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The Walking Dead: The Calm Before
Episode 15, Season 9

Was really looking forward to this episode but it turned out to be disappointing no where near as shocking as the comic version. No Ezikel or Rosita in the pike line up. Would have been more shocking if it was both Ezikel and Henry or even just Ezikel. The only comic death that was in the pike line up was Tammy. Like every other episode of walking dead lately nothing happens till the last 10 minutes. This half of the season has been nothing but filler. I think I now officially quit this show. I wish I had quit as soon Rick left. Walking was great from season 1-4. Season 5-6 watchable. Season 7 one good episode rest of the show dull, boring and too much filler.

The Walking Dead: Monsters
Episode 3, Season 8

Boring pointless episode
Probably the worst episode of this season so far. As said in previous reviews poor writing is to blame for the quality of the show lately. This episode has the same boring stuff going on from last episode gun fighting that drags on, Jesus not wanting to kill the saviors, Ezikel doing a speech for everything and no Negan. Another pointless filler episode. Not much to say accept this show has definitely gone down hill. All out war has been very disappointing so far but will keep watching.

The Walking Dead: The Damned
Episode 2, Season 8

Predictable cliché and dragged on gun fight
Compared to last week's episode still not great. The problem with it is it's predictable with the typical repetitive clichés seen each season. Why is it no one in the show kills the bad guys straight away? Why does no one learn not to trust the enemy? The enemy always has some sob story or begs to be spared and the good guy let's their guard down and trusts the enemy then they get themselves or someone else captive. This episode has action but it is a long dragged on gun fight and the episode is still handled with poor writing and typical walking dead clichés. Still not giving up on this show yet.


Not worth watching
Hollywood's cash cow advantage for Halloween. The traps were meh. Too tamed compared to other saw movies. The twist at the end was awful nearly the whole movie turns out to be one big flashback. Flashbacks are starting to become an annoying cliché both in movies and TV series. It's a sequel that didn't need to be made. I recommend not bothering with this one.

Gekijouban Yuugiou: Chouyuugou! Jikuu o koeta kizuna

Better than the first movie
Compared to the first movie it is decent. The only downside is when watching the English dub is the extra 15 minutes added to the beginning is just a recap of all 3 TV series which isn't really needed. It's just kinda there for the sake of parents being forced to watch it with their kids and so they can have an understanding of what they are watching and is also there for anyone that hasn't watched all 3 series. The movie itself is a decent run time it doesn't drag on too long. The animation is a big improvement to the TV series and the first movie. English dub has it's moments of cheesy dialogue but nothing too terrible. The plot of the movie however is like watching an anime adaptation of a fanfiction however still worth watching

The Simpsons

Once a classic now a flop
First 10 seasons classic, funny and enjoyable fun show to watch. Half way through season 11 it starts to go meh but then after that the more seasons made through out the years the worse and worse it gets. How is this show still on going today is mind blowing. The humour isn't funny at all anymore. The couch gags drag on for what feels like 3-5 minutes. Ideas for each episode are running dry. There is even a Halloween episode that relies on fart jokes. Hope it ends at season 30.

Ôran kôkô hosutobu

Best comedy shoujo anime
Usually shoujo anime is not my cup of tea but this however is an enjoyable clever anime that is like a parody of a shoujo. It has the typical clichés you expect in a shoujo. Slice of life, romance, high school, fanservice and good looking male character stereotypes the female characters swoon over. It is cheesy but entertaining. The fourth wall jokes are hilarious. Probably the best comedy anime I've watched.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Over an hour and half long commercial
One of the worst TV series based movies ever seen. Like the TV series it is a big cash cow commercial lasting over hour and half to sell a trading card game and sell out of cinema tickets because of a free exclusive trading card being handed out to everyone that purchased a ticket. The movie opens up with a narrative so the poor parents that took their kids to watch this movie could understand what is going on but it wouldn't change the fact that parents are guaranteed to be bored watching this. The movie takes place after season 3. The plot is just the same as the TV show predictable and obvious. The movie is mainly focused on kaiba's bitter rivalry with yugi because of not being able to handle being a sore loser after losing to a card game lasting 6 episodes from the previous season. The villain shows up at the last 10 minutes of the movie. The English dub is butchered with cheesy dialogue, the animation lacks in quality compared to the TV show and the movie itself is boring. I recommend skipping this movie and go straight to watching season 4 and watch the abridged movie.


