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Hillbilly Elegy

I watched this on Netflix and I loved it!
I thought , before that it was going to horrible, I don't really know why but we all get that feeling sometimes but this time I was wrong , way wrong! It was so sweet, I read one review after the movie and it said it was not as sweet as the Memoirs. I did not read the book but I can imagine it was cool! I loved the film because it was so nice and I love the lil' boy and he was so sweet and he grew up , in spite, of everything he grew up to be a fine lad! and it was so so sweet! I highly recommend it cause its touching and sweet and nice. And it was a true story that leaves one feeling good about humanity! Very nice and cool!

Thanks for making it and putting it on Netflix where poor folk can enjoy! Thanks fine job!


I perused whatever reviews people left here and....
I was expecting "THE BIG SUCK" to commence in droves but it never did. In fact I found it very entertaining and cute and inclusive and fun, and original and engaging.

I thought the writing was a cut above and the the protagonist lady is very very funny. It was just a really sweet and cute thing all the way through; I thought who is the voice behind the A.I antagonist , looks creepy but he was very very funny actor who got really really funny lines, so I have no idea why people are hating so hard on it.

God's Not Dead

Halo, I thought they did their job...
It was a bit of a homely and it was nice and it was mean and petty and that's life and a lot of people believe in God whatever that means.

But I thought the writing did its job, although I could of done without over-emphasizing the already awful stereo-types of Religious people all over the world! lol , that would of been pretty cool, it did its job but unfortunately it leaves one with a very hard and cold look at two simple dispositions that are the foundation for storytelling Good and Bad but never really delves into and quarries out anything within the grey area , nothing in-between that is where true storytelling lives and above all, thrives!


This was a very nice story
I really loved the way they unfolded the thing with style and beautiful technique. But it was the ending that really messed me up, I thought it was all over and the extra extra ending really was very engaging although a lil' obscure for I did not truly understand her motives and intentions with the protagonist's mom but still it was very nice. Whomever was involved in the thing did a fine fine fine really cool job! For a mommy roll , this one is definitely a seminal character no one will ever forget!

Jiu Jitsu

I think the idea is fantastic! Just needs a little some some...
Firstly I want to say that the antagonist Alien Warrior thing is bad-ass , yes it is like Predator but one thing that has always left me with a bad taste in my mouth with the Predator story-line is how the Predator kills his best adversaries while they have their backs turned, I mean come on look at Predator 1987 and see how Jessie "The Body" Ventura got it, yeah it looked cool, but for the sake of honor and dignity there was none, he shot him with his back turned from above Jessie never had a chance, pe-lease!

Here this thing at least let gave the other fighters a chance by challenging them face to face which I thought gave this whole premise a cut way above the original Predator and I'm a huge of anything Predator that is why I loved this thing, yes I thought it was magnificent - IT JUST NEEDED a lil' tweaking...

Like a mechanic goes in to get a tune up the script , (Because its all about the writing) not to mention the effects here were cool and everyone did a fantastic job with their lines and at the end if I may add was a fantastic line , very funny about Mamma Aliens and baby aliens!)

But in the end, if the script would have gone through another set of eyes and gotten it all sealed up with a lil' bit of proper explanations around the timeline of the thing then IMO, I think this could of been as good if not better than Alien and Predator! I truly believe that from the heart and I'm not a shill trust me on this!

That being said this , although a lil' off, and not much, it is way fun to watch, the beginning is cool, has a cool video -game feel to it that explains a lot of the fighting with guns being blasted at the protagonist from every angle and yet coming out of it unscathed! Very imo very very cool directing as well! Cause the fight sequences were spread out enough in specific takes to make you see just how cool all the punches and kicking and stabbing unfolded before your eyes! I loved it!

Like I said , perhaps if they could of explained a lil' bit of how the first team with Jake and Nick Cage were going to take on Brax without any hint of understanding how to destroy an immortal alien would of been pretty nice because they seemed to know a lot about the infernal space monster so , that being said once Jake (the Protagonist) procured the information on how to eliminate Brax on the Quest, he never really passed down this very crucial sensitive intelligence to any of his team-mates, and watching his not yet non-descript father Nick Cage die a miserable death while Jake and his pretty Asian cutie watch cruelly and weirdly off to the side, that was strange! lol.

But that being said, I absolutely loved it, it was a marvel to watch and I highly recommend it for someone who is looking for something fun to watch, I would of saved the pretty white girl from departing before her character could redeem herself but those are just lil' subjective particulars, anyway, trust me, put it on and enjoy it, it is very cool, everyone involved in the thing should be very very proud of themselves, fine fine job! cool! imo!


