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Nice movie
A misterious murder, an ambitious painter and Greek mythology. The scenery of the beautiful island of Amorgos, the presence of Mr. Costas Ferris(Rembetiko) and Stratos Tzortzoglou are notable. Not something great but nice effort indeed.

Hotel asteria

Cheap TV movie
Despite the main characters, who are famous TV actors in Greece, this TV movie is a cheap attempt. The only reason to watch this film is only the 2-3minutes that Mr. Giannatos is a receptionist.

Bank Bang

Sympathetic Greek comedy... There are a few stereotypes but you can watch it without any brain pain... Not bad!

Alter Ego

It could be a romantic TV advertisement for a chocolate with duration not more than 2min. An expensive production for the Greek standards though and the presence of the actor Al. Logothetis worth mentioned.

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