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Fearless Master

Forgettable Film
Watched this because it popped up under John Cheung Ng-Long's name on Amazon Prime. The only other goo thing about this film is Bolo. The best way to describe John's character is Ex Machina. He pops up whenever Jacky Chen is in over his head. John is behind the make-up for the "old" laoshi who teaches Jacky better skills. I gave this a 6 for John and Bolo, two performers I admire. If I were to score it w/o them - 1.

Wu ye lan hua

Flyng fighters, magic powder and a Jade horse no one cares is missing
This is a weird movie. I mean weird. I like weird. And the weirdness does not disappoint. There is no getting attached to a character in this film, other than Adam Cheng Siu-Chow as Chu Liu Hsiang/So Chu. Most are in the film for about ten minutes. Long enough to recognize them then watch them die in typical WUSHU manners.

Chu Liu, despite being labeled The Master of Daggers, carries a sword. There's a jade horse sought by many - most of whom die in an ambush attempting to possess it. Chu Liu informs a dying Nangoon (Alan Chui Chung-San), that the jade is a fake. No one ever seeks the real one.

Night Orchid is bumping off the women in Chu Liu's life. While Warrior Learn (Fung Hak On) is suspected of being Orchid - because, well it's Fung Hak On, Orchid is someone close to Chu Liu. When Orchid's identity is revealed, it doesn't seem to phase Liu one iota.

The weirdness culminates in a battle with Prince Wahl (Don Wong Tao), who wants to possess Chu Liu's love interest Susu (Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia). There are several fights across the Prince's domain.All are interesting to watch.

This is a tongue in cheek movie. If you love satire, weirdness, "Wait, what did I miss?" and a dose of "Oh, come on", I recommend this movie.

Kera Sakti

Wait - The Black Monster's Minions Simply Give Up?
I came across this searching for a Chen Kuan Tai (The Dark One) movie I had not seen. The ones Chen writes, direct and even produces are so worth viewing. I adore The Dark One but this....is sad, not in an emotional way, but production wise. Chen Kuan Tai and Billy Chong do the best they can to succeed in this movie. I was rolling when the villain, The Black Monster, sends his minions out to capture Chen Kuan Tai's character Wong Lee after he's gone a few rounds with The Monster and Main Cronies. The minions literally give up. None of them are prepared to die for The Black Monster. Especially not fighting against Wong Lee - a man whom they all admit they could NEVER defeat. They unanimously agree to quit - the search for Lee and apparently their jobs - and walk off into the twilight. I did not see them again in the movie. I'd quit looking for Lee as well. To quote CKC's character Chen Tien Chun from Eagle's Claw: "We both know you don't have the ability to match me". None of these minions were even close to having skills strong enough to withstand a beating from Wong Lee. The finale fight is worth watching. Chen Kuan Tai and Billy Chong show they are always worth watching. Skip to the last 20-ish minutes to watch the training and fight scenes.

Xiangang xiao jiao fu

Too Many Oh, Come On Moments
I adore Bruce Leung Siu-Lung and Kurata Yasuaki. The plus was Mang Hoi as Bruce's little brother, Stone/Ah Shi. The concept seemed plausible. A Drug Cartel hires Italian Mob Boss Don Caro to knock off Interpol agents to halt investigations into the Cartel. Things go well for Caro until Wang Liu (Siu-Lung) saves an Agent. Blowing up the dog was over the top. Sadly, the plot goes downhill from there.

Wang Liu, with little brother Stone/Ah Shi (Mag Hoi) in tow, heads to Italy to "make a movie". Wang Liu easily spots and eliminates the worst assassins I have ever seen outside a "comedy". Caro refuses to dispatch the obviously best choice to eliminate Wang, his filial son Sakada (Kurata). Sakada has mad skills. Nearly as good as Wang's. Caro prefers to continue permitting his most inept son, Cani (Mario Cutini), to attempt fulfilling the assignment. The decision costs Cani to lose in the end. BTW - the gun Cani uses to shoot at Wang isn't the same one Wang returns.

Wang is blackmailed into helping Caro with a diamond deal, in exchange for Ah Shi's life. The deal goes well, but Ah Shi is still killed, prompting Wang to seek revenge.

I don't get the fight between Wang and Sakada , on any level. Sakada keeps running away. Why? These are men capable of an incredible fight, yet Sakada keeps running away. The coliseum scene is hard to watch, aside from the annoying echo. They run more than they show off their skills.

Someone explain the snow. There's no sign of it the entire time they're in Rome. Sakada runs away from the coliseum and BOOM - snow.

The men exchange a few blows while running through the snow, but nothing spectacular. The whole "snow fight" was unnecessary.

The finale is another eye roller. Yet another gun that never requires reloading is used. The red mini car would have exploded long before it finally came to a stop, if that many rounds had actually been fired at it. Wang kills Don Caro using a tiny han gun, then picks up Don Caro's weapon and unleashes round after round into Caro's dead body.

