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Lab Rats: Elite Force

Great potential, but poorly executed.
Okay, so let me go ahead and start off this review by saying that I was a big fan of both Lab Rats and Mighty Med. I was one of the most active users on both wiki websites and when Elite Force was announced, I got giddy with excitement about how some of the main characters from both shows were banding together to form a group of heroes to save the world from threats. Now, when the series was getting close to its air date and trailers were being shown on both YouTube and television, I was getting hyped for what could be one of the best shows Disney has produced. And, well... not everything is going to be what we had hoped for.

The series premiere (even when I keep watching it) feels like it is more of a clustered mess of arguments and little action. I was also disappointed that besides the picture and mention of Mighty Med hospital, it was barely mentioned in the rest of the series except for a couple to almost even a few episodes. When I was watching it, I feel like some of the common sense that was in the characters from both previous shows had been lost and the entire show itself was becoming more of a teen sitcom than a superhero show focusing on the main plot at hand. I mean, I know that in general on television that filler episodes can give the characters something to do in-between the conflict, but I feel like the Arrowverse shows (mainly in its earlier seasons as they are watchable on Netflix) execute the filler plots better because at times there is a minor villain who may or may not get the spotlight in the episode alone; however, when I watch the filler episodes in Elite Force, I feel like they are fully a filler episode due to how the characters interact mainly with bickering and being competitive.

Now, despite that, there are some episodes that I like in this series that have some great parts in them. The Attack, for example, got the Elite Force heading into the main part of the city to fight the villains in order to save their superhero friends, and Reese's betrayal nearing the end of the episode was unexpected to me. That is how you do a great villain reveal, as reveals such as Prometheus from Arrow and Reverse Flash from The Flash are also great examples of a villain reveal. It is too bad, however, that the series never got the proper conclusion it deserved, mainly because of how bad the ratings were when the episodes aired on Disney XD. Hopefully, one day, the series will get renewed and the potential that it could have had will hopefully be executed.

So, to keep this review fairly short, let me list some pros and cons of what I think of the series:

Pros - Some episodes (The Attack, Home Sweet Home, The List) were great, certain parts of the action sequences later during the ending of the current and only season were executed in a good manner, the homeworld of Skylar Storm is shown a second time and has a very great plot point, Bree and Skylar got the most character development, and the cliffhanger of the current series finale was unexpected.

Cons - Way too many filler episodes, the personalities of the characters were not so great because it included bickering, competitiveness, and being rude, the secondary villains were barely in the season as is unless it was in an episode of the main plot of the first season, and there were so many opportunities that were wasted that the writers could have put into the series for fan demand.

My rating: 7/10 - Good, but could have been better.

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