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An underrated Akshay Kumar movie.
This film is one of the most underrated Akshay Kumar films of all time and .Preity Zinta's acting is top notch and its just her 2nd film after Dil Se. As a young CBI officer she is brave,confident and has her own drawbacks like her fear of darkness .Akshay Kumar who was not a superstar at that time chose to play a role contrary to his action star image and it was the first time we got to see the actor in him so kudos to director Tanuja for bringing .You can see the intensity in his eyes when he speaks the dialogues.About Ashutosh Rana,he is the heart of the movie and you have to see the film to believe it.He will haunt you for a long time.Yes it has been copied from the Silence of the Lambs but still has a different story line .If you can bear a light dose of blood and gore then you will surely enjoy this thriller.The songs are melodious and come at the right time but the Easter party song with the leads dancing seems forced and could have been avoided. Overall, a decent psychological thriller .

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