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What The F...aissal
I would ask who bankrolled this but it's very obvious that no bank was involved in the making of this home video posing as a movie. Unlike wine, Faissal Khan has not aged well. His acting somehow has deteriorated to a level of hamming rarely seen. I am one who can savor a bad movie but this stuff was unbearable.


Early Ronit Roy
Well-made cheap masala movie. Ronit Roy shows some potential. Decent side actors. Not sure why Shatrughan Sinha gets top billing, he doesn't have a big part, unfortunately. Sangeeta Bijlani never got her full due in Bollywood. Puneet Issar is an Indian gem, can't wait to see him fight John Abraham in some movie. Any movie where the protagonist stops a car with his hands is a OK in my book.


Things we do for our kids
Kumar Gaurav should never lead a movie. His dad tried to launch him multiple times it seems like. Rajendra Kumar must have a lot of family money to waste. What's up with the suits Kumar Gaurav is wearing. Movie is almost bad enough to be good but doesn't quite make it. Lots of recognizable side guys, Amrish is reliable. Women have no scope but that's the way, aha aha, I like it. How did Shatru make it even to this level, maybe that's what gave Kumar Gaurav hope. His dialogue delivery is is more wooden than Pinocchio.

Army of the Dead

Extremely average
Even for a no brainer movie, too many plot holes. Why such a big team, job seems easy in the movie. They get to the vault pretty easily. Zombies are more like regular bad guys than zombies. 1% zombies. The mole thing is too obvious. Japanese guy is wasted even though he's the best actor in the movie. What happened to Geeta at the end? Good build up to a lot of mediocre action scenes. Snyder has always been in almost really good mode.


So much potential...
Worst editing ever. So many stars wasted. Plot isn't horrible but goes all over the place. There's a really good movie in there somewhere, Raj Kohli doesn't find it. Kader Khans costume later in the movie is hilarious as a Chinese guy. Bad guys are more interesting than the good guys. Mithun is amazing as always, Vinod Mehra is Vinod Mehra. Raj Babbar steals the show. Ladies are wasted and kind of look alike so it can be confusing. Some songs are horrible, others are worse. Raaj Kumar is surprisingly hairy, Anil Kapoor level.

Without Remorse

Watchable but lacks everything
All the elements are kind of there but just doesn't come through. Very disappointing for Jordan, he's got the it factor. Story is nothing fresh but doesn't have to be for movies like this. I got through it just barely. Mid credit scene makes no sense.


Must watch for some
I'm a sucker for a large star lineup. And yes I consider Mukesh Khanna a star. Fake Dev Anand I always liked more than the real Dev Anand. Danny in blackface. Shakti Kapoor has a gang of little people. One of those so bad it's good types. Editing seems to have been done by a monkey. KC Bokadia has definitely done better work with large casts. Jaya Prada skipped the dubbing sessions it seems like. All the bad guys of the time seem to be in it, with some surprises. Didn't know Mukesh Rishi(Bulla) was active back then. Gullu fans will enjoy his scenes and character. Points for anyone who can actually name the hero. The basketball court scene is hilarious. Lyrics include, kabhi tu karayla kabhi tu rasmalai. If you are still reading, just watch the movie. If you watched it already, then your turn to write a review.

Kismat Karma Cash

Home movie
I don't know which Amazon executive approved this but it's a disgrace. This stuff is for YouTube, not Amazon. They must really be desperate for content for the Hindi audience. Not even bad enough to be so bad that it's almost fun watching. Unwatchable and confusing.

Aaya Toofan

Classic Mithun Era
Desi version of I'm a Barbie Girl alone is worth the watch. Great supporting cast for a Mithun movie; Hemant Birje, Mahesh Anand, Aditya Panscholi, Ravi Kushan, Gullu and actresses you'll never see again. I don't know why Gulshan Grover isn't in more movies still. So many has beens are milking it nowadays. Action scenes are a highlight for their sloppy editing and sound mixing. Emotional scenes are hilariously bad. Mithun dons long hair, a raincoat and green beret the whole movie and brings a baby goat to a restaurant/dance bar. If you are a Mithun fan, it's a must watch.


Good pandemic watch
Decided to rewatch this while on lockdown. I was surprised with the video quality, I saw a vhs back in the day probably re-recorded on a hundred times. Glad we had auto tracking.

This thing barely makes sense. One of Amitabh's "worst" efforts. Star power keeps you going, so many names, and it's just bad enough to be in the so bad it's good category. You can tell some scenes were filmed years apart. I wonder if anyone watched a final copy before releasing it. Whatever happened behind the scenes must've been quite an effort. It's not easy to put something like this together.


Corona made me watch it
Classic 80s stuff. I don't think it's him and his actual voice, which is a bummer. Everything else seems legit. Lots of bad guys, lots of stupid songs, incoherent editing, what more could you ask for.

Lucknow Central

Great Prison Movie
You can call it a bromance, comedy, musical or whatever but its a prison movie at the end of the day. Almost the whole movie takes place in one setting. There are very few prison movies made and for a good reason, they are very hard to pull off. It's no Shawshank Redemption but for an Indian movie, it was extremely well made and executed. One of my favorite Indian movies now.

Music is great and goes really well with the plot. Not sure if it's songs you'll listen to outside of the movie but in the movie they work brilliantly. I've found myself on YouTube a few times watching the songs again.

Prison movies usually don't have a lot of characters so you have to make them count. Ronit Roy is not doing the usual. Even though he's played a cop/hard-ass a few times, this one was very well played. Not the clichéd part some are describing it as. The scene where his wife calls him is great and very telling. Pay attention to the details. He definitely enhances the movie. The rest of the cast is great too. You'll recognize some faces even if you don't know the names, other than Farhan. Farhan and Deepak especially stand out. Deepak is always great in the few movies I've seen him in.

A must watch in my opinion if you appreciate Indian cinema. This one is a really under-appreciated movie and I think it'll build a fan base over time due to Netflix, etc.

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