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Soul asylum
I like violent and brutal movies full of action and dazzling girls. I'm from Serbia and I've to say that Stana Katic is the most beutiful actress in Canada and USA as well. I rated this movie with eight, only because Stana is Serbian girl, but my review can't be positive, because the story isn't about assassins and criminal, but betrayel and revange. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia.

Return to Zero

May Day
This movie is really great. I was delightful and very touched by this story, which describes serious issues in pregnancy and motherhood, especially when a psycho-analyst ( Minnie Driver ), becomes really depressed after she founds out that she cares a dead child in her stomack. This movie, really affected on me, because I'm a midleage man who also dreams about wife, marriage and big happy familly. Unfortunatelly I can' t have children of my own, because I'm sterile, but I hope that one day I'll have a chance to look after my stepchild or something... Doesn't matter. Sincerelly, yours Dusan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia.


A glad day dawned
A Viking boy, Ghost is left behind battles a Native American tribe. Raised within the tribe ( Dawsons ), he ultimately becomes their savior in fight against the Norsmen ( The Vikings ) A. K. A The Dragons. However, the truth was that Vikings'd been burgled Britannia, Ireland and coasts of America ( approximately 600 years before "The Conquest of Peradise " 1492 A.D. ) happening. So, if I'd understood everything right, Americans should be thankful to the Vikings, because they were American dawning consciousness. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic ( Jurija Gagarina 143/92, 11070 New Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Geronimo: An American Legend

This movie is about Geronimo, Apache chief, who chooses to rescue and save his tribe instead pointless battle against the superior fire-armed USA cavalry. The majestic music and scenic photography combine perfectly to compliment the stunning performances of Wes Studi as Geronimo. This masterpiece describes a true colo(u)r of Indian suffer. His secrifice still echoes in. In the present Geronimo's caput ( head ) has a high purpouse. Secret society The Sculls has preserved his scull as the ritual reliquiae which presents the symbol and pledge of their brotherhood. This is the most powerful secret society in USA. A several Ex-american presidents were the members of this cult. For example George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior and others. On the bottom of line. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia

The Book of Eli

Holly Cows
I just love Mila Kunis. This movie is about an apocalyptic future, where only the strongest is going to survive. Every single book can be rarely finded and the one man is keeping the only copy of Holly Book with himself. Ofcourse, in this situation, where the human rase is nearly to be extinguished, every place is full of outlaws, killers and rival gangs. One of their leaders is Gary Oldman with his ruthless female bodyguard Mila Kunis. Gary's time is nearly to be overed, because organized criminal groupes can't be loyal in their own rangs, if there isn't the only one "Charlie" which stands for name of the Queen and Country. Frankly, I don't believe in sacrament of church, but I can say that in some hand, I'm a believer. I have to say that I don't prefer the law, but the order, because that is the only thing which matters in civilized countries of today. Sincerelly yours Dushan Petrovich, The Goblins, Red Star sport club from Belgrade, Serbia.

3 A.M.

Sergej Trifunovich is my favorite Serbian actor. He is really great in this role as Bosnian immigrant Rasha. I'm Serbian from Belgrade, so I understand what the really point of this movie is. The sentance when Rasha says:" There is no place like Mostar" remindes me on my friend Marko Pishtalo from history studies in Belgrade. Exceally, he is Bosnian immigrant from Mostar just like Rasha in this movie. For those who didn't know that is one of the most beautiful Bosnian cities. Sincerelly yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia.

Night on Earth

3 A.M
The world is round so no matter where you go you are always in the center of it. This is one of the best Jim Jarmush movies. Great music, great photography, great acting, it's all good. It's magic." Why would I drive if I could be driven?" This is the first thing I think about it whenever I see this movie. It always remindes me on my country, my childhood and place I belong to. For the ones who didn't know, the really story about Christopher Marlow, the Devil as himself A.K.A Men in White is from the one of Jim Jarmusch movies. On the bottom of, line I like cab driving. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia

Streets of Fire

The Matrix
This was the first version of Matrix. I just love this movie. Motocyle gang and their leader The Raven. Diane Lane is great in role. Everything in this title is like a dream. We can really say that, now in 2017, the year of dreams come true. Whenever I see this movie it remindes me on my childhood and a place I come from. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia.

The Time Guardian

Anyone who watches Time Guardian expecting it to be like Star Wars because of Carrie Fisher's presence wiil be disappointed. These are some of the words I've seen in Heessian499's review and I have to say this movie won't be forgotten after's over. Time Runner was really great, too. It's very interesting, because Carrie Fisher's the main female role in this movie and Mark Hamill ( Star Wars ) in Time Runner. I hope that you remember him. He is Carrie Fisher's brother in Star Wars. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia

Die Rivalin

Fast women
Laura Angel is the most beautiful porn star in Czech Republic, who' s stood up as equal with one Kelly Trump from Germany. this movie isn't just a porn, but something, which describes the life style of highjackers and sexual euphoria after that. This is one of my favorite porns, because I was in Prague nine years ago and I'm delightful how it looks like. I come from Serbia and I've met many people from my country and Bulgaria as well. I've met the girls who speaks Serbian better than me. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovich from New Belgrade, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

The Thin Red Line

From Here to Eternity
The other thing which caught Stein's attention was something which caught the corner of his eye in the glasses as he lay looking at Tella and wondering what to do. A figure emerged from the grass on the right-hand ridge plodding rear-ward across the flat and began to mount the forward slope of the fold. Turning the glasses on him, Stein saw that it was his Sergeant McCron, that he was wringing his hands, and that he was weeping. On his dirty face two great white streaks of clean skin ran from eye to chin accentuating the eyes as if he were wearing the haunting makeup of a tragic actor in some Greek drama.

