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A very good thriller with amazing cinematography
Right from the opening scene, Ameer, the director of the film hints us that it's not yet another 'run of the mill kind' of thriller. Though we can sense Bala's influence over him in many scenes, he has mixed commercial attractions in the film in right proportions. Though Ameer's earlier film Mounam Pesiyadhe is primarily a romance, Ameer proves that he is no slouch when it comes to mystery thriller either. A simple story of mother-son bondage forms the crux of the film. The entire story occurs in Kodaikanal. The movie commences with Rama Krishna (Jeeva) and his mother Saradha (Saranya), a school teacher, lying in a pool of blood; later police finds Raam is still alive and arrests him on charges of murdering his mother. A straight-forward Police inspector Umar (Rehman) interrogates the case. The story is narrated in flashback. Rama Krishna is a mentally affected child who lacks maturity for his age, and lives with his mother Saradha. His mother is everything to Raam. Raam also gets provoked easily and cannot tolerate anything wrong happening in front of his eyes. Sub-inspector Malaichamy's (Murali) family lives next door. Malaichamy's daughter is Karthika who falls for Raam. Umar grills each and every soul connected with Raam and the teacher. He also tries to find out from Raam in all possible 'ways' the reason behind murdering his mother. In the meantime, sub-inspector Malaichamy gets irritated when his son and Karthika are summoned by Umar for interrogation. Finally the police track down the actual killer. The rest is all about how Raam takes revenge on the killer. The film has surprising twists and keeps us hooked by being fast-paced and never predictable. Ameer has drifted from the usual format of film-making. For instance, there is no separate comedy track. But still comedy is interwoven into the film very well, and at the right places. The end of the movie is also very different, for which Ameer deserves special mention. He deserves to be congratulated again for not letting vulgarity creep into his story and for creating comedy without using any of the usual comedy stars. Jeeva, once the "lover boy" has been transformed into an arrogant guy with staring looks suiting the role like a glove. He plays the role of the angry young school boy who is passionate with his mother and brings out the changes nicely through his expressions and body language. He is maturing into a realistic actor. If Jeeva chooses his future movies carefully, he could easily overtake his counterparts in no time. Saranya has given a striking performance. Ghazala, with the "girl next door" look, has done a decent job, neither overdoing nor underplaying the role. Murali as the father of Ghazala has done a fair job. Rahman has made an impressive comeback. Kanja Karuppu as Vazhavandhan, who has made a debut in this movie as a jockey and friend of Raam has done a commendable job. His comedy is so natural that it's difficult to believe that it is his first movie. Yuvan's music and Ramji's camera are the major assets for the film. The winning combo of Mounam Pesiyadhe has once again come out with a stunning film. The film has a typical 'Yuvan kind' of music. He is emerging with a style of his own in each and every film. Yuvan has something different for us this time. The songs which are situational add strength to the screenplay. The song sequences are unique, filled with ideas; the music and photography make sure we don't walk out of the theater during the songs. Ramji has tried innovative shots. His camera has captured the picturesque locales of Kodai. A solid performance from Jeeva combined with amazing cinematography by Ramji, unusual music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and a gripping screenplay by Ameer makes the film a treat to watch.

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