Bruce Leung Siu-Lung, Kurata Yasuaki, Mang Hoi and The masked Thugs - Tony Leung Siu-Hung & Lam Hak-Ming are the reasons I give this a 7. Plot wise, it deserves a 3.

The Furious Killer

Usual revenge plot
As a child, Anu Tong (Wang Feng-Lin) witnesses the murder of her family by Shang Chow Chin (Lung Fei) and his gang. She spends years training in Kung Fu to exact revenge. She is determined to leave no one alive. Until she encounters a certain member of the gang, Lau Wai/Lau Way (Chan Wai Lau), who has reformed. Seeing him with his family, Anu cannot bring herself to kill him. 5However, since this is WUSHU, this doesn't mean he's safe. Shang has Wai killed as a warning against anyone who would even think of betraying him.

Anu isn't particular about where she fights you. Brothel, store, stock yard, doesn't matter to her, so long as you die. The final battle extends from Shang's home to the stock yards. My issue with the stockyard scene is Shang looks pretty good for a man who has allegedly been stomped to death by stampeding cattle. Blood only on the feet and chest with no sign of hoof prints anywhere? My only conclusion is the cattle must know light touch Kung Fu.

Shi er sheng xiao

Not even the Great Lieh Lo can save this film
This is one of those don't judge me for watching films. It's obvious it's one of those made for fun flicks. At least, I hope it was. If you need a break from reality and want a good laugh - THIS is the movie to watch. Bless Au Lap Bo and Lieh Lo for being in this farce. No explanation of this film is better than watching it.

Hong yi la ma

The plot has too many twist but Chi Kuan Chun shines through it
Su (Chi Kuan Chun) is searching for those responsible for his parents' deaths. He is told by a former servant that Flying Tiger Chi Pao (Lung Fei) is being released from prison and has clues to the murders. Su heads off to follow Pao in the hopes of getting the information he needs. Su soon becomes Pao's unrequited body guard - fending off killer monks and other individuals who want Pao dead. Su is also in search of an ancient ginseng, which is in the hands of restaurant and hotel owner Miss Hung (Woo Gam) who is acting shady. Su befriends Miss Hung's waiter, Ah So (Ko Hsiao-Pao ), who helps Su out along the way.

The search for Su's parents' killers and the ancient ginseng also leads to the discovery of a missing Jade Statuette. There seems an endless array of people out to take out Pao and then Su as Su gets closer to the truth. To quote a CKC character from 1977's Eagle Claw "We both know you don't have the ability to match me". Su easily subdues all attackers. His owner truly match is Red Lama Tso Ting Hsin (Jimmy Lee Gam Ming) during two fights. The finale fight is remarkable not to mention intense.

The plot is muddled but the fights are nice training for Su along the way. He will need to be at his best when facing Red Lama Tso Ting Hsin.

I gave this an 8 for the cast and fight scenes. The plot needed to be more cohesive, but not every movie can be a 7 Man Army for Five Masters of Shaolin.

Ying zhao tang lang

Chi Kuan Chn joins the dark side, or does he?
Best line of the movie, imho - "We both know you don't have the ability to match me" (CKC to Jimmy Lee Lung Fong). Chow Ma Wu (Chang Yi) tries his best to eliminate the Eagle Claw School. He has, after all, Beardy, Ma Cheng and Phillip Ko Fei to help him.The mortally injured Eagle Claw Master, Yang Chung, passes the torch on to Li Chi (Don Wong Tao), his # 2 rather than to Chen Tien Chun (Chi Kuan Chun), his #1. An enraged and very inebriated Chen kills his master, gets kicked out, fights with both his classmates and Chow's minions with a dagger plunged between his shoulder blades, and joins up with Chow, making him an all around traitor to his former mates. Chow teaches Mantis style to Chen, who becomes a "trusted" minion. A major red flag occurs when Chow is told Chen goes to a Brothel. (Come on, CKC in a brothel and he's not there to rescue someone?). The truth is revealed with the marvelous finale fight. Chow thinks he has the upper hand and underestimates Chen. A fatal mistake. There is not a Kung Fu style in existence that CKC cannot learn and incorporate into his repertoire to kick some major butt.

Zhui ma lao

Never underestimate Lau Kar Leung
I watched this in the original Cantonese and loved it. My subtitles were way off the mark so I turned them off. Lau Kar Leung is a living legend and proved in this film he could still hold his own at 67yo. Seeing Gordon and Wing in the film strutting their stuff made me homesick for other Shaw Brothers productions.

It was great to see Chi Kuan Chun take another turn at playing the baddie. He is very good at being good but oh so much fun to watch as the villain. He has kept in very fine shape over the years. He proves it in a few scenes.