The Lion in Winter

My heart was a lion
Eleanor and King Henry II were the parents of the King Richard A.K.A Leon Heart. The King of Leon Heart wasn't great at all. He hadn't been interested in women. Someone were saying that' d been a gay, but the truth was that he'd been only a butcher and blood-thirsty maniac, who'd tried to bring back The Holly land from Saladin ( King of Egypt ). He'd killed every single man and woman at Akra ( The capital city of Turkey ), but Saladin'd succeded to keep " The Kingdom of Heaven ) and Richard'd been killed in France, tryng to rob as much as he could from Phlip II, who was the Crusader, too in that stuped war who nobody could win.

From Paris with Love

Nobodies want to become somebodies
This movie is about dying wish and lust for dangerous living, where love always comes on the second place. In the midle of story is the battle against Pakistan terrorism in Paris. I don't like this kind of stories where nothing is new, especially when a beutiful girl gets the bullet between the eyes. I mean Travolta is really the great, but everything looks like the same old La femme Nikita, which is coming back all over again and so on and so for.

White Tiger

The alchemist
This was one of the movies which I used to like when I was kid. I'd been surprised with great action scenes full of attractive fighting elements. Gary Daniels was great in this movie. He is ex Delta squad or some kind of special forces, well trained and ruthless FBI agent. He got the most unexpected partner for his companion ( Matt Craven ), who was dedicated family man. Of course there' d always been some kind of double agent, who worked for the both sides ( Julia Nickson ). I remembered her from the sequel of Rambo, when he was in the mission of saving American prisoners who'd been captured on the wrong sight of the map and after American soldiers'd retreated from Vietnam they had been suddenly forgotten and left to die in pain and suffer. Her character in this movie was double agent, who'd been working for the both sides. Their mission was to locate, find and capture one of the most dangerous international criminals, who'd been charged for distributing bio-chemical weapon. His code name was The White Tiger ( Cary- Hiroyuki Tagawa ). Craven'd been killed in action and Julia was missing and completely disappeared. Of course, there came expect-able part when the main character'd been suspended and without any authority, on his own hand, trying to revenge partner's death and find the other before everything became too late.

Nije kraj

Follow me home
This was one of my favourite Chroattion movies where Predrag Djuro Vusović ( Bitange i Princeze,serial movie. I have to say that I really liked his character of Gazda -" The Nymphe" Sex Shop owner )had'd been the main character with Nada Sargin, the most beautiful actress from Serbia ( Sutra ujutru ). Vusovic was really the great in this movie as gypsy porn actor from Chroatia. Serbian and Chroattion girls're one of the most beautiful females in the world. That is my opinion, because I'm From Serbia and I've cousins in Split ( Chroatia ). My ex-girlfriend was Serbian refuge from Chroatia. Her name was Miroslava Opalic from Gospic. We broke up two years ago and I still love her. Btw, Natasha Ivkosic ( Chroatia ) is one of the most famous porn stars in the world. Natasha's first XXX scene was produced by Slobodan Stankovic ( The most famous porn director and producer in Serbia and Hungary.

Abre los ojos

Vanilla Sky
I just love Penelope Cruz ( Serbian Emina Jahović from Novi Pazar, Kosovo and cousin sister of Turkey basketball player and the NBA Superstar in "Kings" where he'd been playing with legendary Serbian Basketball player Vlade Divac "The Lakers". For those who don't know who Emina Jahović is, I can only say that she is supermodel and famous singer in Bosna and Hercegovina and Republika Srpska ( West side of the border with Serbia across the river Drina. Btw, it's the name of Robert De Niro's daughter, who was given that name, because her father was so much impressed with SFR Yugoslavia. Exceally, he was driving a bicycle when he visited Neapolis-Niš, about 52 years ago. That's one of Serbian most beautiful cities at the South nearby The Kosovo and Metohija ). This movie is the original version of The Vanilla Sky ( Tom Cruise ).

Æon Flux

I just love Charlize Theron ( Beauty from South Africa ) was really great in this movie. She was a dishwasher in the City of Angels, where she was arguing with The bank manager about fake check when she'd been offered by Hollywood scout who was impressed by her affect reaction and that was her " The Invitation " in the world of Valley of the rich after what only the Sky was her limit. We all remembered her in The Devil's advocate with Kiannu Reeves ( he was the boyfriend of Serbian Actress Bojana Novaković ).

