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Underrated Film
This is a solid action film, with excellent choreography, that makes all the fight scenes seem vivid and realistic. The characters aren't superhumans and it's appreciated that they seem to get hurt like real people would. The plot may not be original, but it's done well for what it is and tugs on the right heart strings at the right times


By the edgelords, for the edgelords
The morality of Castllevania has all the nuance of a teenager throwing a tantrum. The over-arching theme of "people r badz" meanders between being a shoddy strawman argument to occasionally aiming for, yet still totally missing, real insight on the human condition.

The characerisation of the main cast is well-rounded and interesting, they often realistic and relatable and their interractions are entertaining on several levels. However their interpretations of the wider world are often childish and self-centred, which would be fine if it didn't seem like the show wanted you to agree with them. The well rounded nature of the main characters is only equalled by the shallow nature of any character clearly intended as a straw-man to support the show's mysanthropic agenda.

In short this show seems like it was designed to appeal to edgy progressive teens (many of whom now comprise our young adults) who want an excuse to see themselves as superior to (and wronged by) the rest of their own species


Misunderstood Masterpiece
People seem to fixate on different things in this movie. They complain about the science or praise the obvious class struggle commentary of the film. Both of these perspectives completely miss the point.

There is social commentary in this film, but it's far more complicated than "rich people bad". Like any good post-apocalyptic film the central theme is really about what people will do to survive, and whether we still deserve to live after what we've done.

Both the front and the tail passengers participate in horrific things to sustain the lives they have. The behaviour of the various characters, from the bizarre, to the villanous and the tragic, reflects the psychological trauma of continued living in the only world they have left (however insane it is). In the end the whole film is a giant representation of the moral choice dillemna.

People getting annoyed at the realism should probably stick to documentaries. The people in their circumstances feel real, and that's more than enough

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

An underrated film
In a time where movie monsters have been neutered and 'The True Evil is Man' is a concept that has been done to death, it's good to see some good-old fashioned terrifying creatures and some epic battles to go with them. The plot provided a reasonable excuse for the battles and didn't seem totally ridiculous, and the actors at times even made it seem genuinely compelling. Well worth a watch

Yip Man 4

Obvious Propaganda is obvious
It's fairly cheap that the Ip Man films have become vehicles for nationalist Chinese propaganda, this level of otp melodramatic patriotism went out in the west in the 50s, and with good reason.

If this film was made in the West, about a Western martial art, at best it would be mocked as comical relic of a bygone time and at worst it would be heavily criticised for supremacist overtones.

One day, when the modern Chinese Empire is dust, I imagine people will look back on this film in the same way they do at the ludicrous pro-American propaganda of the 50s


An afterthought from the time Hollywood still made truly great films
I normally would cringe at the thought of giving any film a 10 rating, no movie is perfect and I guess this isn't either, but for me I suppose this gets pushed from a 9 to a 10 just for being the type of film that Hollywood just doesn't make anymore.

This movie takes one of comic's most famous mad clowns and takes you with him on the soul destroying journey of how he became Joker. Don't listen to the online loonies, this movie won't make you attack anyone, it will however make you think about mental illness and the people who suffer in silence. As well as the general, but basic, concept of kindness to others.

On this journey, though you often vehemently disagree with joker's actions, you're nonetheless compelled to understand those choices. Phoenix and Phillips don't just deserve Oscars for this, what they've created essentially amounts to a treatise on the more tragic side of the human condition

Tin Star

Sends the wrong message
In the first couple of episodes the main character of this show visciously assaults one of his deputies because he's mad at him. I would have no problem with it if weren't for the fact that this was portrayed as being completely justified, though I have a feeling that if he had treated his female deputy similarly it would've been different.