The plot is reminiscent of old SB films, the righteous securities owner screwed over by associates, is left for dead, while the associates take control of the business. Ma Biao - referred to as Man Bill in subtitles - heals from his wounds while teaching Drunken Monkey Kung Fu to Siu-Ma, the young woman who rescued him. He later get two more students, Tak & Chan. Mischief makers who finally rise to call to help Ma Biao exact revenge upon those who had betrayed him.

Seeing anyone go against Leung, Gordon and Chi Kuan Chun was difficult, because I know their capabilities. A couple of fight scenes try to hide the lack of fighting skills in the younger actors. They are no worse than a few I have seen in older flicks. When Lau Kar Leung steps into the final fray, you know it's going to be a great battle. He shows once more why he is Sifu to so many Wuxia I have come to admire over the years.

The big fight with Chi Kuan Chun was unintentionally funny to me. This man is fierce. He knows his stuff frontwards and backwards. Yet, he's supposed to be taken out by these 3 students?

I have no doubt Sifu could have taken Chi Kuan Chun out on his own. However, this movie was more to showcase the talents of the younger performers while reminding us the elders still have vibrancy and fight in them.

Lei tai

Good cameos and a Plot partly borrowed from Quan Ji (1971)
Sun Dai (Lee Chung-Yat) accidentally kills a rival for a woman's affection and runs away at her father's (Chen Kuan-Tai) behest. Sun Dai moves to Thailand but returns 3 years later to see his fiance, whom he tells about a "one-night stand" with a woman in Thailand. He encounters the father (Chan Sing) of the dead man while enroute back to Thailand. Ti Lung appears and prevents Sing from killing Sun Dai. Ti, in turn fights with Sing, giving him the same blows Sun Dai received, severely injuring Sing. Years pass and Sun Dai's son, Dai Ching, goes in search of his father.

This is where the movie became a revision of Quan Ji for me. It is Fang Ko (now Dai Ching) and Wen Lieh (now Selic). Unlike Fang Ko, however, Dai Ching is not aware he has a brother. He is simply searching for his absent father. Selic, is a Thai Kick Boxer (like Wen Lieh). Dad had two families and two sons. There are similar issues with shady Thai Fighter managers. Throw in Lu Feng as the youngest son of Chan Sing, seeking revenge for the death of his brother after Chan Sing dies. Sing dies as a result of the beating he received from Ti, yet blames Sun Dai for it.

The ending is not the "happy" one Quan Ji had. Dai Ching learns Selic is his brother, but arrives too late at the arena to save him. Lu Feng seems a last minute thought in this movie. The fight hardly gives Lu a chance to show off his great skills. it is wound up in less than ten minutes.

I give this a 7 for the cameos - Chen Kuan-Tai, Ti Lung, Chan Sing, Lu Feng and Lau Fong Sai. The plot is a rehash - Quan Ji and it's follow up E Ke were far better.

Lang zi di shi san

Too much Lamenting for my taste
A 91 minute WUSHU movie should not contain this much pathos. I like watching Michael Chan Wai Man fight. All he seems to do in this movie is moan and groan about not being able to exact revenge for his father. he has spent years wandering, looking for those who murdered his father. A lot of the scenes are literally too dark to see, so all you hear is his whining. I stayed with it for an hour. I was too much and I found a different Michael Chan Wai Man movie. I do not recommend this movie. ha I wanted to watch this much depression, I would have chosen a Jimmy Wang Yu movie.

Nan wang bei gai

Well, Wong Chung is in it, so bonus
This definitely falls into my weir movies category. The premise is typical WUSHU - people battling to see who is best bump off the competition to ensure a win. When Iron Villain (Wong Chung) isn't training, he's roaming the countryside assassinating his sifus' competition. Scholar (Wen Chiang-Long) is trained by Beggar (Chan Wai-Lau - who is always great as a Sifu) for the ultimate battle. The truly weird is the final battle between Iron Villain and Scholar. How Iron Villain maintained a straight face through the fight is beyond me. Scholar's Frog technique was more ridiculous than Kurata's Crab technique in Heroes of the East.

I gave this movie a 6 because Wong Chung was in it. Otherwise it would hav e been more like a 4.

Duan jian wu qing

Didn't see that coming
Chi Kuan Chun is headed home from an annual swordsmen reunion when he's summoned to the home of their clan leader, Chung Wah. One of his brethren has been murdered - with the tip of Chi's sword. Chi had presented the now dead brother with the sword tip after lightning broke the sword. Chi is given a limited time to prove his innocence or face the consequences. Chi sets off with his side-kick, Addy Sung Gam-Loi (aka Little Big Eye) and is soon joined by a member of the Beggar Clan.

