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The Flash: Think Fast
Episode 22, Season 4

Could Iris be anymore obnoxious and unpleasant...
I dont know if its the actress or the character, probabily both, but shes so incredibly annoying. And the character's actions are so stupid it is baffling. I often read criticism of her and Its 9/10 valid. I didnt have such a problem with her in the beginning but with each episode it was more obvious she and Barry have ZERO chemistry, her character has gone from a get-go, no BS journalist to some stay at base supervisor that is completely and utterly useless (I mean she DIRECTS Barry on the battlefield, usually in Flash time). Dont even know where to start criticizing that stupidity. If they had at least gone with the journalist storyline and ocassionally she helped maybe at the base. But as is, its impossible to believe she brings anything to the team except doubting everyone all the time and being a huge pain in the buttox.


Round and round we go in the coo-coo land
I liked the first season, it was fresh and original and promising. With each episode it become more and more crazy and started slowing down.

With second season here it has all but stopped. The nuthouse manner or how pretentious fans like to put it, "a realistic representation of psychosis" is all but BS craziness of bad writers that are making the acid trip like storytelling an end in itself. There is no progress, there is no frame for the story, no reference points and no fun watching. On top of the 90% of the time it makes no sense. Sure, some fans claim how it is not for "stupid people" or shallow but asking them to explain what just happened you hit a wall. At least be honest with yourself folks. This has become a turd. IT is going down the drain like mr.Robot. A bunch of self pleased writers who think they are creating something awfully deep and meaningful while it is nothing but an unentertaining, confused mess. Get a grip writers, stop making this lunatic storytelling an end in itself and progress the damn story. Comicbook shows are supposed to be fun to watch.

Family Guy: HTTPete
Episode 18, Season 16

Lame, on the nose and unoriginal toilet humor .
I admit, they did a pretty good job summing up the pretentious millenials or centennials or whatever theyre called but it was more of a description of what theyre like mixed with the most pitifull unoriginal jokes rather than a humorus representation. Someone must be high as a kite to find this funny while writing or so wrapped up in his own bubble that no third party opinions are coming in telling them what sh+t job they are doing. It is going the way of the American Dad this last season.

Lost in Space

If not for Dr. Smith this couldve been half decent
And dont get me wrong, I dont mind a good villain or a good troublemaker in a show, they can make great stories and drama/problems for the main character(s). Like Janice from Sopranos, an annoying, hypocritical person who brought constant problems but she was written excellent, you understood her motivation and could predict her responses to an extent because of that. Dr. Smith on the other hand, at least in this incarnation of Lost in Space, is (extremely) poorly written, her actions are an end in themselves and is nothing but an annoyance and detractor from anything good about the show and hold back the pace. She does bad things only to do them and make problem. Theres nothing beyond that, they made her a troublemaker and thats it, no logic beyond,not really anyway,. Sure, they tried some terrible inconsistent backstory but it was, again, an end in itself with no logic nor was linked to character "evolution" on the show. So all in all, I love sci-fi, I liked this show for the most part however Dr. Smith ruins it. I actually skipped forward a lot, sometimes I just paused and stopped wathing for a while and resumed in the evening because how stupid and annoying that character was. So please, either get some better writers or learn to write better characters because arguably Dr.Smith in this show is one the of worst and most poorly written character Ive seen in any show, ever. Shes not even a character,just an animated medium with no personality created for making drama and trouble.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Pure trash
Im saddened that such a great comic and movie franchize has such a poor and low quality animation series behind it. Its pure,pure trash. The animation is of the simplest form, the energy and enthusiasm in the voices seem like they were done in their lunch break at their original job, the stories, ....the stories deserve a whole review to itself for how horrible and bad they are. There is nothing of substance there, nothing interesting, nothing of a moral subnote, nothing of a general interesting redline, nothing of what is basic comic worth... And theyve even managed to make the characters which are originally fabulous and cool, totally uninteresting somehow. This show isnt worth the half a fart, actually, its insulting and makes you dumber for watching it.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Has everyone gone off the deep end?!?
In what universe is this movie great. Its a mess, plot wise, character wise, acting is horrible and it is the opposite of character study or evolution. So many thing to choose from but the main things that are most wrong are the things that are most praised by critics. The acting for example. You can PLAINLY see Rockwell and Harrelson occassionally barely stiffling a laught in the interactions, when Rockwell is playing a fool, like in the office with Frances. I dont understand how they let something so visible through the editing process. Or Frances, every time when trying to "act" she looks serious and then in the last 2 seconds before cut, she narrows her eyes. ITs like watching a wooden 1 year acting student act. Or the so called character study and supposed brilliant portrayal. I understand the pain and regret of the last encounter with the daughter but the woman was a complete B*tch from beginning to the end, the was no progress in her story. And how does killing a person correlate to anything good in the movie or their lifes? Fine, they werent sure but just when they were supposed to be seeing the senselessness of the world and life, their characters take a huge step, not step even, lead back in their development and go back to the beggining. Not to mention how she was portrayed as compassionate and starting to understand things and then in the SAME 2 minutes she completely insults and devalues her date in the restaurant but then goes and does something "nice" for her husband's date. Who TF wrote this nonsense. Make up your mind. Lets not even get into the Woody shooting himself with kids in the house when he couldve done much more considerately etc... Poor acting, poor plot, no character development.... wtf is everyone thinking.

