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The Juniper Tree

Well shot art-house movie but lacks substance
This is a movie for those who are really deep into art-films and I cannot ascertain whether they will like it or not. Yes the movie is well directed and the cinematography is also good.The shots of the landscapes are somewhat soothing too. However I really wished that there was something more to this film.


A movie that connects to your soul
Lets take a moment to appreciate the child actor. What an incredible performance!


Read this review before watching
I was going to rate it 1 or 2 stars after watching the movie. Then I watched a 50-min explanation video on YouTube (and trust me, you're going to need an explanation for this movie) . I was amazed. There are various alternate timelines in this movie which makes it confusing . Moreover the director makes no attempt to segregate these timelines for the ease of the viewer. People say it is the most realistic time travel film and I agree. I mean if time travel really existed then it would probably exist like the way portrayed in the movie. However, if the director made the interpretation of this movie simpler by color-coding, or by mentioning the date each event took place then I would have rated it much higher. Don't get me wrong, I love movies which challenges the viewer's thinking ability, however in this case it is done to the extreme. I don't want all information to be spoon-fed to me but I also don't want it to be as confusing as this movie was.


I don't know why this film has such a low rating. It is definitely one of the unique-est movies that I've watched. This movie begs the question: Are you really in control? The way everything ties up together is brilliant.

Hello World

A really stunning movie with a great concept. I'm surprised that there are only 3 reviews as of now. This movie deserves more attention. This is a Sci-fi movie intertwined with a love story . I've seen people complain about the ending but that's the part I liked the most. It lets the viewers formulate their own theories and conclusion. This movie enables you to think. The visuals were good too.

A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Lilly is not funny!At all!!
Just as i thought talk shows couldn't get any worse, this one proved me wrong.

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