What starts as a WUSHU murder mystery - goes off into an Uh, Huh direction. Chi is blinded by Lily Li Li-Li, whose character uses necrophilia to revive a corpse she sends on a killing spree. A monk, Shut Chung-Tut, teaches Chi a Kung Fu style that involves him feeling up the Chung Wah's sister to gain focus and energy. A drunkard swordsman, Lung Suen, uses a sword with a rubber hand for the hilt. He has unrequited love for the wife, Shih Szu, of the murdered swordsman. Shih Szu has never gotten over Chi Kuan Chun and spurns Suen, who one assaulted her sister in a drunken stupor.

Phillip Ko Fei briefly joins the fray as a friend of Suen's. Phillip has been sent by Chung Wah to kill Suen. Phillip instead teams up with Suen to find the real killer. There's a bit of Silence of the Lam when it's revealed Chung Wah has been defacing the villagers in an attempt to make his deformed sister beautiful.

Chi Kuan Chun, Suen and Shut battle Lily and her Zombie as the story winds down to the finale fight. Shut dies protecting Chi from the Zombie. Chi and Suen head off the Chang Wah's house where they discover Shih Szu is a victim of Wah's experiments. Wah's sister is now wearing Shih Szu's face and begging her brother not to kill Chi.

The final scene is Suen, who is about to set off on his own, ensuring Chi will be protected by the "new" Shih Szu, as a blind man shouldn't be left alone.

I started watching this because I enjoy watching Chi Kuan Chun and it had a good cast. When it went off tangent, I stuck with it just to see what would happen. This, reminded me of Shaw Brother's Black Magic. Incredibly odd, but amusing. If, like me, you will watch certain movies solely because of who is in them, this is one for your rainy day list.

Feng quan dian tui

It's their own style of Kung-Fu, but it works for them.
Wanderers Chu (Chi Kuan Chun) and Pan (Bruce Leung) venture into another town and use their self taught Kung Fu to earn money for necessities. Chu accidentally kills a man while trying to help a woman and her daughter being assaulted. The accident is witnessed by Militia Captain Liu (Park Jong-Kuk), who has no choice but to arrest the two wanderers.

Chu and Pan are escorted, along with another prisoner, San (Yue Tau-Wan), who is wanted for everything from murder and rape to petty theft, to the magistrate's office. San's boss, Tiger (Chan Sing) sends minions to "rescue" San from his fate.

Chu and Pan keep San secure, while Captain Liu and his men deal with Tiger's minions. It is this act that convinces Liu Chu and Pan are truly good people. he promises to put in a good word with the magistrate and is positive everything will work out well for them. San's threats they are now all in serious trouble with Tiger falls on deaf ears.

Chu and Pan are treated very well, as they wait for their time before the magistrate (Think Ti Lung's Wu Sung in Delightful Forrest) They are released and go back to wandering. Liu goes on leave the same day an is broken out of jail by Tiger's minions. San and the minions pay Liu's home a visit where they, of course, slaughter his family and kidnap him as a lesson to those who would cross Tiger's path.

Chu and Pan decide to visit Liu and discover what Tiger's gang has done. They go in search of Liu to help him. Liu, who has been tortured by Tiger's gang, escapes his captors, only to assaulted in the woods not too far from where Chu an Pan are venturing. Liu is rescued by a drunken retired kung fu fighter (Phillip Ko Fei), who takes the wounded Liu to an abandoned temple to recover.

Chu and Pan discover the Drunkard has Liu and attempt to "rescue" him. Their made up styles are no match for the Drunkard, who thinks they work for Tiger, and they are easily defeated. The drunkard cracks hard on their "skills" as he easily keeps them from entering the temple. The Drunkard suggests the duo go off and practice, learn better skills and come back for a rematch, which they do and once more are defeated. This time, Liu is on hand to properly recognize them.

Chu and Pan vow to take revenge for Liu, which the drunkard finds hysterical. he knows their "skills" are no match for Tiger. Chu is given an iron glove (a cross between the one used by Lu Feng in Crippled Avengers and Chen Kuan Tai in Iron fists) to counter Tiger's Eagle Claw glove. Pan, is given an instruction manual and told to study it. Despite being credited as a "Master", Phillip Ko Fei's character doesn't instruct anyone. He drinks like a drunken master, but he doesn't teach Chu or Pan anything.

While Chu is working on his skills with the glove, Pan is skimming the manual for moves. he uses it more like picking things from a catalog than how it's meant to be used. Regardless, they practice hard for confronting Tiger.

The finale fight starts out like all Chu and Pan's fights, deciding who goes first, then Pan initiating things. Their banter is amusing as they kick butt on the minions and make their way into Tiger's lair. Tiger's glove looks like Michael Jackson's glove made into a mitten with 3 fingers. It has claws so it does do some damage. Chu realizes he's "forgotten" to bring his glove to the fight as Pan is knocked to the ground for the 3rd or 4th time by Tiger.

Chu finds the glove when he's knocked on his butt by Tiger. The smirk on Chu's face as the glove on glove fight begins reminded me of something Chiang da Wei would do.

