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Yellowjackets: The Dollhouse
Episode 3, Season 1

[6.5] The constant switching between past and present doesn't do good
Episode 3: More development and the usual flashbacks. Starting to drag and slide to the negative and "uninteresting" plate of the balance. IMO, adding fabrics of "supernatural/mystical" stuff to the storylines and plots is a mistake.

An accident happened to a group of humans with most things being clear. Please, keep it that way or else, we'd have the feeling that some/most of us have in sensing dragging and milking. Also, step up the drama factor in the present time for the group of stranded people.

The constant switching between past and present does not do good and only serves to fill up the runtime of the episodes without actual thrill, suspense and real drama.

Yellowjackets: F Sharp
Episode 2, Season 1

[7.6] 19 months...
Episode 2: A much better episode with lots of good acting, smoother development, flashbacks and some unrealistic actions near the end that shows an introvert psychotic character and cowardly scared behavior; The move is there for the sake of explanatory drama instead of real technical feasibility.

The box has already been there, in that place, for a few hours and the position and coordinates would have been known already. The resulted, however, explains (in the series) the 19 months period.

Yellowjackets: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

[6.8] The first impression is weak
Pilot: An above-average episode with lots of development, flashbacks, all those needed, but lacking real thrill and suspense. They did what they needed to do to be diabolically competitive and to survive in that harsh wilderness!

Still, the first impression is one weak impression.

Titans: Blackfire
Episode 4, Season 3

[5.6] they don't want us to connect
Episode 4: Lots of talking, ounces of development and some uninteresting actions. The season and the episode suffer from dismal screenplay and because of that, everything is uninteresting and generally weak.

They don't want us to connect with them...

Titans: Hank & Dove
Episode 3, Season 3

Not his time
Episode 3: A sad, senseless episode, not flowing in the right way. What happened should not have happened. Jason has to be eliminated quickly, better by Superboy.

What If...?

[7.1] Too much Disney fabric in it
An animated series consisting of 9 nicely packed MCU "parallel" episodes, with two of them exceptional, episodes 4 and 8. That's a show for fans of the comics, easy on the eyes, fast-paced, some enthralling, some cringe-worthy, but overall satisfying.

What If is not dazzling like Invincible and it is my feeling that they could have been more successful if they had made the animations way more sophisticated. Nevertheless, the storylines are mostly well-made, with ups and downs, and the "choreography" of the action scenes very well done. It just lacks in the logical section of events and as such is not super memorable. It has too much Disney fabric in it.

I'm afraid that season 2 won't change anything and would be more or less the same.

What If...?: What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?
Episode 9, Season 1

Cosmically impossible
Episode 9: A nice, semi-entertaining, artificial episode, only made to "enthrall" and entertain us. Ultron wouldn't have been defeated at all, like that, by a bunch of "heroes", even backed by the mighty Dr. Strange. Ultron would have crushed them in the blink of an eye, simultaneously and effortlessly.

But then, it was made to close season 1's chapter and open season 2's new one, soon to be made with more entertaining, delightful, childish "lies" ahead.

Thor - Just, grow up!

What If...?: What If... Ultron Won?
Episode 8, Season 1

[9.4] The grandiose end for...
The best episode after the fourth one. Everything is cosmic, to the point and epic. It has its own logical flaws, but those don't count at all in view of the epicness of the tremendous storyline and battles.

Ultron is a mighty and worthy villain and as such deserves a worthy, grandiose end!

What If...?: What If... Thor Were an Only Child?
Episode 7, Season 1

For the super happy 8-10 y.o age group
Episode 7: A circus of an episode, full of kindergarten plots and events, making a joke of Captain Marvel, belittling Thor and dragging for 30 minutes with some mildly interesting messages and inter-celestial dating! It is tasteless, baseless and does belong to Disney's 8-10 y.o age group.

What If...?: What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?
Episode 6, Season 1

Does not belong to the What If series
Episode 6: A weak episode, full of ruse, deception, mostly uninteresting storyline, average flow and horrible ending. It is tasteless, baseless and does not belong to the What If series.

What If...?: What If... Zombies?!
Episode 5, Season 1

[7.7] Badly needing part 2
Episode 5: A very good animated episode with conflicting logic, some unneeded casualties, a Hulk who's not in control anymore (3/4 in) and a few bunch of heroes who are "depasse" by the events.

Very good development up until the void ending, badly needing a part two.

What If...?: What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?
Episode 4, Season 1

[9.4] The quintessential essence of everything
Yes, the best episode yet with priceless lessons to learn in life. Near flawless storyline, enthralling flow and astounding animation.

It is strange that they managed such a successful animation while real movies fail to grasp, show and deliver The quintessential essence of everything.

What If...?: What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
Episode 3, Season 1

Now, we could be allies! - Deception...
Episode 3: A very interesting, yet sad episode with good development, action and thrill, up to the "reveal" which sort of diluted the previous events. Should everything be about vengeance?!

Now, we could be allies! - Deception, deception, deception... Loki was mischievous bright as always.

What If...?: What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?
Episode 2, Season 1

[6.7] Mildly entertaining
A mostly uninteresting episode with a freezing storyline, weak logic and some ounces of development. As a standalone episode, it doesn't impress at all and no thrill is felt whatsoever.

