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  • As one who was raised Catholic, lost faith and was born again, I am familiar with many of the themes presented in the series. The entire time as a believer I had to question myself "where would I land in this scenario?" I believe they did a phenomenal job if taking a TRUE representation of the character of Christ and portraying it in a modern era without it being preachy or in your face or with a religious agenda. Simply a wonderfully presented hypothetical of "what would it look like if...." and it keeps you flip flopping on your own self confidence of your a good way.

    For those who are the intellectual atheists, this just might be what you think would happen. And for those of you who believe, this too might just be what you think would happen.

    Totally BINGE WORTHY!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was told this was a balanced view of the border situation. I could not disagree more. This was a biased propogandist film that appeals to emotions and relies on sensationalism. Yes it is beautiful BEAUTIFUL country. It will not be eradicated as they claim. My favorite OBVIOUS BS was the climbing the wall scene. In am attempt to show the ineffectiveness of the wall, Felipe claims that it's was super easy to climb... Agreed... But let's seem him get down the 40 ft drop.on the other side... Let's see him make that climb from the other side where there is no support beam. How anyone sees that and doesn't recognize the baloney he is propogating is ridiculous. Then they claim that of the 800,000 acres and 300,000 acres of reserve land along the border, and "estimated 1 million acres Will be lost" to "no man's" land. Again how anyone doesn't see the erroneous math here is beyond me. And then they claim that the wall is going to be built 100% from.sea to shining sea. Nobody is proposing a couple complete wall. Where there are natural blindries (like canyons) no wall is needed, yet another example of misrepresentation of the pro-wall argument. This was a nice nature show on the diversity of life, but there is diversity of life everywhere. This is an obvious anti wall propoganda that doesn't tackle the real issues. In closing, the hypocrisy of them in the night scene, being scared and calling border patrol because they fear for their lives because the people crossing, sonits ok for them to call authorities to stop illegal immigration, but then argue against measures to prevent situations necessitating that very call? I am the product of immigrants. Soy Boliviano y vivo en Tejas, pero mis padres vinieron LEGALMENTE. Aprendieron inglés, y trabajaron donde pagaron sus impuestos.... i am very pro immigration... I just don't appreciate being pandered to as if I was too dumb to realize the BS this presented....