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Scum life
The film is well done and the acting is excellent. The whole thing is very believable. The issue is the story. It a free wheeling pair of best girlfriends drinking and sexing their lives away in a continuous party at night. Then, one of them falls a bit for a guy and the other can't take it. You'd think lesbianism but it is not a consumed one, apparently. The cheery beginning full of promises turn into jadedness. I see this film as a cautionary tale of a death spiral about to commence.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Effectively, JJ Abrams is strong on effects but weak on depth again. There is a feeling of revisitation of places and people of old in a not very meaningful way. There is a lack of heart.


Another dimension
Very unusual film of Capone which is rather kaput the whole film. It might explain a few things though. The film is a bit disgusting but otherwise, it is a dark comedy that is quite hilarious. It shows a surprisingly devoted family. Not how much of it is true.

L'homme qu'on aimait trop

True story but...
The film's script lacks zest. He may be following the sequence of real events but it's hard to believe. The end is left open. We don't really know what happened. The guy also doesn't seem so friendly and his real attraction would rather come from the power he gives by using him.

The Craft: Legacy

Hard to grasp
In spite of our little hero doing very good acting, the film bogs down. It get stuck in mud. The events do not drive us into them. The vilain is too easy to fight, the bad girls get too much power too easily. Basically, it looks fake like kids play.

The Public

Well and good
Film from the United States on the problem of homelessness in winter weather. Everything is very human and warm even among the bad guys. No superpower was used at all.

Wonder Woman 1984

Fun and silly
The amazing performances are something, some kind of silly fun. This film is not to be taken seriously to be enjoyed. The plot holes are fine because it has to be seen with kids eyes. I liked the lesson akin to Bruce Almighty. Wonder woman is Spiderman and Superman sometimes. It is long but can be watched in two sittings. The dvd had plenty of extras as fun as the film.

You Should Have Left

Thrilling TV movie
The film is quite thrilling, even if some find it predictable. It is also a dark comedy and I laughed out loud a few times. Not boring. The whovians will see several winks to their all-ages english tv show. And I found winks to my own saying: «hell on earth is where there is only one right angle. All other angles are wrong!». I still tremble writing this.

A Quiet Place Part II

Monster mash
So many things lack sense, I'm not commenting on that. Cute but silly monsters that can't stand a screechy noise, don't see very well, can cut through metal easier than butter and just run to kill like terminator 2. I liked the beyond the sea song though. Such a good song. Well, it's some sort of slasher/monster/horror movie.

Effie Gray

Could be better
The film talks about first divorce but it was an annullment, which was not the first for sure. They depict the man as wanting to be alone and finding women yukky. This means the film could also have been about the poor homosexual stuck to please english society.


A bit too gratuitous, the bloody slashers. The special effects are good these days but the story could have been much better if not centered around a magical being.

The Nun

Classic scare
The story has some sense and a good flow. Well done dreams and events. I agree that too many jump scares were in use but at least not brainless slasher. Great special effects.

On the Basis of Sex

Not bad
Ruth's Contribution to Overcoming Sexism in United States Laws. Beautiful film very respectful of the family made with the help of the family. Actually, the writer is of the family.


French fun
The road story illuminates the flaws and faibles of the individuals in the family while keeping it very united. Funny and sexy like the french can do.


Comedy instructive
I found this original in that a narrator would interrupt and bring trivia about the subject. Also, the film is joking. This film is more a piece of theatre than a film. There is a need to know Tesla more because he was stupendous and the world (and the US) owes so much to him.

Dywizjon 303

To be improved
Historical film with beautiful aerial combat scenes but the whole thing is badly put together so that we don't really know how everything happened. Still a very good idea to see the film just to learn about the role of Polish pilots during this critical period of the war.

Il traditore

A different take
Different take on the mafia, not embellishing anything. The traitor was effectively less traicherous than other mafiosi. The film appears raw and not licked, which adds some credibility.


Since the film is horror, the standard is lower regarding sense and logic. It is not clear what is to mine so far down. The production is excellent though and the acting is decent enough to have fun with and at the film depends.

Love, Rosie

Unusual romantic
Very epic story spanning years over some love that has bad timing. But since it's meant to be, it finally made it. Very movie stuff but nicely and funnily played.

The English Teacher

Very funny right from the start but the story is a bit strange. This is not your regular love story, not linear at all. It is actually getting quite difficult mid-film. You can throw romantism through the window. The english teacher still ends up a bit selfless and delusional in a nice kind of way, with some sexual appetite rather unfulfilled.

Stuck in Love

Funny, serious and smart
The film seems to be the perfect mix of actors and director in a trueish story rendered very well with improvisations and a good dose of awkwardness that appears very true. Many scenes were marvelously played and were so real looking. Authenticity is a correct word and I gave one extra point for it.

The Blind Side

Tv movie
Beautiful somewhat true story put in film of a young homeless black man who is adopted by a rich white family and allows him to flourish. Film good to encourage the brotherhood between the races in the United States without shaking the established order. It still proves several things about races i.e. Environment is an important factor, strength of character can overcome difficulties, etc. Weak point: the same adult plays the black as a schoolboy, which makes the story less believable at first.


Tolkien inspirations are well demonstrated in his life story of the film. A sort of poetic adventure and apparently a unique love. Great special effects. Great love and frienship story.

The Danish Girl

True fiction
It's always great to learn a true story through a well made film. Well, we learn about the trans but not much is true, unfortunately. I have heard about this when I was young. There are things in the film that make this a bit too nice though. In between the wars, a german doctor open to human experiment might very well want to risk lives for a sex change. The dark side of the story is missing, and almost nothing of the true complex story comes up.

Les Misérables

Very good drama miniseries with believable locations and a re-creation that immerses us in the past. Victor Hugo's masterpiece is wonderfully rendered by the English!

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