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Someone's the idiot here?
Try to figure out if the main character is the idiot, the writers or you and I for watching this. At some point something must be logical in a movie??

Into the Woods

1 star for amazing cast only!
Hard to believe this many A rated stars (and agents?) hoped to pull this painful repetition of monotone musical drivel wound between your favourite childhood fairytales. A simplified opinion of what's wrong here is; the stories are old and not original even when trying to combine all of them, and the musical "score" is a major drawback to this project that is completely brutal to watch, or hear!


A Great Story Of Perseverance and Grit!
Riveting true story of the only successful revolt of a Nazi extermination camp. This film shows the pure evil of the Nazi's, the struggles of various prisoners to either find balance or reconcile their faith with what must be done for the survival of themselves or their loved ones. This stuff still happens today with different clowns in the role of evil idiot!


This will annoy
He is a an Unhinged psycho and the only character doing what would be expected. Every other person in this is a complete idiot, writers included just for being too lazy to plot a somewhat believable response to each situation. Total nonsense. Good for wasting time only.

The Rook

Just tried watching for a 2nd time
I had actually forgotten that I started watching this. Gave it a try. Other than the pace and story moving so slowly with a monotone exuberance that reminds me of Ben Stein delivering a sermon, I came to realize perhaps, the real reasons for forgetting that I watched any portion of this and not continuing with watching it. It seems the clever and clandestine nature of the story is designed to keep all characters and audience from understanding what this story is about or supply anyone with a reason to care. Otherwise, the acting is good.


Dumb = Suspense?
A naturally suspenseful and terrifying topic. Well acted with Halle Berry (obviously can't go wrong here), however there were many, many situations packed full of dumb which were used to create suspense but really, seems like unimaginative writing. It was tough going through these parts.


Acting isn't horrible.
Slow, slow, slow. B movies are always acceptable and I think we sometimes just need to see something along this line. We don't need a ton of mundane banter, watching repetition of nights out drinking, eating and gabbing. No movement of the story or is it a Directors perception of being clever in filming techniques and the reveal? Slow.

The Wilds

Soooooo slooooowww!
If the background music doesn't drag you down the idiotic pace of this nonsense will drive you away or asleep in the first 30 minutes. Good luck if you're deciding to stick this one out.

I Am Still Here

I wish some effort was put into this!
Such an important topic to try and spread the message about and yet, no effort, budget, direction was given to this piece. Sad.

The Brink

I lasted 1hr an 48 mins
I really tried. This is HORRIBLE! I saw some glimmer of hope, occasionally but then it seems that the writers must have had a shift change and the next guy had a totally different concept and then they hired a new writer and, well you get the idea, unless I'm making as little sense as the plot plot line of this movie!

The Outpost

Must Watch
All Are Heroes in this very intense must see film. Thank You For Your Service.

Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds

I love documentaries
But this was very dry and monotone throughout. Not very captivating or perhaps just too long for the material they cover.

The Quiet

Is there actually a point to be made here???
I really tried but had to bail on this poorly scripted thing with 35min remaining. Extremely slow and seemingly pointless although circling around a horrible topic without any direction or indication of resolve to root or hope for. Very weird and essentially a terrible topic and terrible film about the topic in my opinion. Perhaps it totally redeems itself in the last 35mins??

Field of Lost Shoes

Horrible Acting poorly told story.
If waiting for a message in this one, you'll have to sit through a ton of drivel to the point everyone involved seems narcissistic and whiny. Stiff actors and zero flow or emotion in a story that should be full of emotional values!?


Continuous yelling!?
Why???? This looks like there could be a story in here, although not a startup business with any insight of pitfalls that await when trying to get a business going. This diverts quickly into gang and crime territory and becomes a distorted Breaking Bad series except nobody keeps their cool and a typo causes panicked meltdowns and screaming on a consistent basis. I made it to the mid point of episode 5 and decided I could no longer wait for this to evolve into something.


Fun time waster.
A different look into the life of a superhero. Good performances and bunch of fun. It'll probably make you smile!


Worth the ride!
Smart and well performed. These two things are not often found in a movie lately. When this type of filming is done properly, such as this one, it leaves you with a sense of amazement looking back to see the amount of creativity that was sculpted with so little material. Well done!


Surprisingly good!
I didn't expect much but got a good movie here. This was a decent enough story and the film style takes me back to a 70's vibe. Although this doesn't carry the same shock and awe of Taxi Driver, due to desensitizing by movies over the decades, it does deliver a similar view of watching a character develop into something indecent.

All Day and a Night

Possible story but it's a secret??
Looked like good cinematography, acting appeared fine. Sound mix is absolutely horrible. If there is a story be prepared to get much less than have if it delivered to you. Low whispers, music pumped in places. Looks like whatever this is trying to expose will remain hidden until the sound techs bring the important messages to the front!

Enter Nowhere

A Good Original Story
I'm sure your able to read the overall premise of 3 strangers showing up at a cabin in the woods. Now for the fun part, figure this one out prior to the reveal. The clues come slowly and you'll eventually only have a minute to blurt out your discovery before it gets handed to you. But if you prefer, just sit back and enjoy.

There's Something About Mary

This is the bar!!
I rarely rate a movie 10 stars. But this one hits all areas of comedy, from clever to slapstick. A bit dated but not outdone.

The Danger of Positive Thinking

Needs ACTORS!!!
I'm not sure about the story for this piece of trash because my wife and I could only stomach the first 15mins of this high school play being filmed. I won't tell you not to watch this because everyone should have an equal opportunity to experience this level of boredom in a movie!

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Just a plain good movie
Finally a well done movie. Although I feel remnants of some other stories from my childhood I do believe this to be an original and extremely worthwhile movie. It'll be remembered as a great buddy film, for years to come.


Had a chance
Not bad acting but the story didn't mesh at all. I preferred "Backcountry" as a similar movie featuring a murderous bear instead of the stalker that strolls through this slow moving "horror"?

I Spit on Your Grave 2

Continuous 2hr shrill screaming?
Would rate it a 5 but her screaming is the most annoying sound ever recorded. Her yelling is no better either. Total distraction from the movie itself!

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