Guilty pleasure anime with too many flaws
Watching this at young age loved it but watching it as an adult it is over 200 episodes of one big commercial to sell a trading card game and it gets boring and repetitive very quickly. Every season is the same thing The main character battles against opponent, beats opponent every time, Has big battle against main villain seriously it drags on for about 4-6 episodes each time. Beats villain and villain turns out to be a not so bad guy. It's a guilty pleasure anime. The problems with the show is too much filler, the English dub version has the worse case of censorship ever and the fact that all the problems that happen in the show has to be resolved playing a trading card game makes it very unrealistic. The animation lacks in quality and is recycled a lot through out the show. I would recommend reading the manga as it has more shock value especially with the violence, is more dark tone and has better story. Best thing about this anime is yugioh abridged.

Hagane no renkinjutsushi: Mirosu no seinaru hoshi

OK but unnecessary addition to the FMAB TV series
Compared to Shamballa which concluded the original FMA a better movie. However feels kinda forced. It clearly takes place somewhere half way through the brotherhood series but after what episode of the TV show? It does have good action sequences and better plot than Shamballa but the animation and story feels it is lacking in quality compared to the brotherhood TV series. The main problem with this movie is Julia is the main character focused on and Ed and Al are the side characters. Worth watching but feels an unnecessary addition to the TV series.

Gekijô-ban hagane no renkinjutsushi: Shanbara wo yuku mono

Boring and worst conclusion
After watching the original FMA series and feeling disappointed with it's ending I immediately watched this movie which was suppose to bring the series to a conclusion. However I feel that the conclusion to this movie left me feeling even more unsatisfied than what the series offered and had me feeling confused with more unanswered questions. The problem with this movie is not only the ending but the writing and run time. It was dull, boring, dragged on too long and felt like a poorly written fanfiction. Nothing interesting happens and the action is lacking. What a waste of nearly 2 hours.


Goes down hill after season 4 also the show ends awful
After watching a similar TV show called death note I had recommendations to watch Dexter. After watching the whole show on Netflix it was definitely worth watching but felt I was left feeling disappointed because of the show going down hill after four seasons and without giving any spoilers that awful ending in the final episode. What a let down. Overall it's a clever, suspenseful show. Casting choice is great. The first four seasons were binge watch worthy but after that it gets slow, repetitive and becomes a let down. I can think of other ways the show could have ended better.

Death Note: Desu nôto

Suspenseful and clever
A great suspenseful clever anime that doesn't rely on action to make it great. Usually I'm not one for any TV show that lacks action and is slow paced but however the suspense keeps me gripped into watching. It is visually stunning with it's dark Gothic tone. The idea of the main protagonist being a bad guy makes it interesting and the cat and mouse chase between a bad guy and a detective makes it so gripping you won't know which side you should root for. First half of the show is enjoyable but without giving any spoilers the second half does go a little down hill but still watchable. Overall great anime and probably one of the best crime dramas to have watched.

Game of Thrones

Mind blowing and best show on TV right now
Lately when it comes to TV shows a lot of shows have started off great but end up going down hill after a few seasons. However game of thrones isn't one of them. It does have some slow paced episodes and slow build up but it's still worth watching. The action, shock value and violence is mind blowing. The dark tone, locations, costumes CGI and make up effects for the white walkers are visually amazing. Casting choice for characters is great. Not only is this probably one of the best TV shows but one of the best medieval dramas. It deserves the high praise and rating it has. Just wish other TV shows I watch could be as great, clever and enjoyable as game of thrones.

The Walking Dead: Mercy
Episode 1, Season 8

Bad writing and seriously flawed
Compared to most of the episodes I watched during second half of season 7 it's a somewhat better episode but it is seriously flawed by bad writing. Rick says he will be the one to kill negan so why does he not just shoot him straight away instead of talking to him? How is it a big group of survivors are not able to shoot and kill a small amount of saviours? Why is it no one is able to shoot Negan despite the amount of bullets fired directly at him? Also the main question is why doesn't father Gabriel just shoot Negan straight away while trapped in an RV with him? At least now they are finally at war. This episode does have good action moments. The acting is great but main problem with this episode is it is flawed by very bad writing.

