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Behind the Curve

Could have been great - pseudo documentary
This pseudo-documentary is misleading in the extreme. There are many scientists from around the world doing real research into the flat earth - not the paltry beginner's experiments gone wrong shown here. Both of the experiments they attempted have been clearly proven outside of this documentary by actual teams of international scientists, risking their careers and tenure to prove it. But I guess we have to go to YouTube to find it...

This mockumentary chose a few people who were clearly crazy and focused on the personal lives of the people involved rather than the science. I guess science doesn't make good storytelling, hmm? That must be why the last half was focusing on how we 'feel' about people believing one way or another, rather than on the science itself.

How can you have a documentary on Flat Earth without demonstrating at least the first ten principles of why the earth could be flat? (Gyroscopes, lack of curvature in water, height and distance, lack of changing constellations since we are always traveling at incredible speed through different space than we've seen before, etc.) And how could this be refuted unless those young scientists actually used their mathematics and demonstrations to refute them?

This documentary could have been absolutely amazing. Take some serious funding and demonstrate the the Flat Earth principles are wrong for a worldwide audience. But instead, we have some young scientists, psychologists, and other 'experts' telling us why this is a social phenomena instead of a scientific one, and trying to show the stigma attached to individuals who believe something outside of the cultural norm.

F- for science. Sorry I wasted my time.


Great acting - Great characters - Great story!
I actually didn't see any marketing for this movie and it was literally last on my local AMC new releases page. But I saw the trailer and was hooked - so glad I went!

This is a great little cross-genre movie, it's a scifi-action film - and without spoiling it I'll say it's kind of like the Terminator in that one of the leads is a young teen and it's PG-13 but it wasn't really a kids' movie, if you know what I mean.

We definitely need more of these! The story was tight and the acting was excellent. I didn't get pulled out of the movie the entire way through. Definitely recommend it if you're a fan of scifi. :)

Shatner's World... We Just Live in It...

Wonderful one-man show
We just saw this tonight - our AMC couldn't get the sound to work so it started an hour late. But that didn't change the fact that William Shatner's stage show is funny, heartwarming, and entertaining. He gave an overview of some of his major life-changing moments, and how his experiences have made him who he is. I think he made me really understand how there is part of an actor that is the role they play on TV, but it is only a small part, and outside their lives are just like ours - with ups and downs, loves and losses. I walked away feeling like life is short - and I should say 'yes' more often. And I think that was his intention.

Authors Anonymous

Unexpectedly good and moving
I went to see based on a recommendation from my writer's group, dragging my husband along with me to a theater over an hour away. We had seen the trailer, but didn't realize that it would be laugh-out-loud funny so often. The semi-documentary style of the movie made it feel like you got to know each of the characters really well. The movie took you through all of the emotions that you experience as a writer; the heartache of rejection, the envy of others' success, and the fear that you might never get a contract yourself.

This movie is not 'easy' watching. As with many indie movies, there are times between laughs that are really uncomfortable, and you just have to sit with them and let them sink in. I was impressed by how each of the actors were able to show their characters struggle with the awkwardness of their own emotions in various situations.

Both my husband and I were impressed with the movie. We both think that it felt 'real'. It's definitely worth a watch - even if you're not a writer - if you've ever competed for anything and watched someone else win, you will get something from this movie. There was a powerful message in there as well - always keep writing.

Dancing at the Harvest Moon

I enjoyed it
I really enjoyed this movie! The characters were believable and well- acted. And Eric Mabius - what a hunk! Seriously, whoever did the cover to this movie needs to go back to photography school - they didn't do him justice at all.

For people who found it boring, I believe it's because they expected the movie to be only about the romance between the two leads. However, it is about more than just the romance - it's about the heroine taking her life back after she gets cheated on by her husband. So there is romance, but there are plenty of scenes without him in it, as well.

The only things I would complain about is that I think 58 was too old for the heroine, and it wasn't really explained why he liked her. I was thinking more of like a Sandra Bullock, who is now 50 but looks 40 and could look closer in age to Eric. Maybe its the fact that, although Eric was 31 at the time, he looked a lot younger. And I wish I could have seen the attraction more from his perspective. He does an amazing job of showing the chemistry, but she doesn't particularly exude chemistry in return - so I'm wondering why he liked her so much. Guess I have to read the book now!


Better than expected - decide for yourself!
I actually wasn't that excited about watching this movie after seeing the trailer. The CGI looked like crap and I was not so into the western theme. However, it was a lot funnier than I'd expected. Jeff Bridges was classic, and the interplay between the two guys was great. I also liked the story, and didn't find the plot to be too over the top. I didn't even know that Kevin Bacon was going to be in it, but he does a great villain and that was an added bonus! I think that fans of westerns would love the movie, but fans of Ryan Reynolds who enjoy scenes of him shirtless or romancing the heroine will be disappointed after the first five minutes. It's a great matinée movie that will bring a smile to your face and maybe even make you think twice about appreciating your life, if you're inclined to think about it that deeply.

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