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fun and actually action filled...
French animation movie , with a plot based in a village in the dark ages, with themes and incisions of inspiration from loads of other feature animations, even though living its own brilliant life and story, with some generic caracters that the squemish adult will call childish and childrens tv like, but nope, this has some exquisit animation and such a sharp edited product that you shouldnt let this pass at any means...

a good laugh, top notch animation and a big recommend from the grumpy old man and missus, for everyone above age 4.


sweet and sad...
And belongs in the tenner bin in the grumpy old mans shop of imaginarie animation feature movies, at times i took of like a roaring concord of laughter, in others just blissed like a child due to the colours... so i will be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky to announce my recommendations to everyone, this is being kid in the candy store yet again visually...

Secret Headquarters

For the geeks and digital nerds that grew up on and with spy kids etc. A top of the pops collection of producers and directors, making this hypertechnical flareshot for every gamer in the world. Decent enough effects in general but the human factor is to flat and plotted on hypospeed.

But you cant have it all at once therefore a max of 7 stars from the grumpy old man.


excellent underwater shoots...
That will remind you that the hvratskanian archipelagos is one of the most prescious and beautiful places on earth, warm water clear seas, and finally a film with an actor that really knows how to swim (im a swimfan you know), good looking she is too to say the least, a film about a small family that is on the brink of devastation, a dominant and commanding kinda psychopath, seaworthy but landfast captain of the sea, a fragile daughter whos adolescence and urge to break free is imminent, and where the mother stands helpless inbetween them both. When a long lost friend visits everything turns cataclysmic..-.

Its an european art movie that will be praised by most critics, even by the grumpy old man, who dove a lot in this area when a young boy, still feeling the itching spikes of the black sea urchins of paradise. A film to watch for natural beauty, both human and scenic, great filmography and a sore and at times agonizing and asphyxiating on the issues of family relations.

The Dead Girl in Apartment 03

get you nightgoogles on cause its awfully dark...
A film That you will forget as fast as youve read this review. Theyve made a basic horror movie, with a small cast, the same names showing up multipel times on the cast and crew list, and bear all signs of wannabe filmaking. But its hard without the financial foundation, and the story is mainstream satanic, and is narrated through a police interview 9 hours after the horrific happenings occured.

The cast delivers ok, and the playtime is perfect, its just the plot and story that doesnt hit a homerun by the grumpy old man. Its obviously an oblivious obelisque on the silverscreen heaven.

Rogue Agent

And good british production, miss a few inches here and there for a top mark, but compared to mainstream english featurefilm production in the latter years its good, recommend from the grumpy old man.


weird european filmaking...
That tells me that one have to be a bit psychedelic and its a plus to have a brain like a mashed potato when conceiving the idea to this rather dubious and introvert carachtertableau, a film with loads of dark , loads of drivelling teeth and all the caracteristics of deep psychological drama.

The story can be elaborated in multipel ways, therefore loads of metaphorical filmreviewers can devour and will produce their own visionaries, the grumpy old man aint that kind, i may praise the filmography and the episcopal way of acting, its like a druid circus at moments of repetitiveness and claustrophobia. As an art film its a recommend, but it aint a film for the masses.

The Most Dangerous Game

the most horrible...
View at this first whole weekend of august 2022. A tv theatrical horrorthriller where marooned sailers are completely dry drifting onshore, where the story is silly and out of date and acting is weak, the production so amateurish, looking for the soundboomshadow at all interior shots, the 2 stars is given to bruce derns almost jumping out of his mouth teeth monolouges, and that the forest scenes are at a real location somewhere wet and cold, i guess oregon.

No this was an anticlimax, a postwar story gone ad undas, not even mr berringer can save this one. The grumpy old man does not recommend.


directors insanity...? or just learning to fly...?..
Well if you cant stand the sight of blood, then forget carter. Have got used to violence and gore in my grumpy old age, and i can enjoy viewing the cataclysmic bestiallic way of killing and dismantelment of the human configuration as long as it is superbly filmed, acted and effectuated, and sequence in the mosh pit of mineral enriched bathingwater and steamin hot sauna environment as in this film leaves me just freaking lost for words.

The plot starts mad, and it gets mader until madoff took the money and ran of to dmz to become a sozialist. Action impossible at moments, the speed is so high as a rave party on atmospheric ecstasy(by nebulisator), that the fall after this one will be like getting kaliumisosorbat in your veins.