The rating goes to the animation and voice-overs. RIP Chadwick Boseman. You personified T'Challa and the Black Panther so well.

El desorden que dejas

[6.6] "The mess you leave behind" - Superb title describing the series
An average series with good acting, average artificial drama-mystery flow, very good for practicing Spanish and roller-coaster ratings as far as the episodes are concerned. The parallel flashbacks and present events were also developed and presented in a messy way.

It lacks solid screenplay, twists and turn of events, logic and ending. Give that script to Swedish/Danish Noir masters and they would create a series that would keep you glued to the screen while biting your nails.

Arón Piper as Iago and Bárbara Lennie as Viruca stand out above the rest in this one. Liked their charisma and acting.

El desorden que dejas: El desorden que dejas
Episode 8, Season 1

[6.7] Mercedes have airbags, even that model!
Episode 8: All wrapped up in a not so decent manner with some plot holes, horrible acting by the new lady teacher, horrible behavior in general and specifically with her husband.

Nothing made sense, almost, and that was because of the poor writing, otherwise the acting was pretty decent as a whole. I liked the three main students and Viruca who suffered a terrible fate, wandering the streets too much!

El desorden que dejas: La tercera víctima
Episode 7, Season 1

All are victims in one way or another
Episode 7: A slightly better episode with some more development and fillers as usual. More are revealed and the twists are not very original. The new female "professor" behaves in such manners that are completely not credible.

Nothing "epoustouflant" and the whole season's episodes could have been wrapped up in 5 episodes.

El desorden que dejas: Lo que no quise ver en ti
Episode 6, Season 1

The alleged "talent"
Episode 6: A much better episode with some more development and fillers as usual. Nothing "epoustouflant" and the whole season's episodes could have been half of that.

Also, and an important also, what Nanook had done to the writers?! A nice, gentle, beautiful dog. Do they think that his fate would make us thrill and respect their alleged "talent" more?! Poor writing.

What If...?: What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?
Episode 1, Season 1

Too short, rushed and fuzzy
A nice, normal, entertaining animation! Which could have been better for the entire series, had it had the sleek "Invincible" animation and super thrilling vibe IMO.

The storyline is quite interesting and I have no problem with Peggy Carter becoming and being Captain America. Just that the 30min episode felt short, rushed and sort of fuzzy.

The highlight are the voices, done and "performed" quite well by the actors. I liked that very much.

El desorden que dejas: El lugar secreto
Episode 5, Season 1

Who's clean and white?
Episode 5: A much better episode with more genuine thrill, sensation and feeling than previous ones. Everybody seems to harbor a secret and nobody's clean and white!

El desorden que dejas: Caída en picado
Episode 4, Season 1

[5.6] Too incongruous
Episode 4: Nothing really happening. Just dragging with lots of developing fillers, mostly uninteresting. Should have finished in 5 episodes maximum. The parallel flashbacks and present events are already tiring. Too incongruous of storylines and plots.

El desorden que dejas: Cuenta hasta tres
Episode 3, Season 1

[6.2] Who believes that?
Episode 3: Developing with more not so credible twists and turns. The parallel flashbacks are a little untidy to say the least. Also, the new teacher's behaviors are so unprofessional. She's a living mess. That ending..Seriously?! Who believes that?

El desorden que dejas: Lo saben
Episode 2, Season 1

[6.8] Laver ses linges sales en classe
Episode 2: Nice flashbacks and development. Some artificial acting, but overall solid. Always believable acting by the previous teacher. The new one though is a mess and harbors many secrets of her own.

No Time to Die

[7.9] Daniel Craig did his best
The latest installment of James Bond, with quite spectacular gadgets, filming, cinematography and to some extent marvelous acting, but lacking the soul of 007, being nice to watch, flowing and entertaining well above average.

It's like a dysfunctional family, surrounding you with lightning, not letting you getting bored, at the same time driving you crazy on many occasions.

Had it had more depth, logic, a solid ending and way more screen time from Ana de Armas instead of the sleepy Léa Seydoux, it would have easily reached a commendable 9.

  • Screenplay/story: 7.5
  • Development: 9
  • Realism: 8.5
  • Entertainment: 8.5
  • Acting: 8.5
  • Filming/cinematography: 9.5
  • Visual/special effects: 9
  • Music/score: 8.5
  • Depth: 6
  • Logic: 4
  • Flow: 8.5
  • Action/adventure/thrill: 8
  • Ending/closure: 7.


[8.5] She was the glue...
That's more than a semi-serious movie with a great first half and a somewhat ruined second one laced with an incorrigible ending!

The acting is superb, the storyline gripping, the flow enthralling and the events leading to the ending leaving to be desired with (an) unpractical and not so believable atmosphere, surrounding and happenings.

As soon as Milly Shapiro's character "vanished", it went downhill pretty fast IMO. She was the weird glue holding everything together. Her character's head crawling with ants was one of the best "thing" that I've ever seen in "horror" movies.

Worth the watch. Sure as hell.

  • Screenplay/story: 8
  • Development: 9
  • Realism: 9
  • Entertainment: 9
  • Acting: 9
  • Filming/cinematography: 9
  • Visual/special effects: 9
  • Music/score: 9
  • Depth: 8.5
  • Logic: 7
  • Flow: 9
  • Horror/mystery: 8
  • Ending/closure: 7.

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