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Despicable Me

The start of the worst virus ever
This barely good animated film is unfunny, has blend and LAZY animations it also give us the most annoying and other us characters the studio like to make there films as cheap as possible while most animated studios have to Illumination Entertainment are one of only three studios who can make ther GC films for $150M-$200M pules and make profits and they do not you know why you ask because they are ******** cowards. Illumination Entertainment if you want to be taken seriously put in an effort I mean people could stop copying you , I could go on but I have put in more effort in this review and they do

Teen Titans Go!

An insult to teen titans fans and kids everywhere
I grew up with the Original Teen Titans and this is an insult to the people who watch That and kids of today. TTG also carries a varuis witch effect other franchises like powerpuff girls and Scooby-Doo just to name a couple


It not ponytails, not cottontails no it's rebootales
I try to leave this a spoiler free as possible. I am not a big fan of the original DT This shows has mystery, great characters top notic animtion if you like gravity falls you will loved this well done Disney

Wacky Races

Wacky reboot
How is this this bad when it race it boring (and that what the show supposed to be about) and when not it worthless to watch terrible a And the animation is worst then the OG witch is over 50 years old in one episode dick and mutely try to knock off the king (Can not rembber his name) why? New characters like Pandora Pitstop replace the classic characters like Professor Pat Pending but give it one nice thing to say it made me appreciate the OG more

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