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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

After 2 seasons and 6 episodes, I drop out of viewership
My story began with Arrow, from which most of the "Legends" immigrated. It was OK so far. Boring episodes changing for better ones and back. Regular stuff. But this time around the self-righteous men-hating writers just over-did it. The last night's episode is over the tolerance level for me. Filled with SJW and extreme feminism propaganda, this show parts way with me. Good riddance.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

It's a "Amazing Spiderman" of Ninjago story line - nothing in common with the original.
To all of fans of original TV series, a word of caution - this movie is NOT the one from the same plot line as TV series! I was deeply disappointed with the alternative plot hiding behind the familiar title. The origins of characters are not what we know, their current living is completely different from the original, and the visuals are more of a stop-shot style of "LEGO Movie" than better quality "Ninjago". My kids liked it, although they were not even remotely as excited as after watching a brand new season of Ninjago.

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