So if you like blood and gore welcome to south korean netflix haven, if you do not you wont regret your choice.cause warningshots blasted of in you tuba auditiva may make the whining angels sing, just like my tinitus. A shocker flick it is, and very recommendable.


remember predator from 1987?...
Well if you liked that you will enjoy prey, outta 100 % its 99% perfect on the vfx/cgi, that is a high score, its bloody and its harsh, and it turns of the main stream making it an indian/first nation monster fairytail, just a petty that they didnt costume the actors the native language all the way through, they actually speak perfect english, and it happens in the 1760*s.

But apart from that its a gory ,well acted and produced horrorthriller, and the cut out scenery from the upper plains of america is just breathtaking. See it like susee and the grumpy old man did.

Thirteen Lives

except from ...
The dramatic use of drama around the emotional outbursts among the thai attendants, which there has to be to make a heartfelt movie, this is top notch filmaking.

When buddy boys from around the world comes in , sturdy with broand a beardstubby faces to play in the pond, rescuing 13 strained kids in a underground cave system flooded by the monsoon in thailand, then there must be action. Not with guns and powder, rather ventilators and scuba gear, and as a last resort ketamin in syringes, trying to medevac the squad of footballers.

As the grumpy old man i am, i am pretty squemish and analytical when vieving films like this. I guess everybody knows the outcome of this incident, and may think its boooring, ha-ha, youre so darn wrong...anoxi and asphychsiation are just some of a well of physical symptoms youll have to go through viewing this well acted and ever so well set and produced feature natural disaster movie called ''13 lives''.

It wouldve been a slasher if just made outta fiction, but as the boys outta compton this is a real story come to life, with extreme underwater shoots and a marvel of ingeniousness to make this film feel reel, so do the tapdance to your nearest theater, or cave cause this is one of the blockbusters of the year...just start running if the water starts seeping through the ceiling. Bravissimo.

The Hillside Strangler

maybe a bit too repetitive...
But as a true crime documentary its solid work on the archive news material etc, you really take a trip to the past and beyond, but as mr bianchi said himself ''i dont know if i lied or not'', that is really what confuses most when binging 3.30 hrs of tv snack.

I shall not conclude anything than say ... the hillside stranglings took the day after bianchi was arrested...

a pinpointed documentary about kingpins of strangulations, grumpy old man recommends a look.

What Josiah Saw

dark, familiar genetics...
Psychological, socalled horror wuzz, the musical score tells the story better than the director, and the lightmaster has forgotten all about lightsettings learnt at the filmacademy. Its a grey and dark and rather twisted fable about madness and greed, in a sort of anthology storytelling, but was i ever horrored? Not so much by the acts, more from the enervating mind screwing whistling musical score. So when the light is low, its hard for the headphotographer to maintain a high quality of shooting pictures, the stock used in daylight is a delight the rest succumbs in the mist of how will i knowness.

A film that i will dedicate to the headwrestling critics and the guild of psychiatrist and other headdoctors, for the grumpy old man it was too slow too long and am still mystified by the story.

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99

this couldve easily filled 12 episodes...
And i wouldve binged it strait, even though im a grumpy old man, cause ive always loved going on gigs, feeling the jolts, push and vibrations of the live music in my body(guns n' roses and imagine dragon are my latest in stavanger and koengen,bergen), and i feel lucky and kinda sainted that the security plans are working out, and that nightmares like shown in this documentary of the cataclysmic end of the woodstock festival 1999 have flown into my mind as worst case scenarios(me and spouce always have a security brief when on 40-60000 gigs, being most scared of fires and shooting), and i really hope that this incident unfolding 23 years ago stands as a pilar in the security campus curricullum.

So now having shared the moments with the 0,01 percentile of young and some crazy delinquents of the american population who actually where there, i feel just exhausted and numb and think that any other production of its kind will be a huge anticlimax...yes...so good is this production, so if you feel trainwrecked or not ,this is a must see documentary, its just massive!!!!! And to the creators of this mayhem production, make more of its kind there are loads of incidents to grab from.

Purple Hearts

a slow...
Just above average acted , buttersweetened romantic drama, that treats the typical problems of living among the poor and the lower middelclass americans, healt needs insurance, illegal imigrants with no grants, drug and betting addiction versus the cartells, join the marines as a last checkout, and marry a marine to get benefits to survive. Really a setup for a good drama, but nevertheless its a modest miss, at least to keep a grumpy old man invigorated.