Intent in film...
The most difficult "thing" in film to convey is intent, to say one thing and act one way is one thing but to think differently to harbour misgivings, to walk around with jangled nerves, to walk around terrified much to the audience's purview make the whys and wherefores in character development the utmost in priority; that is, you must explain what is unfolding before us one way or another, there is no one perfect way, but that said it must be done.

Now that being said, the film is a fine film, a very artistic film by artists all the way around including surely the novelist although I did not read it, if the novels are analogous to the adaptation then yes this is a creative. And I know he knows what I am about to say because the author probably in the book tried many times to explain the character intent throughout the film, BUT , how the hell can two characters one with evidently evincing a high acumen can go along as a foist to an utterly unpractical idea like somehow , magically everything is just going to be OK. To this I say no way, there is no way two people can be in league to something that cannot be explained, especially by two supposedly drug dealing aficionados that assume that breaking the number one rule in the drug business is somehow OK, WHAT? So you are telling me , robbing the big boss, never ever giving your boss the money for an illicit high pecuniary transaction does not come with serious repercussions is somehow OK with our two protagonist. And worst, they never even discuss this matter and collude with an innocent girl-friend as if they are going on a picnic with all their newfound fortune, oh cool, we just came up on all this free money, what a joyous day, a windfall, god is good!'

Hell no, there is no way this would ever get this far without these people at least tripping really hard every single time they leave the house or start their car let alone go to another drug run , give me a serious break!

That is a major plot-hole I'm sorry but that' s just how it is, and although they tried to explain it with lil' slices of character development a long the way in the way of psychological idiosyncrasies, it just doesn't make any sense, even Ol' girl, the gf suddenly fell under the spell, they weren't even in some drug induced stupor!

But I did give it a ten because the thing is way cool to watch, and fun and creative!

A Very Country Christmas

I came around....
At first I was a lil' non-plussed at the incoming data assailing me but after I while I realized the protagonist was just like that and then I turned and I realized the single mom really loved her daughter and it seemed like she had her guard up , way up and so she denied a lot of guys including hot rich famous dudes and then well it all came around and I realized she just didn't want to be hurt and it was sweet and nice and it all worked out and it wasn't a bad trip, it was nice and good and I would recommend this for people who don't want like bad words and things of that nature. Also the mom and the daughter were great and cute and fine actresses. Good job , I really came around and it was nice.

Faith, Hope & Love

I just saw this on Netflix , hoping to get something light and fun but I have to tell you....
When I saw that it was a religious bit I got scared. Yes I did cause I accord religion with anything but a romantic comedy or any type of fun , that is secular and everybody knows this , you don't have to be a devout theologian of any sort. But I have to say, the people involved did do their job, they told the story through the characters and they did it with style and it was nice and fun! Believe it or not. I just wish it could of delved into a few topics a little bit more in contradistinction to secular living against the theological context enmeshed into the story. But all in all, I thought this was very refreshing and fun, just a few additions to raise a couple of questions on specific topics regarding religious dating against the secular back-drop that is all, I think that would of galvanized the already sweet ending just a lil' more, but it was yet very very good, everyone who worked on the thing should be very happy fine job!


I loved this!
Hmm, where do I start! I just wanted to come here and say what a fine piece of writing this thing was but even more the way it all tied together visually and the character development with sparse dialogue at times touched me deeply! and the flashback thing with the voice-over flashback to compel the "wastrel" son to do his brotherly duty! I loved it! The moments when the protagonist goes dead pan into the camera is deeply moving and quite affecting! But the best for me, is the magnificent ending and how all the threads are tied perfectly and we are left with a resounding piece of magnificent art; we must commend everyone who chipped in this project! The people who created this masterpiece should be very very proud of themselves, I watch a lot of cool stuff on Netflix but this one, this one should be canonized for a lot of reasons but for me, this one not only did its job and entertained with seminal style but expatiated on the human conditions that transcends on a universal scale.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I thought it was a nice fun very fun affair.
I really loved the whole sci-fi aspect and I think it went way above and beyond what I expected creatively and hurtled past any cliched and outdid itself as a seminal work of art in contrast to its predecessors. And I really enjoyed everything about it, every scene outshined the former and the best part was the script! The ending was the best part and I will never get Kate Blanchet out of my mind , although I would of had the antagonist big brain thing hug her and kiss her and suck her cute butt up back into the spaceship to make a nice relationship in inter-space! : ) Very nice job!


This was nice and long but worth it
IMo, I thought this thing was very well put together. I loved the way they used the flashbacks in court from the protagonist's perspective to unfold the truth , so there was no paraphrasing in the throes of recalling unreliable memories.