Sons of Anarchy

OK but not binge watch worthy
It's 50/50. Some episodes really keep me interested in watching but there are also episodes that are really slow and boring that I end up falling asleep and end up missing something big happening. The writing for a lot of episodes is too much like a soap opera making the show unrealistic. It lacks action in most episodes because of too much soap opera going on. The acting in the show and choice of casting is great but is given little to work with because of the writing. Overall OK show to watch but not something that is binge watch worthy.

The Flash

First 2 seasons good but after that show gets kinda boring and slow. Also the further the show goes on the worse the CGI gets especially after recently watching first episode of season 4. Like arrow the love story is soap opera material and the show was better when flash didn't have a super hero sidekicks team up. The writing for the show is poor standard. Like a lot of other TV shows I watch lately the show gets repetitive. I have quit watching arrow and now am getting pretty close to quitting this series.

Shingeki no kyojin

Meh don't understand the high rating
First few episodes made the show interesting however after that it got very boring and slow paced very quickly. The story has potential but became boring and stale. It lacks action and the characters are meh. I really wanted to be into this anime because of all the hype but unfortunately it doesn't appeal to my taste in anime. I don't understand how it got the same high rating as fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and don't understand why it's compared to game of thrones. Rather watch both these great shows which deserves the praise they get than this disappointing anime.


Given up
The first 2 seasons of the show was amazing however after that it got stale and boring. I decided to give up less than half way through season 5. The flashbacks become uninteresting. The villains after 2 seasons are boring. Love story is soap opera material. Season 4 made the show unrealistic with the sci-fi magic. Arrow was more interesting when he was working alone without any sidekicks.

Once Upon a Time

Started of great but gone down hill
From the first 4 seasons I enjoyed binge watching this show however like the walking dead I realized how repetitive the show was becoming and like arrow the flashbacks are becoming uninteresting. Decided to watch season 7 but am disappointed that it's just a retelling of season 1.The show should have ended at season 6.It did not need another season. Like the walking dead I won't stop watching because of been into it for so long.

Vanpaia naito

Season one is OK not great just OK. I like the Gothic tone for this show which is visually interesting to watch but my problem with it is the story is too slow pace, The vampires and love triangle plot is like watching twilight if it got made into an anime. I recommend watching this if you like vampire romance or twilight.

Vanpaia naito: Girutî

Worst season of the show
This review contains spoilers. After thinking the first season was OK I decided to watch the second season. However overall this was probably the worst season of the show. It was very slow and very boring. It also got stupid compared to twilight standard.

Spoiler alert Yuki gets turned into a vampire and she finds out kaname is her sort of brother and their parents were actually siblings suggesting that pure blood vampires are able to have incestuous relationships this killed the show for me and not only that the main characters become unlikeable really fast. Kaname is a jerk and Yuki is more unlikeable after she turns into a vampire.

Hagane no renkinjutsushi

A decent anime but prefer the reboot
First time I watched this thought it was great however after watching the reboot brotherhood I realize it's flawed but still a decent anime to appreciate. The good points of this series is the story goes in great detail. It's more darker and serious tone than brotherhood. The downside with the series is is the filler episodes, the change in story because of it being finished before the manga, the lack of action and slow tone. The ending of the series was a bit disappointing so disappointing that it had a spin off movie which also had a disappointing ending. I would probably recommend watching this before brotherhood to appreciate how great the reboot is. Otherwise I recommend this to any anime fan that likes a anime with detailed dark tone story.

The Walking Dead

Starts of great but now I have lost interest
Updated review. In the last review I said I would keep watching this show till the very end. But after the disappointing pike line up episode and 2 seasons of too much filler and no Carl, no Rick and no Maggie I now officially quit. Season 1-4 is good. Season 5-6 watchable. Season 7 one good episode after that rest of the show becomes boring and dull. The main problems with this show is it is very repetitive and too much filler. The recent pike episode was no where near as shocking as the comic books probably because the main comic deaths are not in this episode only 1 comic death happened in that pike line up. Also the 3 main characters no longer in the show are still in the comics. Overall I would rather read the comics.

Hagane no renkinjutsushi

Not just the best anime probably the best TV show
After watching the original I had low expectations for this. I was actually surprised how much better it was. It follows the manga more closely than the original. Is more action packed. Has a better conclusion and better animation. The first 14 episodes is everything that is seen in the original series but doesn't drag on for too long. I enjoyed this very much and rate it as my most favourite TV show and most favourite anime. I recommend this to anyone that is new to viewing anime and to any anime fans that like a lot of action.

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