Mostly because the story jumps a lot, it last 30 minutes too long, long mediocre singing sessions,a story that reveals itself from the start, its a rama drama for the idol/america sing crowd, plus my grumpy old wife that got me nevertheless. A weenie small recommend.

Light & Magic

how to go from genious to ingenious...
A morfing process that the grumpy old man hardly ever have gone through due to i'm still an afraid 16 years old in my head and mind, but still i think that it is the headset that you really need, ENJOY THE GAME, ENJOY THE PLAY, seems to be the walk of life.

Its a super contracted 5 hour plus documentary about the special effect business based in california, called industrial light and magic(ILM) founded by geaorge lucas and friends developing into THE art director in analouge stop motion and digital special effects motion picture making, aka vfx and cgi, from its weenie start in the 1970's and starwars, till today that have resulted in many 100's spectacular blockbusters that wouldve probably gone the turkey lane without its special effects content.

If youre a nerd viewing movies and even still plucking around doing primitive stuff in your own home studio, take a break and view this self acclamative lucas film production, you will not learn the magic of the guild, but it will stand as an inspiration to us all whether you like it or not. The world has definately changed since i was a kid, still being analouge striving through a digital living of today.

Sins of the Father: The Green River Killer

Storytelling about one of the most indespicable serial killer of our generation, if not say history. Its a well known ''fairytail'' for seasoned true crime tv enthusiasts, but this tubi production really adds some more aspects to the riddle of gary ridgeway, ''the green river killer''.

To newbies to this story there are loads of material about this man on the net, in books and in motion pictures, but this edition of his crimelife gives you a comphrehensive start. Just have in mind that this is true crimes that have really happened.

Everytime i, the grumpy old man, hear about the green river killer, my stomac turns upside down and a big lump of angst fills my chest, and i live 12000 km from the crimespots, therefore save a little prayer to the victims and their families, actually they are the main cast in every documentary made on the case.. may they all rest in peace.

Paradise Highway

not the most...
Thrilling thriller ive seen, much due to a slow plot drive, an editor still climbing the learning curve, and direction that are not steelframed outta competance. Its a small cast feature length truckin movie based mainly midwest USA, and the camerascoop gives you quite a few lovely shoots of the ever so flat but beautiful scenery out there.

Acting is very average, mostly due to a modest script, the child actor has talent, grillo , binnoche and freeman doesnt stand out tall, more interesting was the hauling tractors, unbelievable spacy rest/sleeping cabins in them american rigs.

As mentioned its meant to be a human trafficking thriller, with law enforcement and hudlums trailing the runaway truck. And thats mostly it, more like a drama, with neo german vibes on the film production, its not an outstanding film, but its a small recommend from the grumpy old man,if you like the restless life behind the wheel hauling goods from a to z.

Honor Society

its a verbal...
Tsunami of high school chatter, a film narrated in 1st person period, the anchor role tells and plays the role of honor supposedly the brightest girl at school. Being set up by her principal telling her that she is one outta 4 brightest at the school makes her panic and press every button there are to make the others fail at the midterms. The prizecarrot on the string is a schollarship at harvard.

Well its a comedy of 2022, verbal, digital and social media driven, the story seems to never eject , even though the sexual hints flourish like a swollen orchiid. The main actress does a decent job, as well as the main cast, but the moment of no return or jump of at the turn aint there.i really miss the slapstick and medeval pranks that made a comedy a good comedy in the past. The story spins endlessly into nothing

so a few giggles, and a couple of smiles with a small recommend comes from the grumpy old man.

Not Okay

yet another...
Flick on how to become fameous and retrieve as much ''likes'' from the world as you can, just for the benefit of a narssissmic boost.zoey deutch have many fingers driving this production both as crew and cast. Its about using tragedy and easy digital fixex to get that position at work and gain populkarity in your virtual world, a lie that will diminish you into nothing when revealed.

Its a film that fills your pools of embarasment, how to come out clean will be pretty difficult. Having been done since the cradling of silverscreen magic, its too generic to be thrilling and slow on the plotline, even though learning that catastrophies ad extreme events isnt there to hassle around with, not in the age of our brave new world of 1984, where every move you make can be tracked by the press of a button.

Its a film that will fly into oblivion pretty fast for the grumpy old man even though the terror issues and general viggilance of your surroundings may keep you sound and healthy. Its a film thats hard to laugh of after all.

