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Poor Planning and Political Slights
Okay so...I am an absolute dire hard fan of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is my number 10 when rating shows so I was pretty stoked to see that there was gonna be a spin-off since The Originals did so incredibly well. In short, I was pretty disappointed. First, this is a showreel show meaning it's like a debut for all the actors which means they're showing everyone (recruiters) all that they can do (different personalities, singing, rapping, dancing, etc.) The CW is truly a political scourge, everything from the Flash to Riverdale. Supergirl is by far the worst. This show lacks an actual planned storyline, each character kinda posses some moderate to strong political belief that have been present in the news in the past two years, feminism, homosexuality, patriarchy, etc. I have officially realized that I can no longer watch a show on CW without a moderate to strong political message/narrative being either slightly present about or blatantly obvious to the point where it takes away from the already anorexic storyline. I wouldn't recommend, unless you're a 14 year old girl.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

Completely Horrible
THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! So I am a avid comic reader. I started off as a Marvel fan and then just recently got into DC. When I saw this show's trailer I was excited to get to see multiple heroes being put on one show. After watching the first episode, I almost cried from how badly it was composed. The acting is that on par with B rated films, the writing is poor, the problems that they put themselves in are so universally typical that it saps all excitement for the solution from the show. The worst part about this show is the person who plays Leonard Snart, a pretty refined actor playing a part so badly that it makes you want to claw your eyes out. The overly slow talking because 'he's CAPTIAN COLD!!" is so overdone it's almost burnt. While all of the stupidity is unfurling on this show, they have also managed to incorporate some grade A political correctness into the show. White Canary is ostensibly lesbian and we are constantly reminded about it. I watched two seasons of this show to try and give it a chance to see if it'd get better by any means. Some people got removed from the main story line which assisted minimally, but the stench of failure is still there. I am absolutely flabbergasted that this show has not been cancelled yet. I was sure that before the second season it would be cancelled and surely after the second but unfortunately not...this show needs to get cancelled so something else can take its place. Marvel does it so much better and it's downright disturbing on how much.

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