It just worked, I also loved that I got to experience through the film another culture and it was nice and sweet and all the ancillary characters added a lot to the story.

And I loved the antagonist how his huge ego got in the way of a functional life for him , really cool! It was all explained and well-thought out. Loved it!

Way to go Netflix, this deserves a lot praise.

Mother: Mazâ

I watched this on Netflix and Loved it!
It says two people including the director had a hand in the writing process and it felt so natural, two hours and it was worth it even the lil' dollops of what appears to be dawdling but I think everything was great because when you get to the end you understand everything and all the intentions are explained and it does it with a nice touch of of of - honor (I think is a good word to install here)! and best of all the characters are all very well developed and you really get a sense for how unique the creative mind can take a general idea and make something totally different and this (imo) is beyond unique hovering around the brim of ingenious! I loved it! great job! a fine piece of art all the way!

Midnight at the Magnolia

I thought this was really good writing!
The lady did a fine job! (IMOpinion!) I love the way she set things up and the characters were very well built and the storylines were well developed and it had a sweet cute adorable tone to the overall story that lent to an even sweeter ambience which afforded a really sweet and kind and very appealing atmosphere. The writing just made me feel good! And what is most impressive is that it was done without having to all Rated R entertainment! That's impressive! I just think this lady writer is an envoy of sweetness! Her heart must be made out of all sorts of sweet delectable delicious toothsome things that taste very very cute! She definitely knows what she is doing and does her job well! Keep up the really fun sweet writing! I'm not a shill either I love film but I really love cute stories just like this one! thank you for doing a fine sweet job! I loved it! Super sweet!

The Craft: Legacy

This lady did her job
What struck me the most was the scene in which an ancillary character stoled the scene with break-through dialogue about universal inter-connectivity and it was not only ground-breaking but stylistic , and the rest was really really nice, the lady planted seeds, the jokes were really good and the seeds grew into trees, the characters felt alive and it all had nice flow, usually in films like this , that have a dash of the fantasy, the antagonist falls flat but here they gave him a very good dialogue and an interesting through line to the end! It all worked well, not only did it exceed my expectations it completely blew me away! This lady is an artist indeed! Zoe, did a fine job. a very fine job!

The Peanut Butter Falcon

halo! I have not reviewed in a while...
But I had to say something to bring people over to his gem, don't worry, this is a winner amongst giant failures! This , this is so great lol, I can't really stress with enough good adjectives how fun this script, the fun enacting of fun cool characters, the cool themes and the witty dialogue, the whole thing was so worthy , so worth every second of it, like some Mark Twain ride but on a more titillating roller coaster! I wish it was as long as a Mark Twain novel cause somewhere during act III I feel in love with all the characters and was very invested , I wish we could keep following them ... great great job!


This was the schiznick!
Haha, a must see - a total trip , I can't believe this was a novel, how one can compose something so visual into prose must be a hardcore trip. But the film version , whatever charm the book may or may not have, the film version definitely delivers. Give some serious props for Ol' boy to see the genius in this masterpiece to star and direct , which, in both, he did a really cool job, it was just a really fun trip. Seth was out of this world , hilarious and Farell was also incredible. Although the entire thing was ethereal, strange and metaphysical it had a solid foundation in what is real and what really matters in the film industry, having fun, making movies and hoping to produce the best aesthetic art. I would definitely rate this the highest. James Franco is somehow doing his thing his own way these days and whatever each project gives to the world, you have to say there is something genuine and seminal in each one, perhaps because of his true love of the art form, thus we get something honest and sincere because the artist himself is thoughtful and mindful of the process but not without an assertive recklessness that is brash enough to throw caution to the wind to go far and beyond the normal to extract something radical. Very very cool motherfr.

Fall of Grayskull

I just saw this on youtube
Yes it wasn't like a I don't know, but whatever it was, I loved it!

Highly entertaining, the scantily clad ladies had my heart thumping and He-man was truly buff which his supposed to be, I hear in 2021 some wimp is going to enact him which really sucks...

But this was cool, a very well put together short that does fail at what its supposed to do , and that is entertain!

Great music by the way...

By the way, I had no idea the toy dolls were so sexy lol!

Summer of 84

I don't know what the hell I just saw...
But for being in the 80's it was definitely not the 'Goonies' let me tell you - No indeed it was not! Do not watch this if you want a feel good 80's flick, but if you want one of the creepiest endings ever , then do! Indeed do , so creepy...

Someone said there is a twist so I was expecting the complete opposite of where the storyline was taking me, but I never understood why or what the hell people meant when they said it was or is a twist ending...

