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Spirit Riders

slow at first but gets better
If you can get thru the first 45 minutes then this movie picks up and tells a great story.

A Winter Getaway

Predictable, boring but nice scenery
I liked the lead actors and they had good chemistry. But I found the movie to be boring and was ready for it to be over. Very predictable.

A Winter Getaway

Predictable, boring but nice scenery
I liked the lead actors and they had good chemistry. But I found the movie to be boring and was ready for it to be over. Very predictable.

An Uncommon Grace

Good movie
I really enjoyed this move, Sean Faris is one of my favorite actors and he did a wonderful job in this movie. This was my first time seeing Jes Macallan but she and Sean had great chemistry. I am not familiar enough with Amish ways to speak about the accuracy of their portrayal.

From the Heart

Good movie
I enjoyed this movie and the great chemistry between Kathy and Isaac. I don't know enough about Amish ways to comment on what was correct and what was not. I did find Kathy's Sister and her husband to be very annoying. Kathy is giving her Sister her half of the inheritance and her Sister is totally ungrateful. Also the character of Kathy's boss/editor was so annoying with her constant phone calls and "kiss kiss loveya" when hanging up.

Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: Ships in the Night
Episode 3, Season 1

Jesse Metcalfe is a good actor BUT
I like the story line and Jesse is a good actor in this role. BUT there is ZERO chemistry between him and Sarah Lind. I find her to be an annoying, know it all who turns up every minute in this movie. I think they could have found many other actresses that would have done a better job.

Diagnosis Delicious

Good movie
I enjoyed this movie, the chemistry between the lead actors was great. I also liked Tanya Chisholm in her supporting role.

Backyard Wedding

good movie
I enjoyed this movie and have seen it a couple of times. Alicia Witt is one of my favorite actresses and she did a great job in this movie. I thought that she and Teddy Sears had great chemistry. Just simple entertainment and I have seen many Hallmark movies that I enjoyed a lot less.

A New Year's Resolution

If I could give this zero stars I would
I always try to watch an entire movie but over one hour in to this one and I can't wait for it to be over. The leads in this movie have zero chemistry. I have seen Michael Rady in other movies and usually like him. I have never seen Aimee Teegarden and would not watch anything else that she was in. She was so stiff and unnatural and can't act. Chalk another one up to a wasted hour, just had to turn it off.

A Nashville Christmas Carol

I didn't enjoy this movie
I thought this movie was all over the place. I multi-tasked and didn't turn it off early but it was a waste of my time. Actually it was frustrating to try to watch and figure out what was going on. I hope they paid KWP a lot of money to act so stupid.

Chateau Christmas

one of the better movies of this season
I enjoyed this movie, the chemistry between the lead actors was good. Actually I was more interested in the story line between Sam and Sarah of the "old music quartet" in the movie. The music and scenery was good, it was worth the watch.

Lonestar Christmas

if you can get thru the first half of this movie
I found the first half of this movie to be slow and boring. The female lead's story was that of a spoiled brat. I had a hard time dealing with her whining and pity party. The lead actor pretty much carried the movie for me and the ending was good.

Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve

worth a watch
The lead actors in this movie had great chemistry. The story line was somewhat unbelievable tho or maybe I am not a true romantic. Rich people need to spend thousands of dollars to renew their vows. Naturally their photographer and wedding planner were sweethearts years ago and just magically are hired to work on the same wedding. I have seen better Holiday movies this season and I have seen worse. The lead actors carried this movie.

On the 12th Date of Christmas

One of the better movies of this season
The lead actors in this movie have good chemistry. The pace of the movie is good and I enjoyed the story line. I had not seen Mallory Jansen in any other movies but enjoyed her acting, not overacting and not goofy. This movie is definitely worth the watch.

Cross Country Christmas

to goofy and unbelievable
I found myself multitasking and fast forwarding thru a lot of this movie. The lead actors have zero chemistry and the multitude of issues this couple have during their trip is totally unbelievable. Wrong train, broken down truck, riding a tractor etc

Christmas on the Menu

so so
This movie didn't hold my interest. It was boring, predictable and the lead actors had zero chemistry.

Christmas by Starlight

I loved this movie
Kimberly and Paul have an awesome chemistry and I have enjoyed every movie that they are in together and hope for more.

For those saying "fake reviews", sorry I am a real person that thoroughly enjoyed this movie and saved it on my dvr to watch again.

This is one of the better Hallmark movies that I have watched so far.

A Taste of Christmas

just okay
I didn't enjoy this movie, found myself multitasking and FF thru some of it. The lead actors had chemistry Gilles Marini is handsome but Anni Krueger acted goofy. I like to watch all movies until the end and I was happy when this one was over.

Five Star Christmas

definitely not my favorite
About 15 minutes in to this movie I found myself thinking, this is awful. I decided to check the reviews and was pleasantly surprised at all of the good reviews. Nice that so many people enjoyed this movie so I decided to just keep watching hoping that I would end up enjoying some parts of it. There was zero chemistry between Bethany and Victor and the remainder of the cast just acted goofy. This is the worst offering from Hallmark that I have seen in a long time. Differences make the world go around and it looks like I am in the minority with my "not great" rating.

Christmas Hotel

Loved this movie
This has been one of my favorite Christmas movies so far this season. The lead actors have wonderful chemistry and the scenery is beautiful. The ending is kinda predictable but I would watch this movie again.

A Little Christmas Charm

not one of my favorites from this season
This was an okay movie. I enjoyed the mystery of the hunt for the bracelet owner but I didn't feel the lead actors had any chemistry. It was entertaining and worth the watch but not one that I saved to watch again.

If I Only Had Christmas

I enjoyed this movie
Not my favorite Hallmark movie of this season but I didn't think it was as bad as most of the reviews here. I thought the lead actors had great chemistry and enjoyed the story line.

A Crafty Christmas Romance

Trust the reviews, it's pretty bad
Zero chemistry between the main characters. No one in this movie could act, they were all so stiff and boring. I was happy when this one ended.

Cranberry Christmas

just okay
I found this movie to be kinda slow and boring. No chemistry between the lead actors. It was okay but I would not watch it again.

Country at Heart

wish I could have given this movie negative stars
This is the worse that I have ever tried to watch. Jessy Schram cannot sing at all and I can't believe that they did not have her lip sync the songs. It was so painful to watch that I fast forwarded thru the scenes where she was "singing" and I ended up turning it off at less than an hour in. I have watched other movies with Jessy Schram and Niall Matter and like both actors but this movie was a horrible.

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