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A History Lesson-
These kids not even old enough to VOTE: With Determination-Organization-UNITY were able to make some changes for themselves and future generations. We can learn from that, their parents learned from them. To many people feel what can I do..its best not to make waves...just shut up and do your job. Its really not when there is injustice, prejudice and racism involved.

Movies like this: Empower people to Unite, Organize and have a Voice!!! Under any circumstances or oppressed situation. The timing of its release was right on target-with the Marches, boycotts and Demonstrations going on in this Country at the time in protest Racism!

I recommend parents watch this Movie with their kids. Well made, good acting and a part of History.


Frida-A woman ahead of her time
One of the most beautiful, well made films. Nobody could have portrayed Frida Kalho better than Salma Hayek. Original, the acting was magnificent, superb. The era was well portrayed. Frida was a woman ahead of her time, she was an Artist, revolutionary, poet, a woman with passion and conviction. It was a bitter sweet love story. Frida suffered great physical pain in her life and Diego was a man not capable of being faithful to one woman. Diego nurtured her as an Artist and was her muse, without Diego Rivera in her life she might not have pursued painting and she loved him with all her heart and that is why his infidelity hurt her so much. It hurt less to be without him than to be with him. It is a true story about an Artist that endured pain and suffering with moments of joy. Truly an inspiration.

El pecado de Adán y Eva

The Sin of Adam and Eve-The story of Adam and Eve after life in eden
I saw this film as a young girl. Jorge Rivero has appeared in over one hundred twenty movies and a career that has spanned over four decades. At the height of his career he was a handsome, sexy, Latin hunk of a man-with the body of a Greek Adonis.

Thers not much dialog in the movie, mostly grunting and pointing, some tender moments between Adam and Eve.Adam is very primal and rough around the edges. Nudity and nature prevail. It's a beautiful film to watch,

I'm biased-I am a fan of Latin Actresess and Actors. I grew up watching Latin films on Sundays my family would go to church then go see a movie and this was one of them.

Las pirañas aman en cuaresma

The Piranhas Mate During Lent-Adult content. A story about two women ( Mother, daughter) that mate with one man on a tropical Island
I first saw this movie when I was nine years old. If this film was an American film it would be an R rated film. Foreign films have more nudity and are very Erotic. Isela Vega was a very sensual woman in her day and a good actress, the story line is interesting with some very erotic sex scenes. For its time it was risqué, if you are a fan of Latin actresses and old films and are not bothered by technicalities such as lighting its a good film to watch. I decided to view it again as an adult I would compare it to the The Big Doll House with Pam Grier

Translation is wrong-The Piranhas Mate During lent. Not Female Troubles in the Tropic

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