The constant smirks on Chi Kuan Chun's and Bruce Leung's faces shows how much fun they were having with this movie. It was reminiscent of Magnificent Wanderers. The fight scenes involving Chu and Pan were comical but effective. It is totally worth watching.

Qi mian ren

Perfect Character for David Chiang Da Wei
I adore David Chiang Da Wei. So when a movie comes along that incorporates his mischievous demeanor in all its glory, I watch it. Ge Liang, a many of many faces, permits David Chiang Da Wei to play around with mischievous side and once more save the day. While it is hard for me to believe Chen Kuan-Tai would play a Barney Fife type character, he does it with the usual flare and skill I have come to know from him. The only one Ge Liang cannot fool with his disguises is Su Su (Chen Ping), who is determined to keep him at her side. Ge Liang solves the problems for all (well, for those still living) with the usual conniving I expect from a David Chiang Da Wei character. A good watch for fans of Da Wei, Chen Kuan-Tai and other Shaw Brothers Alum.

Ci ke lie zhuan

It will get to the point
If David Chiang Da Wei is in it, I will watch it. Even if it's slow to get to the point, like this movie is. Da Wei is Chun Chu, a retired swordsman called upon to assassinate The Duke (Wong Chung) as part of a revenge plot by Mater Wu (Ko Keung) and The Duke's nephew, Kwang (Danny Lee Sau-Yin). Chun Chu's trains so long for the mission, he has a 5yo son with Yan-Yan (Shih Szu) when the day finally arrives. Things goes horribly awry, mainly due to the extreme nervousness of Kwang. The assassination is carried out, but at a very high cost for Chun Chu and Yan-Yan.

Juan xing quan fa yu fa

Learning Kung Fu the Wax on Wax off way
Ta Kung (Chi Kuan Chun) is constantly put upon by bullies at the temple. So much so, the Abbot Hu Lin (Kuk Wang) wants him to learn Kung Fu. Kung is adamant in his refusal to learn it. The abuse only intensifies with the arrival of a fake monk (Cliff Ching Ching) who bullies everyone, especially Kung.

Hu Lin sends Kung away from the temple for his protection. Hu Lin sends him to an old friend, Shang King (Leung Kar Yun). The Shang King family are all trained in Kung Fu. Ta Kung accepts working for the family, but not Kung Fu instructions. Shang King teaches his student without it appearing he's teaching him. It takes a while for Ta Kung to submit to actually being Shang's student. The training sessions are fun to watch. Especially the scene where Ta Kung is doing push-ups to operate a fan to cool Shang.

Ta Kung encounters Meng Fei's character a few times during his stay with the Kings. Meng Fei's character's name is not mentioned (at least I never head him called by name). His master spends most of Fei's training time getting the poor kid drunk to learn Drunken Kung Fu, sometimes to the point Fei passes out.

When Shang King and his family are murdered, Ta Kung becomes a student of Fei Meng's Sifu. The two work on techniques to avenge the King family. The finale fight is the bets fight of the movie.

I do not understand Fei Meng being in this film. Fei Meng and his Sifu are a subplot for most of the film. They don't become important until nearly the end. It feels as if Chi Kuan Chun and Fei Meng were making movies in the same area and decided to merge them into one. Both are incredibly skilled Wuxia imho. It would have been better had Fei Meng's character not been so underdeveloped.

Ninja: The Violent Sorceror

Cheesy is as Cheesy does
How bad is this movie? The voice over actors are listed as the actual stars. Those actually in the film are listed as uncredited. I am not sure what Director Godfrey Ho was thinking with this mess. Just because you have script, doesn't mean you should use it.

Nan bei shi wang

Uhm, what?
This has some great fight scenes. Lo Meng, as usual, is amazing. Johnny Wang Lung Wei as the villain (?) also has some good scenes. The plot is all over the map. Wang Yu has some good funny scenes, which are to be expected from him. I don't not understand the ending at all. There was an obvious mission to be completed, but the movie ends absurdly. I would only recommend this for diehard fans of Lo Meng, Wang Yu and Johnny Wang Lung Wei willing to watch ANYTHING in which these men appear. Otherwise...re-watching a Venom movie is a better idea.

Ji xiang du fang

It takes a Gambler to catch a cheat
Luo Tian Guang (Yueh Hua) can spot a cheat a mile away. So, when he comes to town to meet Ms. Cui (Lily Ho), his future bride, he immediately sees the trouble at her casino. His skills shut down cheating at the casino, which runs him afoul of the local law agencies. He also reveals a gang of cheats who run private gambling sessions. He is framed for running an illegal private game, which has to be dropped when Tian Guang points out the local LEOs have taken bribes from the others in the private game to drop the charges against the players. Since there are no longer witnesses to the "Crime" the LEOs are forced to release Tian Guang.