It's completely ignored that this would have massively traumatic consequences for the young man, who was guilty only of a non-malicious mistake. It's treated as if it's ok for people to resolve their anger like this, in a way that's the worst kind of revenge porn. Violence on screen is fine, if it's used appropriately, which means that when and how it's applied matters

Roswell, New Mexico

Just rewatch the original instead, so much less cringe
As a big fan of the original series I can't say how disappointing this is. The characters don't have nearly the depth of the originals as they just are an obvious plot device to bring in the real point of this show, politics. Nothing is so off-putting about modern tv than the need to inject agendas into absolutely everything. It's sad that good storytelling has been murdered in the name of indoctrination

The Rookie

A cop show that sends the right message
In the modern age where police officers are either demonised or put on a pedestal, it's good to have a show that doesn't do either. It's a show that presents you with challenges to your perspective and asks serious questions about personal responsibility and the right way to enforce the law and live life in general. I've always been Fillion fan, but this is his best work

Magnum P.I.

Watch Reef Break instead of This
If you really want an up to date version of Magnum, watch Reef Break instead. The protagonist of that show is a Woman but with that exception it's more or less the same show (the tone, setting and characters are ridiculously similar). It's much better than this other dilapidated piece of nonsense, made by people who have zero comprehension of what made the original good

Last Knights

Highly underrated
Some of the best films made by western cinema have often been drawn from Japanese stories, and this is a throwback to that. This film is effectively a reinterpretation of the 47 Ronin story (original, not the movie), and it does so beautifully. Visually stunning, and with excellent action choreography, the film delivers on excitement, while giving a story that is compelling (though obviously not original) Well worth the watch

It Chapter Two

Did the writers get a lobotomy between films?
This movie stands in stark contrast to its predecessor, nowehere has the idea that sequels can't live up to the original been more true than here.

The movie has so many moments that are clearly supposed to be tense, yet come off funny because of poor presentation. If this had been intentional it would've made a good comedy. Which is a shame, because a good comedy would've actually been watchable.

The characters are a combination of cheap stereotypes, half baked psychological ideas and downright weirdness. Every character that isn't a main character feels not even slightly fleshed out, more like a marrionette being lurched around by the writers for some uninspired plot device role.

I can see why some people like this film, it brings up a lot of psychological issues that always get attention in today's world. In the real world people who bring up these issues gain popularity, regardless of whether they present their ideas intelligently or even understand anything about the actual issues they're discussing, and obviously the film industry has learned. It perpetuates bad stereotypes and *shouldn't* be popular by any means, but just like an on-the-rocks celebrity looking to for attention to stay relevant, it'll get what it wants


When the main character makes you want to punch babies
I really wanted to like this show, a nice futuristic sci fi that had lots of potential. Lots of people seem to think the lead actress being hot made it kinda tolerable, but to me she just seems like an entitled brat who gets mad at her uncle for not being an emotionally warm fuzzy teddy bear that caters to her every whim. I turned it off after less than 15 mins, the whole thing felt like it was written by a hormonal teenager

Bolívar: Una lucha admirable

Fairly over the top
While I'm sure that many patriots from South America will find this very enjoyable, it struck me as a completely lacking in any nuance and very overly grandiose. It's the South American equivalent of George Washington riding a bald eagle, carrying the stars and stripes, to go fight the British in space. It seems more like a propaganda series and than a realistic depiction of it's source characters.

Black Summer

Criminally underrated
This show gives you a real sense of immersion into what feels like a very realistic take on a zombie apocalypse, more so than most previous showings in the genre. The zombies come across far more difficult to kill than in most shows, thus they feel like much more of a threat. The pace of the show is very quick and the characters need to be constantly on the move, since there is a constant feeling of a lack of safety everywhere they go. I can't help but think that the low rating only comes from the genre aleady being oversaturated, which is a shame because this show deserves to stand on its own merits


Zombie horror with a historical Korean twist
I love zombie horror, though I know a lot of people are bored with it. This show however gives us an entirely fresh burst of air on the genre. It takes aspects of Korean culture and mixes them with a story about political scheming, human weakness and of course the ravening hordes. Each part complements the others well as the different aspects blend together to produce an excellent story.