A Quiet Place

Great idea but so so stupid
I loved the tension, the aliens, the whole premise of sound. But man it was illogical and poorly concieved not to mention so overly hollywood and american it almost made me vomit. I mean come on, they had the time to place sand for miles and miles, had everything laid out and constructed to adapt to this life and yet lived in the open. Are you kidding me, couldnt they have sound proofed the basement or found a bunker,whatever and lived there in peace and with the baby. We've seen the limits of alien's ability, they couldve easily sound proofed it enough for normal life. And the aliens could not be beat by armies of the world bacuse of no weakness and impressive armor but a shotgun kills them. Some armor. Not to mention if they were sound sensitive the FIRST solution the military would have tried would be variable frequencies and their effect. In general any move they made seemed contrary to what they wouldve learned over the years to do. And those american/hollywood scenes at the and, "if nothing works a shotgun blast will". And lets not forget the shotgun pump and the angry look in the camera, twice even in the wife's hands ( of course it had to be the wife), she was such a badS. All was missing was an eagle on the shelf and an american flag in the back. Cliche after cliche. All in all, the idea was great, and the quality of the film as a visual product was top notch but it was so dumb. Is this the new standard?

Top Gear: Episode #25.6
Episode 6, Season 25

Unwatchable rubbish
For a while It seemed like they might get away with Le Blanc leading but no,this isnt it either. The other two guys seem like two total c?cks as May would put it, with no spark and who do not care if they completely trash a car. Le Blanc at least seems human and as a bloke next door. And dont get me wrong, TG even with Clarkson & co. treated their cars sometimes pretty roughly. But not like this.

In this last episode of the season, the show completely lost any spirit the previous incarnation had, the love for the cars, the automoto ethos, that man-machine bond that was present and very often seen with Clarkson regularly praising how he fell in love with his cars over the specials or Hammond and May even BUYING the very cars they used in the show.

This new TG is the opposite of that. Everything is "entertainment". No respect for the cars, no more at least partially practical tests for the cars. Its all nonsense. So seeing a beautiful new Volvo xc60, Alfa or Volar jumping and destroying their suspension for no reason, its just ridiculous. Their whole attitude towards cars is different. Especially Harris and Rory. Le Blanc seems a bit better. Its become a terrible cr*p show aimed at pure stupid entertainment at whatever cost. The bottom line is not love for the cars and everything automotive anymore, its lets make it as loud,ridiculous, stupid and explosive as possible and hope we attract those stupid-cannot-be-still-for-4-seconds types. Either it should be canceled or give the reins to Matt and bring back the LOVE FOR THE CAR foundations that Top Gear has always been built on.

American Dad!: (You Gotta) Strike for Your Right
Episode 6, Season 13

Whats happened to AM this season??
Sure Its been a bit on and off lately (last few seasons) but still managed good eps. And all tv shows change a bit and have ups and downs. But this last season 14 ...what...the...heck..?!? It has become a completely different show. Like they hired all new people making it. Is there a new showrunner or overall very hands on producer with their own vision and humor?? New writers? Whatever it is, its atrocious. The jokes, the vibe, that whole distinct Am Dad feeling you get watching...Not to mention their everything; their interactions, dialogue, actions. Ive been watching this show forever and never felt like it has ever so significantly changed and same time dropped in quality. It never has. Quality changes yes some but this season this is a different show. Its not funny, its not interesting, the stories are horrible, its become completely onedimensional, Roger has lost every positive attribute hes every had, Klaus also. Whoever made this change, please undo this. It is totally unwatchable, this is not American Dad anymore,not even a little bit.

The Big Bang Theory: The Athenaeum Allocation
Episode 17, Season 11

This show has become terrible.
Used to be funny, witty and just right amount nerdy to still keep all sorts of profile of viewer watching. Now its become depressing, often just dark and especially void of all humour. The humour is so recycled and predictable it feels like every joke is made by a generic joke generator from the same formula only different words. You can clearly see every line where its heading. The story and characters go back and forth, usually at first part being excessively mean to turn them around at second part for story purpose (I cannot believe how mean and even evil they make them sometimes or some characters completely irrational (like Bernadette) only to turn them around 10 minutes later to serve the story). Its beyond horrible, its become unwatchable and pathetic.

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