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Not as bad as people think...a lot better then a lot of the crap out there
I will first admit, I have not seen the original Kairo, so i cannot compare, and maybe if I had seen the original Kairo, I might think differently about Pulse.

Was it great? No, was it Horrible? No, was it watchable with some cool effects with some great mood and atmosphere? yes. Could the story have been more developed? Yes! Was the ending amazing and cool, and oh my god I have to see this movie again? No. Is it better then The Ring 2, I know what you did last summer 1 & 2, Motor home Massacre, and many other pathetic sequels, remakes, and first timers? YES! Is it better then a lot of the greats like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm street, Seven, 28 Days later, The Ring part 1? No, could it have been something special? yes, was it? No. Is it worth a watch on a Friday night with your boyfriend or girlfriend so the two of you can snuggle in the dark for a good spook! yes!

Motor home massacre received a rating of 2.7, Pulse received a rating of 3.9, folks rent Motor Home massacre. And you might change your mind about Pulse. 6/10 for pulse. Not great! Not bad, but a fun spook for a Friday night.

When a Stranger Calls

Well done! Not perfect! but fresh, and nice to see..
With all the shoot em up, blood horror movies that have come our way in the last little while "Saw, Hostal, Saw 2, The Hills have eyes" Yes, they have their place, don't get me wrong! I went to see "When a stranger calls" with my buddy the other night! Why? Because it's a remake of the 1979 classic, which at the time was excellent and scared the you know what out of everyone! I didn't know what to expect. However I was pleasantly surprised! It was a film made of mood, atmosphere, suspense! Because remember people, what you can't see, what you think you see, what you can't hear, or what you think you hear, is far more scarier then what you do! If you love films with mood, creepiness, suspense and atmosphere!! You'll love it! It brought it back to the roots of the original Halloween. Thumbs up, a solid 8.5 out of 10 Remember folks, it's well done! not perfect! It's spooky, not bloody, It's creepy, not gory! It was nice to see a film come a long like this. Our minds have been conditioned and warped by the glitz and shock value of modern day horror movies, we forget, what's really scary.

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