I was pretty dang good considering it layed it all up on the table for the viewer to enjoy and it works well... like I said if you can handle something like this than its worth the 145 - its cool, otherwise rent the Goonies, or Gremlins or something else from the 80's cause this, although based on and in the 80's - is way more innovative than most of the crap that the cheesy decade puked out , pure narliness , totally radical! lol...

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

'How to manipulate "found art"
I hear a lot of people once again panning Mr. Tarantino for disrespecting certain people portrayed in his latest venture and mistaking the dialogue in this film for being his trademark dialogue whether either good or bad this is not the case. Let me expatiate: What we are looking at is a manipulation of something that has already happen we know the original story because its part of our history, but what the artist here did was pose the question: "what if?" In order to break through the spheres of the past to recreate a new future we must somehow bend time in the present just enough to create a rift in reality to birth a new parallel universe in which now the artist can answer the initial question with a whole new concept thus we bend time enough for this new reality to manifest itself before us, and here it is done, once again with style, a style and a surreal timeline in which thing unfurl, much a very new and experimental effort by Q.T. we have never seen before, one that excels his hitherto fun narratives in a fresh and strangely different way, for one, there is no story, there are just characters existing in this strange universe going against the face of everything we know to be real and constant and pulling it off, how I don't know but it just works. Ask yourself, why is Brad Pitt's character portraying a stunt man, we know him as one of the greatest living thespians of our time and yet here he can scarce get a job as a stunt man as people who first meet him keep saying , 'gosh that's strange, your the prettiest stunt man in history" haha... yeah, where does that happen; where is the greatest fighter of all time, in all of human history, Bruce Lee not able to back up his bravado as he tries to fight awkwardly maladroitly in a silly fighting sequence in which Brad beats him up, hello? It's not a diss on Bruce at all, its supposed to evoke in his greatest fans a sense of good humor and fun in an absurd backwards homage to the legend himself. This has to be in order to get to the climacteric at the end and have this incredible big sequence in which the ultimate new reality takes place in a heretofore terrible situation in our human history as Brad and Leo transcend and rise as the ultimate anti heroes to this quirky and very thoughtful very fun tale! It was just fun and cool and wholly different style to Q.T. , if you didn't know it was him, you would never know from this gem, especially from his so called "brand" of dialogue!


This is scriptwriting 101!
I don't know what I just saw , but the last 4 minutes brought this thing home into a total climax! Everything was culminating to the spectacular ending! Talk about an arc over, but the line that was delivered at the end was so powerful that it made me rise out of my seat in awe! Excellent , excellent writing, sure the tale is very hard to follow, and the characters, (at first) will make you barf but at the end , the transformation is incredible, they become sweet lil' angels forever petrified as born again lil' ideals! Beautiful and romantic and ever so affecting and ever so touching! Would love to follow this writer...

Isn't It Romantic

I thought it was very sweet and funny all at the same time...
It was thoughtful , and mindful, and affecting for all those people that are lonely and love rom coms, you will like this cause its a fun creative journey into the other side of romantic comedies...

But the protagonist lady is really funny - this was well written , I love the voice overs , haha totally Freudian slip!

I thought it was a great idea and was very interested to see if someone could pull it off , and here they did! The writers didn't miss a beat to write a funny and witty joke about a rom com cliche that didn't make me say , oh yeah, that's cool, that's funny!

I loved the gay side-kick , and then the mean gf at work gosh did she make a weird scary turn around! lol... good acting! (cause I thought she was like a dowdy milk toast chick , but then the transformation, didn't see that coming, cause they did such a good job!) lol... but anyway, I think people should lighten up a bit and let this interesting take on rom coms do its job cause its well worth it!

I would totally watch this again, its got a lot of aplomb, moxie, and heart!

No I'm not a shill, but what I am is a fan of storytelling - and anytime something new enters our world, I think people should acknowledge the creativity and give it a fair shot, cause sometimes it might just surprise you!

Honestly, I loved it! haha...

The Mule

Clint makes very good Jimmy Stewart Impressions!
This definitely was worth that lil' article in the paper I tell you what!

The first 'The Mule' the Australian version which has nothing to with this , everyone made a big giant row about a guy going to the bathroom; whilst here, they make a big fuss about someone joy-riding!

This was definitely a spectacular film, because the idea is very good, I loved the grey matter of the topic, drugs, once again we find ourselves muddled as we root for some poor wretched miserable curmudgeon, ex-vet, all American, never had a ticket! and although he is doing something against the law, at the end we have jumped shipped and hope he will some how magically end up in some magical old timer's home and everything and his family will just work itself out.

The line at the end: 'