so much. I found Steamboy boring and stopped at the 65 minuet mark cause I just couldn't get into the film. And the film was 120 minuets long. Then in october of 2017 I decided to watch the movie again. And it was ok in my opinion.

For one the advertisement and posters are very misleading despite the main character Ray (Anna Paquin) who surprisingly looks like Tetsuo from Akira. Which is funny because both films are directed by the same person. He wears a flight suit throwout the movie and he rarely uses it until the end of the movie.

This is also one of few non Studio Ghibli I know which has an all star casted english dub. It has Anna Paquin, Alfred Molina, Patrick Stewart, and Kari Whalgren. Thats impressive. This isn't even the first Anime Anna Paquin was in she played Sheeta in the english dub for Castle in the sky one of my favourite anime of all time, and of my favourite animated movies.

So I give this movie 8 out of 10, but I prefer the last 50 minuets then the first 70 minuets.

La planète sauvage

#5 A fantastically strange movie
Having heard about this movie for a long time, I didn't really know what to think about this film. Mostly the trailer was pretty creppy and gave us nothing about the film, but I gave the film a chance and it paid off. Being on 72 minuets long this film does feel much longer then it does actually feeling to me more like 90 minuets then 72. While the plot is a but boring at times I wished it showed us how the humans got on the drags planet. Also there was more talking then I thought there would be in the movie. I thought the film would be mostly silent, but there was a lot more then I thought.

I recommed this movie to a lot of people who like Sci-fi. Also I think this the first animated sci fi film I think.

10 out of 10 stars.


#3 Saw it before the live action one, like it better
Based of the manga comic and 1927 movie of the same name, and when I say the same name I mean it has almost nothing to do with the 1927 film and also besides characters and a few locations has almost nothing to do with the manga.

I saw this film on October 5th 2017, and I saw the live action movie 10 weeks later, and I like this one better then that, mostly because I can understand what the hell is going on in this movie.

From the few images I have seen I can tell director Rintaro and writer Katsohiro Otomo (Director of akira) made a lot of effort to make this just like the comic.

And for that I congratulate them. Also for that song in the end "I can't stop loving you"

That's what makes me what to see this other and other again.

Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro

#2: Spielberg was right.
Ah, Hayou Miyazaki the one and only director of one of my favourite films and for a person who has made so many amazing movies, this is the one that people talk about the least.

Hoshi o ou kodomo

#1: Like if The lord of the rings took place underground
I remember this movie during the summer of 2017, I came across a thump nail of this and had a weird creature with too kids in front of it. I don't think this video is still on youtube. It took me about 3 weeks to finally watch this film and it is one of the best animated fantasy films I've seen. Though too me thats not saying that much as theres not that many animated films that are full blown fantasy.

I saw this film on September 14th.

The film circles around Asuna who goes on an adventure in Agartha the land of the dead, with her mysterious substitute teacher Morisaki who is here to resurrect his dead wife, and a boy named Shun.

I watched the first half of the movie being very enjoyed. It doesn't take long for our characters to get to Agartha. One thing I like are the creature designs in Agartha. One of them the Quetzalcoatl magic creatures that are about to die out. Its a weird abstract creature that carries dead souls to heaven. It was the first thing I ever saw this in this movie as it was on the Youtube thumbnail, I didn't notice Shun and Asuna until later.

Pros: 1. The creature design. 2. Agartha, its like the Lord of the rings if it went to heaven. 3. The design of the Gate of life of death looks great. It looks like an airship in the day and a giant million eye creature that can ressurect the dead. But for a price. It's like the forest spirit. Human faced goat creature at day, and Nightwalker at night. 4. The action is just fun too watch, especially with the chase scene from the Izoku, and Shun fighting those guards near the end. 5. Other stuff I forgot to mention but will mention later.

Cons: 1. Despite what i said above there are some problems some being a bit of the second half of the movie. We got a whole bunch of backstory in this place in about a minuet and it doesn't really amount to anything in the end. This movie became a comic but I don't reed comics or manga. But all that backstory we got we never hear it again at all. 2. Ok this a personal issue with me but to me Asuna looks like she's 10 and she's 15. I'm sorry but that just really bothers me a lot.

Conclusion: I like this movie but I felt like this film had more potential with its backstory. But besides this, this is a solid fantasy film but I would really bring little kids too see this movie mostly do too the Izoku. But this film is a solid accomplishment from the films director. Especially from the one who directed Your Name the most successful anime film ever at the box office.

7.5 out of 10.


#4: this was his first kids movie.
I first found out about Ralph Bakshi when I found out about the animated Lord of the rings film the second film in the Ralph Bakshi fantasy trilogy. But Wizards was the first of the trilogy I saw. I remember seeing the trailer on Youtube I came in thinking that this film would be like Harry Potter but animated. Boy was I so wrong. There are three things in this film I never thought to see in this film that surprised me.

1. Swearing 2. Gore 3. And Nazi propaganda

The animation though not being as special today still looks good for back then. I don't really have that much else to say about this movie but I do say. This film is the best of the Ralph Bakshi fantasy trilogy, and I recommend it too everybody to any one who likes Ralph Bakshi's films. Well just don't show it too anybody young, yay the film is rated suprisonly and literally PG but just don't.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

You had one job Rian!
I hated the 7th one it was terrible and the only reason it did so good was because of the massive hype behind it. I hated Rogue one cause it was just, you know just horrible, besides Darth Vader and Cgi Princess Leia which I actually like better then the other Cgi character they show. But what have you done Rian, what have you done.