Tian Guang shuts down his wife's casino to prevent the town's folk from going bankrupt. This leads to him being framed for his wife's murder. His revenge includes eliminating anyone involved in the death of his wife. The final battle is bloody and no one comes out the winner.

Xue fu rong

Good fighting. Questionable Story line point
The Emperor (this time played by Wai Wong, Ah Kung in The Flying Guillotine 1975, who used the Flying Guillotine Squad to further his own ambitions and it ended badly for him), is still using the squad to eliminate those who oppose him while feigning shock that court officials are dying at the hands of the squad. He orders Han Tian De (Lee Chung-Ling) to investigate the deaths. However, when the investigation gets too close to the truth, the Emperor orders right hand man, Jin Gang Feng (Lieh Lo) to eliminate Tian De.

Tian De's wife, Rong Qiu Yan/Bloody Hibiscus (Chen Ping), who is two months pregnant, promises to hide out at Tian De's Uncle Tong Bei Hai's (Wong Ching-Ho) place, should anything happen to Tian De. She needs to protect their unborn child. This being, Wushu, means things won't go as planned. They call Rong Qiu Yan "Bloody Hibiscus" yet she wears and throws carnations.

Qiu Yan goes after Gang Feng when Tian De is murdered. She then sets off to Bei Hai's place. She hides out for a while at an inn where for some reason Ma Sen (Played here by Norman Chui Siu-Keung) is also in hiding. Now, per this timeline, this is when Ma is already in hiding many miles away, with his wife and child (Played by Chen Kuan Tai in The Flying Guillotine 1975). It would have made More sense to have Norman reprise his role as Zhou Zhizhong from The Flying Guillotine. His character was "killed" when a wall collapsed.

Ma's reason for being in hiding is almost exactly as in the 1975 film. Again, Zhou, in my humble opinion, ought to be the one in hiding. Having had an epiphany about the squad, he deserted and is hiding from the Emperor, since desertion from the Squad is an automatic death sentence.

There's a budding romance between Ma and Qiu Yan, that hits a huge snag when a former lover, Wang Jun (Yueh Hua), reappears. There's something off with Wang Jun. Ma's immediate jealousy is cute then annoying. He gives Qiu Yan her space to mourn, where Wang Jun is constantly in her face. Wang Jun tries to replace her white carnation, a representation of her mourning (which is supposed to be a hibiscus) with a red one. This is very, very inappropriate and Qiu Yan calls him on it.

Qiu Yan is very capable of holding her own against those who attempt to assassinate her enroute to Uncle Bei Hai's. She, Ma and Wang Jun deal with Gang Feng's filial children, Jin Ren Ting (Lam Fai-Wong), Biao (Johnny Wang Lung-Wei) and Jin Shao Zhi (Siu Yam-Yam) with far too much ease.

Qiu Yan parts ways with Ma and Wang Jun at Bei Hai's home. Bei Hai has been murdered and replaced by Feng's assassin (Keung Hon). Ma find the real Bei Hai's body during his wondering. He quickly heads back to help Qiu Yan. Wang Ju also returns, just after Qiu Yan figures out Bei Hai is a fraud. Wang Ju reveals he is Gang Feng's illegitimate son and wants to kill Qiu Yan to obtain property and wealth from his father. Qiu Yan lose miscarries during the battle with Wang Ju.

The final fight involves Qiu Yan, Ma, Gang Feng impersonators, Gang Feng and a bridge explosion. Qiu Yan, the sole survivor, walks off into the sunset as the credits role.

I recommend this movie, one because it involves the Flying Guillotines. Two, because Norman gets to be more than a minion or side kick. Three, Chen Ping kick butt with the best of them. I just wish they'd have realized the Ma Sen character was not making sense. Norman reprising Zhou would have been far more logical.

Wushu Warrior

Max Headroom is an Opium Warloard should say it all
I am fast becoming a big fan of WUSHU and saw this on Amazon Prime and thought, why not? The reason why not is it's numbingly boring. Matt Frewer always seems to require a Mt. Dew AMP to get any inkling of energy in his performances. This is no exception. I was hoping someone would come along to shake him and wake him up, The plot is basic WUSHU - Son looking to avenge the death of his father learns the true meaning of Kung Fun. They go off on far too many tangents to make this make sense. Just because you have a script doesn't mean you should make the movie. If you have nothing better to do on a Sunday morning and you've seen every Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest film available, still don't watch this.

Ren pi deng long

Scooby Doo meets Wuxia
Master Lung Shu Ai (Lau Wing) and Master Tan Fu (Chen Kuan Tai) are well to do men who have nothing better to do than annoy each other with one-up-manships and aggravate the local constable, Sgt. Poon (Sun Chien), who's a bit of a Barney Fife type character.

The upcoming Lantern Festival is another chance for the affluent rivals to go at each other. Shu Ai looks up an old Swordsman rival, Chao Chun Fang (Lieh Lo), who is now a lantern designer. Fang agrees to create lanterns on the condition Shu Ai stays away until their completion.

