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  • 20 September 2021
    It was better than I would've expected. The characters are likeable, the animation good, and the storyline entertaining.

    If you like uncomplicated fun, give it a watch!
  • This movie has an experimental structure, and though some of its punches may not land, it is interesting enough to keep you captivated. The acting is good, the visuals pretty and the acting competent.
  • A very camp, yet predictable saga. A few fun kills and average acting. Good for a night eating junkfood in bed.
  • I had fun.

    As advertised, this movie takes the mundane and turns into horrifying. I wish we had seen more destruction, but the relationship between the characters take the forefront. This is not a horror movie, but rather the story of a family, of sacrifice and of greed (with some well placed gore).

    I recommend this movie to those who are used to french cinema and those who watch with an open mind.
  • Should we keep making criminals sympathetic? This documentary, like the crimes it relays, plays with what is true.
  • The animation is weird and hairy, but it is a fun film- A good watch for an evening eating chips in bed.
  • It feels like a re-interpretation on the silence of the lambs, transphobia and all. Otherwise a goof watch.
  • This movie needs a certain appreciation of history to really understand the depths of. It talks of a deep suffering that has scared latin-america for decades. A Subtle ghost story that deserves a chance.
  • A beautifully subtle movie, that feels like a comedy just as much as real family drama does. It displays grief both regarding death and distance that immigrants experience in particular ways. As someone who had to say goodbye to her grandmother for one last time before leaving the country, knowing she would likely never see me again... I am biased,but I am touched. This film captures the feeling of guilt and of being powerless in a very real way. A must watch for all people who will have to say goodbye one day.
  • Daybreak feels familiar, it takes on the classic teenager comedy characters, but then it turns it on it's head. A delightfully weird comedy, featuring current references, complex characters, fun special effects and experimental narrative styles.

    I laughed every episode, and got truly engaged with the characters.
  • In fabric combines surreal happenings with a set of unusual and absurd characters. Following different protagonists it remains slice-of-life, familiar, with just a pinch of unsettling strangeness. The cinematography is interesting, and the pace is slow but not overly borish.

    Different. Watch with an open mind.
  • The Hole in the Ground begins with all the horror tropes in place: the lonely woman with a child, the forrest, the new house and the creepy neighbors. But then, it adds a bit of cosmic horror and genuinely scary mystery. Its strong suit is not showing too much and making you doubt things until the right time. Even when explicit it remains eery and mysterious. If you are a claustrophobic and you like slow paced horror, you'll love to be frightened by this movie.
  • Greener grass was made by two women having fun. It's whimsical, colorful and surreal. The absurdity has a lot of coherence inside the film's universe, and it will keep you laughing. It reads like kids on LSD playing with barbies, and having a mid life crisis. The directors are a dynamic duo well coordinated on and off screen. However it kind of feels it would be better fitted for a series of short skits. it felt like watching a 1h45m long SNL or Portlandia sketch.

    Laugh, don't overthink it (or maybe do?).
  • The beach house adheres to a lot of the classical sci-fi and horror tropes, it's reminiscent of alien and the mist. But it manages to surprise you enough to keep you entertained and tense. The special effects are well done, the creatures mysterious but familiar enough to make you believe they could exist. The strong female lead and the aesthetics are a plus.
  • This movie proves a point without being overly preachy. It's a satirical depiction of an ultra-violent, sexist and irrational society. We get to see the tragic effects of hate and morbid fascination with violence. We also get some vindictive satisfaction. Judy and Punch has rich visuals, some comedic moments, an entertaining cast and well used violence. A must watch for the woke kids.
  • The Lighthouse is a visually stunning art piece. It creates constant tension with only two characters and minimalistic spaces. it's drunkenly metaphorical and leaves you in a dreamlike state that has you questioning reality. Great performances, great photography. My only complaint would that it is at times too theatrical, and violence seems a bit arbitrary. if you like art films and R.P's abs, this film is for you.
  • What this movie lacks in originality (third cult movie I've seen this month), it more than makes up in how fun the death scenes are. Samara Weaving does a great job as the tortured bride, first with her anguish, then with her badassery. Great movie to watch with friends.
  • "Donne-moi des ailes" is a true tale of innocent courage. A child risks it all to save his family of geese, by taking them across hundreds of miles. It kept me engaged throughout, and awoke in me a sense of wonder. It is heroic in a way that children of this time ought to know. Without being preachy it encourages us to act on our beliefs, and to give our children a world to inherit.
  • After this movie my heart was beating fast, I was truly immersed in the experience of Midsommar. It was partly because the scenes were at times shocking, but also because of the beauty. The taste it left in my mouth reminded me of silence of the lambs: one of those films that feel like a painting, there to disturb, but carefully laid out in pleasant paysage. The twists are somewhat predictable at times, but mostly it stays subtle enough as to surprise you.