The Whole Nine Yards

Huge feet
I just love Natasha Henstridge ( Species ). She is the most beautiful blonde hair actress in Hollywood. In this movie Matthew Perry ( Oz ) is dentist from Cannada who is married for the wrong woman ( Arquette ). We all remembered her in Second Skin (2000) with Angus McFayden ( The Saw ), where he acted the mobster count-keeper who'd be-trailed his Boss ( Pitter Fonda )and tried to escape with his money. He'd changed his face by plastic operations, but his Boss sent "The elite" killers of the organization to find two face son of the jackal. Natasha Henstridge'd crossed over McFayden and killed him in the very end with her lesbian lover. This movie was " Outrageous". Thumbs up!

The Break-Up

The little alien from NY
I just loved Jennifer Aniston in this movie She is the most beautiful Greek actress in the world. Vince, in this movie was the really generous and had acted like the real gentleman, because he'd known when it was over. I was really hard to believe that someone could lose the woman like Jennifer,except Brad Pitt in real life.


Scary movie
That's what happens when you're dedicated Female Body Investigator who cares for his damnable job more than his own wife. She was cut and butchered by crazy serial killer. This movie (2002) had very strong point and something what someones should beware if they wanted to keep their family whole.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Fist CU
This movie is the story about the revenge, the most primal, uncivilized and stupid human lust. If you want to sick the retribution, dig two holes. One for the person worth killing for and the second for yourself. There isn't any common sense in whole thing for those who still have a brain. However, how many of you knows that Kill Bill 4 is looking forward to? The movie is going to be released next year about Ava Green's daughter revenge. Black mamba, carefully.

Addams Family Reunion

Addams family
I've never heard for this version of The Addams family and that means that I have to see this movie. Hannah'd been one of my favourite actresses when I was a kid. The first time when I'd seen her was in "Diarries of The Invissible man" with Chace and Sam. I couldn't believe that there was more sexier girl than her. I'd liked her even more better, when I'd read her bio and noticed that she was one of the richest young actresses in Hollywood. Her mother was only a highschool teacher, but she was married for one of the most successful Trade company owners in the USA and after she got a divorce from him she'd been married for several years for businessman, who was in that time almost equal to Trump. Her dying wish was to become an actress, so... She was seen by Hollywood Scouts at every single VIP club or restaurant and that was her "The Invitation" in the world of famous. On the other hand Tim Curry was the the vampire Clown (It) by the Steven King's novel and one of the episodes in ( Legend ) with Tom Cruise (Cocktail). I'm from Belgrade ( Serbia) and not far from my flat is cocktail club "Cruise". Btw, that is one of my favourite places where I hang on with my friends. Btw, my favourite cocktail is Tequila Sunrise.


The Perfect Cycle
This wasn't like the Pulp fiction at all. This was the same story like The Payback with Lucy Liu. What's round comes around. For the main characters and heroes from both of this movies nothing's gonna be square. Ever. " Hero" of this movie'd thought that his wolf's skin could change so easily, but in that kind of situations always came the same old catch. Although, he'd had the idea that he could escape from his sins, was just the end of one of his chapters. Demons were always coming back with their tests in the name of someone or something who this kind of people liked the most. In this case it was peaceful life, full day job and beautiful woman besides him. But, there was more than one capital and main thing, which all of us should have as long as we live, all the way to the near end of our days. That was his damnation. That black midnight rider sooner or later's going to cut you down. However, this is only a movie and I just like happy endings.

Misterio en la isla de los monstruos

This is the movie of my childhood. Everything was so colorful with beautiful landscapes of desert island, predictable, scary creatures, monsters, guys behind the masks and the bad guy in the middle, pulling all the strings. Of course, there is a beautiful girl in the very end, who comes as the reward for heroic action of the main character. I just love happy endings, where happy couple proves that love between man and a woman is the only thing which matters on this world.

Romper Stomper

This is the story about Hammer Skins in Australia. On the other hand, history of this kind of violence begins earlier in USA, after the Civil War. Freedom was given to the Black Men and they were equal as white ones on the South. Working places were flooded by the Black men which influenced on the job of Confederation families. Whites staid unemployed, because were too many applications for jobs, after slavery'd been forbidden and every single Negro had the legal ability to work in any factory, trade company, construction business and a restaurant as the chief or kitchen staff. Ex-warriors as well as true gentlemen and Red Necks(hard working people from the countryside) all over the South were exalted by the hunger and literally starving. That's how The KKK Clan had been created. The Great Red Dragons of Mississippi weren't just the cruel killers and twisted minds who led the army of the same maniacs, but people who were suffering and sending the clear message to politicians of the Union, because something got to be changed. The same thing was with Train companies and Chinease people who were dying all over the West, just because there wasn't other work for people from Asia except setting explosives and making narrow passages for train tunnels.Policy of The North destroyed everything. Red Necks, The Chinease people, Irish workers were in the real mess. In the country where common life was irrelevant, came the body hunters and professional killers like gunfighters and Ronins from ex-feudal Japan, hired by the mind and landowners for big money.

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