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Towards the end.
Towards the end it got better. But the beginning was about wokeness and racism towards white people. Example, blaming white people in general for the way the hood looks. No Keenan, it is that way because of the black and white people you voted for decades for. Should have stuck to the storyline and left politics out of it.


I remember
I remember the same thing being said by others like Al Gore and the year 2000. We can't keep moving the goal posts and expect people to believe more lies. This movie is about humans feeling helpless when it comes to mother nature. She doesn't care about your feelings, she can wipe us out tomorrow. The important thing to learn from this is that you should stop depending on corporations to make healthy food. Do it yourself.

Exterminate All the Brutes

More lies
This is not a documentary. It is pure propaganda designed to make white people feel bad for the same things every other ethnicity committed all the way up to today's age. Was it Arab supremacy when the Arabs killed 180 million European and African slaves? Was it Arab supremacy when entire villages in Europe disappeared over night? Was it black supremacy when the Africans sold Africans into slavery to the Arabs?

Run Hide Fight

Military advice
This movie is what someone with military experience would do in the case of a school shooting. Only sheep would let the shooters kill people.

The Plot Against the President

Dark to Light
The truth will be called a lie by those that who are afraid of the truth. Smith has been doing a great job at exposing the truth for 3 years now. As a former intel officer in counterintel, I have researched everything. This documentary comes close but does leave out other truths the public is not ready to know yet.

Ready for War

Retired Army NCO
Each soldier that is not a citizen is given 8 years to become a citizen. Commanders are more than happy to give the soldier time to get this done. So this is a story about lazy soldiers that failed to complete the mission. So making this up about anything else is a lie.


Subject Matter Expert
There are very few people who actually have knowledge of the effects medical issues take on Unit Readiness. For 5 years I was the Unit Status Readiness Officer for several units. Commanders use these reports to tell them the readiness level of each unit all the way down to the company level and all the way up to Corps level.

Deployment- Transgender soldiers are non deployable while undergoing transition mental health care, surgeries, and hormone replacement. Much like many other medical issues and circumstances. The common medications are available while deployed, but many others are not available and makes a soldier non-deployable. Hormones make a trans soldier non deployable for the whole time once started on them. That soldier is now a hindrance to the unit's readiness and filling a space in which a deployable soldier could fill. Males are 100% more likely to be raped while deployed compared to females.

Garrison- During Garrison time, soldiers are required to attend all appointments. Trans soldiers have even more than most other soldiers, except for those that are in the process of a Medical Evaluation Board with a final result of a medical discharge. Both of these conditions would make the soldier unavailable to participate in training and work. This causes schisms in the unit and effects unit morale, and the morale of the soldier. Trans soldiers enter into the transition voluntarily, while all other medical issues are non voluntary. If soldiers want to transition, they can wait until after service. Otherwise Trans soldiers are not joining for unselfish reasons, and only for selfish reasons. We serve our country and the citizens of our country. My opinions on this subject is irrelevant. I could not care what a soldier's gender or sexual orientation is. As a Platoon leader, I only cared if a soldier could be useful to the team. If they are not capable of fulfilling the mission, they will be removed.


Very Surprised
I am not a fan of Alex Jones or Mike Cernovich, but this was presented very well. It spoke to the truth of fake news and media that have been caught countless times but have never owned up to it. How they attack anyone that speaks contrary to their political agenda. When it is said that fake news is the enemy of the people, it is true. Journalists and fake news media betrayed the American people when they broke the trust and let political agendas distort the facts.

Bird Box

Very disappointed
When I was done with the movie I was left with many questions. Did M Night Shamalan remake The Happening? Was there actual effort put into the story line? Did I just waste 2 hours of my life? Yes, yes I did.

Adam Ruins Everything

As with many TV shows, it is fictional TV
Many subjects brought up by this show is not actually true facts. If you are watching this as merely for entertainment value, then you will be entertained. But if you are watching it for educational value, please research the subject areas on your own for the real truth.

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