One Moment

light sense...
Of humour over good old susbenders dementialated construtions, a role that mr aiello take to the limit. Surprised how old he's become he is doing an awesome kick her,with a cast that consists of many tvseriestars, and they do not crap around like houndogers, and play their parts very well. Its just that the story is so unoriginal and worn out over the years, and the budget lowers the production quality so just dont blame the actors cause they do well.

A smile here and a giggle there made the grumpy old man watch till the end, its nice but not a blockbuster.

The Modern Way

not so modern made...
And the cast aint the most smashy news either, so unless youve been either of the kind of hudlums and villains portraied in this just wihin feature length british drama , you can easily make a pass.

Even though i had an issue with punks in edinbourgh in the late 70's shoving a finger to some walking by the bus i sat on, never even imagining it would stop at the next corner, i had my heart hurdling up my jaws, but faithfully nough the bus drove before the lot caught the bus, never ever after have i shown my fingers to anybody from public transportation.

This is fairly spoken just another semi newie production stuff, the stakes are higher than the means, and its far to much chatter and less action than expected.but it highlights the abuse and powerty issues of great britain in the past very well, so a 4 and a farewell comes from the grumpy old man.

The Great Postal Heist

not a technically advanced...
Documentary production, but its message in it weighs far more stars from me than anything else.its a film about USPS being dismantled as every other federal and governmental organ in the usa, and the sore stories of victimized USPS employees tells their stories of wrongful treatment, being sakced for treading a yard too long or breathing a bit to calm on their carrier route.

I might sound like an old sosialist, but some institutions of democracy must be there for a nation to work, even in the digitalized era were living in, they bind us together anywhere and anyhow and USPS is one of them, and that is the main message of this feature lenght USPS biographical called'' the great postal heist''.

The same heist also happened here in norway in the 1990's, done by the conservatives, so all the offices are gone and are now filled with crappy food stuff oand nothing more , its post in boutique, usually a food mall, but they shift so often that its a detective job to find the right one. The postbank of norway where i got my first housing loan from has also been dissolved, and getting mail delivered in the mail box 4 times a week is maximum at most. Its not that i miss it so much but im old and grumpy and had my deposit stamp book with the most glorious coloured stamps when put aside a 5 crowner(they where blue), that book really oozed fear and respect. So if you have a good relation to your mail carrier do for heaven sake watch this memorabilia over sore feet and worn out swampsmelling black suede shoes, and hope and pray that USPS care for their lot a few more years.

Live Is Life

boyhood in 1985's...
Spanish province of galicia, ''the land of 1000 rivers'', butragueno , the cape of finisterre, and the rolling meadows of wooded and fruitful backcountry, a flock of 5 boys enters a trip to a holy mountain to collect flowerbeads from a magic plant to heal ill struck friends and family members.

A charming bud of midsummer,a charming story that at moments are so emotional that youll be involved nevertheless. Adolescence and limited knowledge of how the world spins around, and howcome things are brought together, their boldness in fear and lust and wishes come through, is brought ahead by a cast of youngsters, that hasnt got nerve in front of the lense, giving you a fly on the wall feeling, reminiscensic look back at your own concuering and exploring especially in the summer holiday glory days. Also a lovely musical score sets the grounds for a nice trip to your cinema seat.

At least the grumpy old man had experiences like this, so therefore a great recommend to ''live is life''.

The Gray Man

they are doing...
So much good when making this film, just a pitty they couldnt haul a decent final in the end. Cause the grey man is the super agent that could easily take out 007, yes, the very famous james, its so unbelievably fast shifting, and youre dragged from a to b in a split second, just like the bond movies...so if youre not a a story seeker rather an allround action seeking MMAUBCWBAUSNCCIA (i just love acronyms...)freak, then this will be good for you.

Ryan gosling is extremely reserved on smiling on the silverscreen, and that suits him, acts mostly brilliant allthrough this feature. The musical score is superbly made for its plot, and its edited fairly seamless to me.

But due to a very bad nightvision caused by the grey starling in the grumpy old mans eyes striving when all the fistfighting happens in the dusk of the dark, loads of finesse are thereby hidden, but that is just a corn of sand in the generals whiskers, cause the rest of the beach is pure lead and powder, richochettes and blood so do make it a neccesity to watch this film, it maight sound dull and grey but it isnt.a surprise hit of summer 2022.

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