Shu Ai's paramour at the local brothel disappears. She has been abducted by someone wearing a costume reminiscent of the Voodoo Doctor on Scooby Doo. The Voodoo creature even does a dance similar to the one on the cartoon. It's hard to take this creature seriously as a "scary" entity. The disappearance prompts Shu Ai and Tan Fu to point fingers at each other. Sgt. Poon's investigation is incredibly poor and he simply shrugs and calls it a mystery. He doesn't give up on the investigation, but it seems to done with the intensity of a child cleaning their bedroom.

Tan Fu's sister disappears the following day by the Voodoo creature. Tan Fu blames Shu Ai, prompting a juvenile contest at the local inn that put upon Sgt. Poon tries to halt with disastrous results. Shu Ai and Tan Fu are instructed to go home and wait for the police to finish their investigation. Neither is about to do as instructed.

A botched attempt on Shu Ai's life by hired assassin Kwai Sze Yin (Lo Meng), is a convenient distraction for the Voodoo creature to kidnap Shu Ai's wife. Shu Ai is enraged he was assaulted and his wife taken while Sgt Poon's men were mere feet from the front door of his home. Sgt Poon admits no one was guarding the back of the house.

Kwai Sze Yin's failure to kill Shu Ai, results in his own death at the hands of his employer, Tan Fu. Tan Fu doesn't want witnesses who can connect him to the hit on Shu Ai. Tan fu instructs his staff to take Kwai Sze Yin's body far from the estate to bury it. The staff are set upon by the Voodoo creature while carrying out Tan Fu's orders. They and Kwai Sze Yin are decapitated and their heads are hung in the Lantern District in town.

The Voodoo creature reveals himself to Su AI's wife to be Chao Chun Fang. he is out to avenge his disgrace in the swordsman's world at the hands of Shu Ai years earlier. He is abducting those close to Shu Ai and using their skin for the lanterns. There is an old tale that human skin makes the best material due to its elasticity.

Shu Ai suspects Chao Chun Fang is behind the abductions but says nothing to either Tan Fu or Sgt. Poon. He instead goes after Tan Fu in other of their ego driven challenges. Cha Chun Fang makes an appearance during the challenge and severely wounds Tan Fu. Shu Ai follows Chao Chun Fang back to his workshop where fight and talk about Chao Chun Fang's need for revenge. A severely depleted Tan Fu arrives in a wheelbarrow to aid in the fight. He dies shortly after the arrival of Sgt. Poon and other constables.

The finale fight is reminiscent of The House of Wax. The building collapses. A fire is started, which traps Shu Ai and Chao Chun Fang in the basement with no possible exit. Chao Chun Fang become engulfed in flames and grabs Shu Ai, igniting him into a fireball as well. Sgt. Poon and other constables are struggling to dig out an escape for Shu Ai.

The final scene is implausible given the events at the workshop. It seemed a "Happy Ending" was required to counter all the death and "horror". Shu Ai is sitting in his now nearly empty home. He has burns only on his left hand and left side of his face. Incredible considering how long his body was on fire. He instructs Sgt Poon to sell the house and contents to provide for the local poor. Shu Ai will spend the rest of his life roaming the countryside helping those in need.

I gave it a 7 more due to the cast than plot and fight scenes. Based on other reviews, I have seen the censured version of the story. Someday, I hope to see the full version.

Xiao nian Su Qi Er

Wayward son vs OCD Bad Guy
Chan So/Beggar Su Chan (Gordon Liu Chia-Hui) has no interest in being part of the family winery. Getting drunk, carousing with friends and getting into the occasion row is enough or him. His half brother Jiabao (Wong Yu) is no better, preferring spending the family money to helping run the winery.

Chan So, in his stepmother's (Leung San) mind, stands between her and control of the family winery and its funds. She and her brother (Lam Fai-Wong) are not satisfied with skimming the winery profits. They want it all and nothing is beneath them to accomplish it.

Chan So and Jiabao are sent to a Jesuit school to learn English after a language misunderstanding leads to a brawl at an event held by their father. A fight during a soccer match leads to Chan So leaving the school and returning to his studies with Liaoshi, Liang Hang (Jason Pia Paio).

A dinner following an incident with wine hidden in a teapot leads to Chan So learning his bookish Liaoshi knows a special form of Kung Fu. A skill Hang only reveals when intoxicated. Chan So decides he must learn Kung Fu from Hang and visits often with wine in hand. Hang figures out what Chan So is doing and decides to teach the skills while sober.

Chan So develops a relationship with Ding Ding (Wong Man-Ying), a Jesuit school student who is having issues studying Chinese poetry. She's the daughter of the local police captain, Iron Tooth (Ku Feng), who has an altercation with Chan So and Jiabao are the local brothel. A place Iron Tooth ha promised his wife, he does not frequent.

