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Loiter Squad

A mixed bag of talent that's the definition hit or miss
Most can remember how huge of a deal Odd Future were early on in the 10s. An blowup of young, provocative, head turning talents that had no trouble leaving an interesting if not controversial impact on the alternative hip hop scene. But while prominent members like Tyler and Earl made refreshing contributions in both the collectives and solo work, there was obvious quality difference in the lesser members, musically speaking.

Unfortunately, this is mostly the case of the show. Many skits come off as lackluster, one note, or too crude to the point of low hanging fruit. There's not too many skits that are creative enough to distance itself from MTV sketch shoes from the previous decade like Wonder Showzen or Jackass, the latter being an obvious influence to the group. Of course, with all sketch shows, there are shining performances from Tyler and Earl (The scared straight bit by Earl remains one of the most memorable) and some great cameos like Mac Miller and Freddie Gibbs. Jasper has some promising moments, but showings from Lionel and Taco never met any potential. Therefore much of the writing came off as repetitive.

If you are a die hard Odd Future fan, it's worth a watch. If you are casual or hardcore adult swim fan, I find it hard this entire series is appealing. Due to its inconsistency, I would rank it as one of the lesser sketch shows adult swim has had to offer, but every now and then there's a fun sketch to remind us of the ambition this young group once had

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