For one since I hated the last two Star Wars movies I wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie that much I although I was at the edge of my seat threw-out the movie but after I got out of the theatre and on my way home, I was like. WHY! in the back of my head. Now I did laugh but I did not enjoy this movie but I didn't hate it as much as the last two movies.

Pros: 1. The special effects were good.

That is all

Cons: 1. Luke was just weird he wasn't that interesting and was just weird, there are some times were he just sounds like the joker which is ironic because Mark Hamill player the joker in the animated Batman shows. 2. That scene were Princess Leia uses the force to bring her back to the ship was just stupid and made me roll my eyes. 3. Reys parents getting reveal was just, well what was I too expect Rey was on Jakku. You had one job Rian! 4. Right when I was about to like Ren, he just becomes that dum coward like kid at the end of the movie. I now hate him even more. 5. No "I've got a bad feeling about it" without it this is no Star wars film, you had one job Rian! 6. Hux was now some what of a comic relief character. You had one job Rian! 7. Captain Plasma was just as pointless as she was in star wars 7. Hell right when she was about to die in the end of the movie i said "now go back to being useless". And she probably has less screen time as she does in Star wars 7, but how do I now I only saw star wars 7 twice and that was two years ago. 8. And my biggest complaint. They kill of Snoke. Snoke a character that was hyped up big ever since he first appeared out of nowhere with no build up in star wars 7 gets killed of in star wars 8. He was so cool and powerful I liked what they did with him at first, there was so much to do with him in Star wars 8 and then. He dies by the force of the biggest wuss in the universe. After he dies I was like thats it he's dead. I just kept on saying it other and other again threw out the movie. There was so much they could've done with him and then Rian Johnson came along and said "this character was too interesting lets kill him off without a second beat." Thank you Rian you suck now, good luck directing the sequel trilogy.

In the end I have one thing to say "You had one job Rian"

This film sucks, and it's all thanks to you.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I came in too see a funny movie, not a sad movie.
I remember seeing the first trailer which came out in March of 2014 and I was very impressed but kind of confused, probably because I didn't know that this was a Marvel movie, but I did laugh. I was super excited to see the movie when I came out in late July 2014 and when I finally saw the movie I was highly disappointed, because the movie was too depressing.

I never laughed but everyone else did, my whole family was laughing and were talking about it like crazily and I was in the back of the car all quite because I never found it funny. I hated it the stuff with the mom was just weird and came out of nowhere. And other stuff just annoyed me and just bothered me.

Honestly I hated it and that's why I liked the sequel so much compared to this one cause Guardians of the Galaxy 2 actually made me laugh. A lot!.

5 out of 10.

Next time for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 make me laugh more.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The only film of the franchise I consider to be bad
Yes you heard me the only transformers film I consider to be bad. I may be new to this whole review thing but I when a movie is bad it's bad. And you know what I enjoyed the movie when I first saw it and I defended it from my family, who said they hated it. I didn't read any of the reviews I didn't read any angry comments, one day I looked at the poster and said. "This is a bad movie". And I never thought I say this too a transformers movie.

1. Transformers: Good 2. Transformers 2: Good 3. Transformers 3: Good 4. Transformers 4: Good 5. Transformers 5: Bad 6. Transformers the movie: Amazing

Now remember i don't find this film terrible there are a few good things to it, so too me it's just bad. But what did they do with the trailers and the plot holes. Oh there are so many plot holes in this movie it's not even funny.

Plot hole: 1. One of the best parts of the first movie was the autobots coming to earth. But in this movie it shows they have been on earth before. Countless times! 2. What happened with Galvatron why does Megatron have a new design, I know it's probably because he teamed up with Quintessa but they still never fully explain it.

Also the fight between Optimus Prime in the trailers was teased up so much and it's only 2 minuets. You take basically all the scenes of the fight from the trailers put them together and it's the with we see in the movie just with a different background of frame of time. They showed too much in the trailer. One thing that also pissed me off the know end was the lack of Nemesis Prime. He was built up high in marketing and trailers and was the first thing we ever saw from anything from this trailers. He only appears in just like 6 minuets.

The human characters sucked, besides Yeager they serve no purpose to the plot at all. And don't even get me started with Isabella and Squeaks because I wanted both of them to die throwout the course of this movie.

Onslaught a character teased up big threw production and development only appears in one tv spot and then he gets killed in that same tv spot and only has like one minuet of scream time. So that means the the production was lying to us as well.

Theres plenty of things in this movie I can hate but I'm keeping it short so here.

4 out of 10

This was a bad movie indeed.

Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta

One of the best animated film I've ever seen
This is one of the best animated film i've ever seen, 10 out of 10 in my book, and my favorite studio Ghibli film of all time. The film is well paced, action is good, the floating city was not a let down like I thought it would, it was amazing and they did spend a lot of time on the city unlike what I thought. Also the characters were well developed and funny.

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