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Despite the obvious borrowing of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and a little bit of The Birds, you had me for a hundred minutes. Some movies know when to start concluding. But this one is among those that did not know the time frame of when to start the resolution.

Il segreto del vestito rosso

Incidentally entertaining
The plot is so obvious -you don't have to pay that much attention. If you like spaghetti western dubbing with over the top sound editing - and Mystery Science Theater 3000 melodrama - this is the movie for you! Enjoy.

Identity Thief

A Poor Person's PT&A
This movie is... um... Okay. Some laughs, but many more smiles . It's "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" in 2nd gear. Jason Bateman is the Steve Martin clone. There are some scenes that rip off the F-bomb counter scene. Melissa McCarthy is John Candy in drag. Her character is more ruthless, but she plays the likable unlikable.

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