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The Vast of Night

Such a good film Steven Spielberg would be proud of it
I really love this film ..the way it is shot ..the characters care very real . Mostly it is so simple .No crash bang wallop they just build up a feeling . It's very good ..Tim


Very methodical
Sooo .. During Coronavirus lockdown you can end up watching some really bad content . However I really loved Reckoning .For a while I couldn't work out who did it .The unraveling of the story is literally that , normally you watch a cop show and it's all solved before you get to put the kettle on for your first T break . Anyway no spoilers here , just watch this mini series you won't be disappointed ...Tim


Fantastic , fantastic film
Wow I just watched this film Stronger .. It is so moving and truly inspirational . During these Corona virus times if you want to watch a really well made film with fantastic acting then watch this film

Flint Town

Easily the best Police documentaries
Wow ..if you haven't seen this really fantastic behind the scenes police documentary...then watch it now .In these times of being under almost house arrest due to Corona virus you need to watch this beautifully made Netflix series ...I won't give any spoilers ...just watch it ..Tim

The Capture

Wow ...sooo goood
I won't tell you what happens as that would spoil everything , however it's sufficient to tell you that it's one of the most watchable cop type shows I have ever seen ( and I've seen a lot ). So you must at some point in your life sit and watch this show's fantastic , no matter what anyone else says . Enjoy .... Tim


Messiah ... another series for people to try to tear apart
I started watching Messiah today January 1st 2020 .... Ironic year as we all know 2020 means perfect vision ... ironic as you read through peoples reviews of this show and they don't get the point of it ! I find it ( as I am on episode 5 ) a really good watch and intriguing ..It also stirs up my Christianity a bit and make me wonder about the meaning of life etc I haven't given away any of the plot so you can watch and enjoy as I have done .... Tim ... Happy New Year


Beautiful beautiful film
Wow ... I am just watching the last 14 minutes of this film and as a Catholic I must admit it has reaffirmed my faith even more .... So well made and well acted . As a lighting and sound engineer it was brilliantly made . If you haven't seen it then do !!


The War of the Worlds

Love it ...
Well , I really enjoyed the first episode they say " One man's meat is another man's poison " ..The special effects are good , the atmosphere is good and it feels real ... Viewer beware of detractors and form your own opinion !! Tim

Good Witch

I really love this show
Wow ... I was reading some of the reviews of this show and they were so mean and like the authors of the reviews were either eating a lemon or they just ate one ... A .. some of the reviews don't say they're going to have spoilers , which is pretty bad B. Why do they watch it if they hate it so much . So no spoilers here .. I am an Englishman of over 50 and I am sure I am not the target audience for his show .. but when I just finished watching the beginning episode of the new series of Luther in the UK .. blood and guts everywhere ( sorry if that was a spoiler ) but Luther always has blood and guts .. Something I noticed US Tv series seem to be scared of ..It was nice to get back to my cocy Middleton !! Anyway I digress , The Good Witch is like drinking a warm and soothing cup of cocoa in front of a log fire with your feet up... No bullets no really bad baddies just good clean witcherey ... sneeky sidelong glances from the main character when she knew she was right all along .. love it !! Tim ...p.s . Happy New Year from here in Middleton ( where I'd love to live )

Stranger Things: Chapter One: MADMAX
Episode 1, Season 2

It's still a brilliant series
I just love everything about this TV series thank you Netflix for producing such high quality programming you put terrestrial companies to shame ! I love the music the kids , they have a real Goonies kids gang type feel to them .. Great story line I am now watching episode 4 of series 2 I will have to stop to watch my team Barcelona play football . I highly recommend this series to you , watch it if you miss it that would be a shame .. Tim

Star Trek: Discovery

Now on Episode 3
Well I am now on Episode 3 of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix and I am still loving it . I am not sure what all the Star Trek super fans are worried about maybe my mind is more open than theirs .I am enjoying the CGI still and I really to find the lead character really interesting and pretty cool as well.Each episode is pretty fast paced and all those navel gazers out there in Star Trek geekland must be crying into their extra larged up sodas while they munch on their double whammy super dooper burgers !!Longing for those ultra boring episodes of the old Star Trek .. I love the new one a lot .. Tim

Transformers: The Last Knight

Loved this film
Well as I see some people are so stupid they can't keep up with a fast paced film ! I found that the main characters are well rounded and believable. The special effects are absolutely spectacular .I saw the film in 2d but it must be amazing in 3d. The story line is very good and I found it all fitted together well. So my conclusion is go and see it you really will enjoy it . Sometimes I think we should throw away the preconceived concepts of adulthood and just enjoy ourselves Tim

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