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The Queen's Gambit

Excellent series
The expressively eyes of the main character, like words never spoken, makes a silent scene, vividly talking without words.


Nice plot, story twists
A secret was supposed to stay in the shadows Critical for the life of a young girl Once revealed the dark mind of a woman suffering of her real child lose, shows how cruel a human can be What a wheelchaired girl will risk to get out free and alive?


Worth watching
Not bad Don't wait to see a horror masterpiece... Such is so hard to find in our days It has an easy going plot, some surprising moment, without making any difference to the over production of only by the name calling horror movies


It was good
Walking up in a different world than the one you know... Everything seems glorious but not completely real Nice Sci fi pictures, nice plot... Worth to watch

Malasaña 32

Another good one from Spanish productions
Nice story line,without exaggerations... Some parts smart, some cliches, but it was worth watching it, at an open air cinema in the middle of the summer


Really nice one
Twin boys went separate life ways without seen each other for long When their paths cross again a tragedy occurs, and a deadly secret and lives hanging by a thread

Doubles vies

Just for passing some time
An easy going movie, with nothing special, nothing to be attracted, just for a good time in a summer cinema

Survive the Night

Same scenario seen before
Same scenario in multiple movies Without Bruce Willis who would press the play button ; Just for an easy pass of time

The Windermere Children

Excellent one
An excellent overview of a not very known picture of history Traumatic experiences that too so long to hide

A Perfect Plan

Nothing at all
They wasted their production money Don't waste your time


One more excellent mini series from UK
An excellent mystery series of once abducted girl and the reappearance at her birth place 23 years later

Nathan's Kingdom

Worth to see but nothing special
A promising scenario, sketch animated parts, but characters lost and giving less than expected... Worth to watch but nothing special

La valla

Really like this
To the near future, a virus strikes upon the world and a regime takes control A husband loses his wife and separated from his daughter The struggle is about to escalate

The Nest

A good choice
An accident brings close a couple and a troubled young girl,offering to give birth to the couple's baby But some serious secrets of her past comes over to disturb the peace

Vagrant Queen

For science fiction fans
A science fiction series about a queen to be girl, losing her family and raised by scavengers Spaceships, fightings, exotic creatures all this comes with a slice of humor Have a good time watching it

Quien a hierro mata

Good one
How can avenge the death of your brother, in the same way he once suffered?

A Vida Invisível

Drama with a sad conclusion
An excellent film with a very touching 15' minutes part at the end of it. How a heartless decision can destroy both sisters life? An unpleasant experience

El silencio de la ciudad blanca

Not such a mystery Not plot twists Not a masterpiece Just a easy going movie to spend some time

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

For horror movie fans
Short creepy stories Some good ones some not that much For horror movie fans

Ventajas de viajar en tren

Troubled minds
Different people's lives with hidden connections to each other Sinister characters of a troubled mind or real ones?

El hoyo

It was worth
Locked in a place where madness and hope balance on the razor's edge Feeding through an elevator, with characters strip of any human dignity

The Hunt

A real bad bad movie
Violent scenes coming out of nowhere The scenario is absent in this movie Bad acting like coming out of American pie alike b movies What's the point of making something like this? I wonder could it be more worst?

Mr. Jones

A Truth hunter
Sometimes you have to risk a lot to unravel the truth The story of a journalist, risking to travel in Ukraine in the times of famine, were money can't buy you nothing

Tõde ja õigus

An excellent film
An excellent film that captures masterfully human dilemmas, insecurity and how love can develop even in very difficult conditions

The Invisible Man

Worth to watch
You can't call it thriller or horror movie with the old standards... There are lots of turn of events in this movie,dark scenes and a dangerous man, no-one is able to see

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