Chan So's stepmother decides it's time to eliminate him and has her brother hire someone to do the job. Wu Gong/Centipede (Johnny Wang Lung-Wei) has no problem accepting the job, so long as they agree to his price terms. Wu Gong has decided he want to rob the local bank and the hit is simply getting his foot in the door.

Wu Gong exhibits true OCD behavior. He wears white and freaks when it gets dirty. Think MONK from the TV series. It is that bad with Gong.

Chan So and Jiabao interrupt the robbery and become targets for Wu Gong. Chan So's stepmother gets Wu Gong to leave Jiabao alone, for an increase in his fee. It will come back to haunt her when Wu Gong mistake Jiabao for Chan So. Ding Ding is also killed to keep the mistake from getting out. Chan So's stepmother blames him for Jiabao's death.

Chan so returns home to find the entire staff and his father have been killed. His Step Uncle reveals Wu Gong and his gang killed everyone before drawing his last breath.

The finale fight is incredible to watch. It isn't the usual walk in circles, talk a bit about life and why one of them needs killed fight. This is a no holds barred, bloody, no words be said fight. It is intense and savage. There are some continuity issues while they're in the vat (they are swimming one moment an standing straight up the next in the same vat). Otherwise, this a supreme battle to observe.

This is marketed as a comedy. It definitely has comical moments. The last twenty minutes are anything but comical. I highly recommend this movie not so much for the plot, which is the usual comedy, but for this fight.

Shui ling long

When the female lead seems nothing more than window dressing
I picked this movie after seeing Chia Ling in Duel at the Tiger Village. She kicked butt in that movie. So I was expecting the same here. after all, her character is the enter of the plot, right? Wrong. She has been back burnered to give Yueh Hua and Lieh Lo another chance to show off their skills. I adore both men and love to see them in action. But, this movie wasn't supposed to be about them. It was allegedly about Chia Ling taking a secret message to a government spy regarding rebel movements, after the original spies are murdered.

The movie centers on an incredibly egotistical, jealous, abusive man, Ku Shun (Lieh Lo) who cannot stand the fact his wife Su Ling-Lung (Huang Jin-Yi) is a beauty upon whom men will look. He flies into a jealous rage whenever a man looks sideways at Su Ling-Lung. He demeans Su with every breath and beats he when the man he thinks is her lover is not in reach. Su Ling-Lung as yet another "helpless" woman is tiring.

Shiu Chow (Chia Ling disguised as a man), enroute to complete the message mission, rescues Su Ling-Lung at an inn, where a Lothario won't take no for an answer. Shiu Chow takes off to continue her journey. Su Ling-Lung is then rescued from bandits by Li Chan (Yueh Hua) and Shiu Chow's servant Nanku (Got Siu-Bo), a deaf mute.

There's a Lothario gorilla encounter that makes no sense, in which one of Su Ling-Lung's earrings get attached to Li Chan's clothes - it's all innocent. However, jealous Ku Shun sees it as his wife and Li Chan had a sexual encounter. This leads to Li Chan defending his innocence and his own father allowing him to be punished for being an adulterer - in public at Ku Shun's hands.

Siu Chow has gone from being a confident woman to a pathetic jealous school girl, who leaves innocent Li Chan to fend for himself. The only person on Li Chan's side is Nanku, who has gone off to search for the one witness to Li Chan's innocence. Nanku cannot speak but does his damnedest to track down the witness.

There seems to be a scene missing from the movie. Li Chan was tied to a post by Ku Shun and suddenly is in a barn, bandaged and half unconscious, listening to Siu Chow ramble on about trust, being in love and promising to kill Li Chan for betraying her.

Su Ling-Lung gets kidnapped two more times, one by bandits who broke in to Ku Shun's place, then by the rebel leader who was supposed to help Ku Shun find his wife, for a fee. There's more pathetic jealous school behavior from Siu Chow even after the witness tells everyone Li Chan did nothing wrong.

The final battle is between an injured Li Chan and the rebel leader, Yu Chin Tang (Shan Mao). The others, including the very adept Siu Chow, just watch the action No one lifts a finger to aid Li Chan. Personally, I'd say the hell with all of them. But Li Chan, ever the gentleman, rises above it all.

The finale is Li Chan escorting Siu Chow to where she is to meet the government agent. He says the pass words meant for the agent carrying the information about the rebel movement Siu Chow responds with code words she'd been given at the beginning of the movie.

There was so much potential with this movie and it failed. It would have made a great spy adventure with Siu Chow as a reluctant agent and Li Chan and Nanku helping her along the way. Instead, we were treated to a story about a jealous man who wrongly accuses another and punishes him for no reason other than stupidity.

I would recommend this movie for those who enjoy watching Chia Ling kick butt. She does an amazing job when actually given fight screen time. Yueh Hua rolling around in all white while kicking some butt is also interesting to see. Plot wise, this is old.

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