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This is sci-fi in its purest form!
If you miss this one you have missed the show of the century. All from acting and casting to storytelling and sceneries are EPIC.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Absolutely loved it!
World needs more stories like this. Absolutely loved it.

Lehiyot Ita

Binged two seasons in just two days, this show was so addictive! I haven't ever watched show of this origin nor language before so also for that reason this was absolutely pleasant surprise.

Season 3 cannot come soon enough. After you get pass of the language barrier (and that will happen before episode 1 is over I promise) you will be sucked into a witty and well written rom-com with absolutely perfect characters. And the chemistry between Amos and Noa is so pleasing to watch. I already miss them. Watch this show you'll love it!

Ginny & Georgia

Absolutely loved the show!
Binged the show within just two days. I am 50 years old but this show absolutely strike home with me. Cannot wait for season 2!


Why not season 2!?
I think the environment created here was nice and just suitably mystique. Perfect escape after pretty dull workday. I would definitely like to see where the story goes from here. Please please reconsider season 2.

A Discovery of Witches

Extremely entertaining
Just found the show when noticed advertisement for the season 2 and I am so glad I did! Binged the whole season 1 in just two days. Highly recommend this series if you like well made story with a touch of magic and mystery.


Really enjoyable show
After accepting the black aristocracy and that show even doesn't try to reflect the reality of 19th century I think this series was really fun and entertaining, story flow was really good. Not to mention the beautiful set and a dressing. Eight episodes went through in a jiffy leaving you to want more. Yes, I will definitely wait for season 2 to come!

All Creatures Great and Small

Absolutely lovely show
On times like these THIS is exactly what we need! No politics, no war, no bad will or hate at all. I love it! A perfect escape after long day at the work. Not to mention all the really interesting things that you can learn when watching vets at their work. I could watch this show season after season in a row. Perfect 👌🏻

The Queen's Gambit

One of the best series I have ever seen
Hand down, this show was so amazing that I don't enough words in my vocabulary to describe it. Anya Taylor-Joy should have Oscar from her performance in leading role. From very start to its glorious end show kept me in tight embrace. Watch it!


This story has everything. Absolutely loved it! We want more.


WHY stopped at Season 1
Really really dissapointed on Netflix that this show was decided to be canceled. I think it was really well written and acted. I binged whole Season 1 in just few days and it would have been really nice to see how the journey was planned to be ended.

The Lost Husband

Lovely romance story
Times like these we need litle getaway stories like this! Definitely recommend to watch.

The Mandalorian

The Real Thing
Absolutely brilliant amazing show! Cannot wait for the story to continue in the Season 2. And what is the absolute proof that Mandalorian will get you too. Even those who gave the show bad review watched all the episodes from Season 1. Funny and solid proof of how entertaining show it is. Excellent 10/10.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Soooo boring
Had to fast forward half of the movie because it was so blunt and boring. Don't say this very often but I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. Bad acting, tedious cast and dull storyline.

Star Trek: Picard

Great sci-fi
Absolutely love the story, scenes and the worlds it presents. Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc makes this authentic and entertaining to watch. Can't wait for the story to continue.

The Last Kingdom

Amazing and brilliant show
Absolutely captivated by this show. It has everything from great battle scenes to political games. It is as entertaining as Game or Thrones or Vikings. Have binged all four seasons in a week. Could had easely continued and now I am so sad that there is a long wait until season 5 arrives. Please Netflix let this story continue 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Grace and Frankie

Love love love this show
I have binged the season 6 in just a few days and already missing these characters. Lilly, Jane and the companions really prove that good acting with excellent story line are timeless entertainment. I was so happy to hear that season 7 is already confirmed even though it might be the last. Absolutely love this show!


In this time and age we need stories like Anne with an E. There isn't any other show like this. Why on earth they would like to cancel it!? Doesn't make any sense. Please reconsider!

The Witcher

Spot on!
Dont know the game but I do love well written adventure with interesting characters! And this show covers it all with excellent Henry Cavill playing Geralt. Binge watched whole season 1 (thanks to Christmas holidays) in just two days, cannot wait for season 2.

Lost in Space

Finally Season 2
I absolutely love this show and season 2 started as eventful as was expected. Huge thanks for Netflix for this extremely entertaining and brilliant show 🙏🏻

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Absolutely love it!
Good acting, interesting funny characters. Witty and fresh, absolute joy to watch. Eat whole season just in few days. Can't wait for Season 2.

600 Bottles of Wine

Why only one season :(
Really enjoyed the first season although would prefer episodes to be longer. Would really like to see more of this because it was funny and entertaining. Currently there isn't this kind of happy go lucky series. Please continue this!

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