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My Lover, My Killer

When and how they got murdered
All these couples are made for each other. All the relationships are toxic and started off from the opposite of what love relationships should be. Feel sorry for their families, friends and the marital partners who got dragged and still believed their loved ones were the victims from the beginning. Definitely no. I continued watching the series to see where the point they got murdered and how. That's all.


For the action of street justice and revenge
About a revenge seeking team who take revenge and bring street justice for people because the police and prosecutor office are corrupt and can't bring justice where the evil crime organizations get away with it. The team always 3 steps ahead of a young prosecutor who thinks she is smart but in fact only obsessed about the underworld team and tries to justify her morality and integrity by investigating the underworld team who got the jobs done for people and the prosecutor's office. If you're looking for police work, crime investigation and prosecution work, don't watch. Too many plot holes in that part. This one is only for the actions.

Mubeop Byeonhosa

Choi Min Su's acting performance
Captivated by the acting performance of Choi Min Su as Ahn Oh Joo. Just wow. His character was the reason that kept me watching the 16 eps in one Sunday.

Motherless Brooklyn

Ed Norton and the music score
Definitely not the best, but a good plot. I actuality watched it twice, no skip, for Ed Norton's acting and the music score, especially the scene at the club with the trumpet performance.

Modooui Geojitmal

Good plot, unbelievable main character's situation
Good plot, except that it's another story of one of main character which (as always) a clueless daughter of a high rank politician/businessman, with well educated husband from the same level and situation, her life and family life revolved around that her whole life, but know absolutely nothing about her father and husband, but everyone else knows it. Unbelievable. In real life, only a lot of luck with the help of a lot of kind hearted people can help her.

Other characters are believable with standard acting quality. Should've been better in the details of production and storyline.


Eps 5
Just after I got annoyed by the whole show for being so loud in arguments, over dramatic, all the high end CSI lab would've been wasted, also on how the top seed prosecutor Kang and his team did not even examine forensic progress or reconstruct all the evidence to complete a murder case, that eps 5 changed the course; the head of forensic and rookie prosecutor said it in his face. It's a worth watching show. I can tolerate all the other cringey and annoying parts.

Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo

Teacher Kim is a romantic doctor
S1, Team building from hardest situation, intrigues and struggle with clueless young doctors. Many questionable situation about law, rules, social culture in Korea, but medical situation is believable. The romance between two main lead young doctors is annoying and childish and no foundation of chemistry built up for viewers and this part took a lot of time and scenes, only based on a history. Awkward because of no strong build up. Skipping this part all the time. While Teacher Kim with a ex lover from the pst (a doctor) in 1 eps already can give that fluttering feeling and hope. Teacher Kim is really a romantic doctor in having relationship even it's struggling ones with each character. His relationship with Team and both Chairmen are so romantic.

Cheonsangui hwawon

No self respect
The lead is a woman with no self respect, especially on attitude towards her husband and value of marriage. She brings more problem and put others in her family and community on risks. She just gets lucky every time being saved by another events, revelations or incidents. So it's not a good learning for women in the same situation in real life. The rest of the stories are ok and warm about living in rural area community.


Interesting crimes and police works. But annoying
This series was trying too hard to build up the relationships around the main character's life into the story. It's annoying marriage, family, friendship, romance values to be involved in the story. It's cold scene of a supposed hot sex in the romance.

I reached the point of wanting the daughter would be committing a fatal crime for stupid reason and the wife eventually cheating on him because she blames him for not helping the investigation. (I know, I'm so bad)

Otherwise, it's an interesting crimes and police works in small town of Scandinavian country.

Criminal: UK

9/10 for S2
S1 was brilliant. So intense: 8/10. Couldn't wait for S2 since the announcement. It's here and it's even better: 9/10

Bimilui Soop

Thrilling, but..
The two main characters have powerful strengths to overcome each other's weakness in very humane way, close to reality. Great actors. The plot is great to keep us watching. The ending lose the power to an easy conclusion. I waited for a big conspiracy disclosure, unfortunately that's all. 8/10 for Season 1.

Update: 10/10 for S2.

Seulgirowun Gamppangsaenghwal

On top my list
An ideal world to learn and restart as new human, too ideal in reality. Dreamy, but we can try in real life. Still I really love every scene in this show. Every character is unique and progressing. Top musical background. What a playlist of soundtrack.

"He is an athlete, he may look dumb, but he surely know how to win".

It's my happy place, I rewatched any episode in random again and again.

Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul 2

Perfect title, good action series
A depiction of greed in a lawless city, and it's not Seoul. Towering office buildings to make law and to govern at the front; plague, slum and violence at the back door.

Mayor office, police system, prosecutors, gangsters, thugs are the same, they desperately threaten, betray and kill to be on top to get a piece of power with money politics or ready to die.

Can't get enough of the full action and surprising turn of power in every episode. Every character is insecure.

I can relate to my late father's job as prosecutor in several different provinces in a country in SEA. Scary and insecure.

Nae Dwie Teriuseu

What's wrong with the casting
Was it the casting for the Go Ae-Rin's character that spoiled the whole series? I guess so. No building up in the importance as the main role to level up the other character's quality of acting and the good quality of production. I kept skipping and stopped watching after some episodes. Sorry for So Ji-sub's efforts.

Bap Jal Sajuneun Yeppeun Nuna

Victims of their own impulsive behaviors
An example of people living in the guessing game with other people's mind and life, made advance moves by crossing the lines, abuse of trusts, impulsive, apologize later for a thousand times. And this series seem to normalize that, that those are sweet things. Slow. Or is it the culture? Then I have to say sorry for my review.

The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo

Believable details
Amazing that the Korean TV series or movies I watched the first time was Meteor Garden, a couple of first episodes 20+ years ago? Only this year I watched My Mister because of the interesting reviews here. Wow, I was stuck on the credible plot and believable details. It's difficult to watch other movies and series since then. I could not move on with other movies/series, I've never finished any other movies. So I found The King also based on the review here. I can't believe myself for watching it more than 3 times already, the whole episodes to find details that I missed. An excellent science fiction details to wrap a romance drama series. Not cheesy at all.

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