Though of course it's violent, there is no gore for the sake of gore and instead of excessive CGI we have talented extras with very good makeup. All in all, it's a great show

Get Out

Racial Scaremongering at it's finest
I gave this film three stars because you have to acknowledge the level of skill that goes into this movie. It takes real subtlety in the earlier parts of the film to make a big deal out of every little thing that happens, to justify the race-based fear-mongering this film is really going for. Ironically this film is itself very racist, but it cleverly sidesteps this by creating a fear based narrative that justifies their racism. Props to them for that, not since Goebbels have such effective scare tactics been used. Of course it's still deeply racist, so to hell with that


Vegetarians use the Bible to make a propaganda film
This film raises a lot of questions, none of them worth taking the time to answer. Like, if God hates meat eaters so much then why did he deliberately create carnivores? How is the human race going to repopulate itself with a genepool of just Emma Watson? If meat eating is so evil why am I now comfortably eating a burger without being struck by lightning? Was Russel Crowe actively being sponsored by vegan food producers, and if so, just how much did they give him to promote human genocide onscreen? This is the bible story that nobody wanted to see, why not go with a lesser known story? Where's the movie about Samson fighting the Phillistines with nothing but a jawbone? Classic action story, no preachy vegan overtones


The most overrated generic superhero film you'll ever see
I don't know where the hype for this film comes from, because it can't be from the content. The dialogue and characters in this movie are often ridiculous in the least entertaining way possible. Silly can be entertaining, but it can also just feel stupid. The female characters only seem to exist to be Aquaman's conscience (because he can't think for himself, as he's boring), they have no flaws or vices (in other words no depth). The villain is a cheap charicature of the warmonger, with a few poorly expressed environmental ideas thrown into his perspective. The good points of this film fall mostly on the visuals. It is a stunning film in terms of the undersea beauty portrayed, a literal riot of colour across the screen. I would also say that action is pretty positive, the combat is intense and epic. Overral though, I wouldn't reccomend

The Last Kingdom

A Diamond in the Rough
With a host of terrible historical dramas, this is a show that really stands out. It's hard to do a show that accurately and impartially portrays two rival cultures in history, whilst still maintaining compelling characters and an intense plot. Unlike certain other shows it doesn't try to mould history to fit the moral tastes of a modern audience, nor are the villains too obviously evil or the heroes too unambiguously good. This show ticks a lot of boxes for me, even a few I didn't know I cared about. Definitely one to add to the list


From the Creators of Generic Teen Superhero shows!
I gave this a mid par score because that's what this represents. Yet another middle of the road show about teens with powers who embody the struggle of 'being different' rinse and repeat. It got points from me because of good combat, nice special effects and of course: broody Nightwing, but nothing else about this show stands out

Would You Rather

A highly underrated film
People don't seem to really like this movie, but I think that's because it shows us a side of human nature we don't really want to see. In the ultimate position of chosing to help others or throw them under the bus for our own sake, most people don't want to admit which choice they'd take. An excellent film that shows us that our morality is ultimately as flexible as our circumstances dictate

Saints & Strangers

Historical Dramas as they should be told
Like all good dramas this show doesn't try to tell you what you should think. It tries to tell the story with honesty and attention to detail while taking just enough poetic license to make these characters relatable to us. What it boils down to is that, regardless of the perspective, we're all people who share a common desire to prosper and live good lives. We're often more alike than different, and all of us have flaws. In a new world where can decide how they want to live people make up the rules as they go. Being unhindered by prejuidces and past norms allow people the flexibility to come to new understandings

Outlaw King

Scotland Good, England Bad
Another overly simplistic, heavily one-sided view of history. Guess the english are destined to be cinematic history's bad guys, regardless of the truth. Quite typically when the English use underhanded tactics it's treachery, when the scots use underhanded tactics it's 'clever strategy'. In a time where few people seem to really read their history movies have a greater responsibility to the truth, but hey, to hell with that. Let's romanticise scottish independence!

Cobra Kai

One of the best shows of recent times
Cobra Kai gives you a rare glimpse of a show that wants to tell you story rather than telling you what you should think about it. It allows us to understand that there's always two sides to every story, that there are things in life more important than 'being nice' and that no matter how far gone you feel you are, there's always a chance to make more of yourself. Excellent show

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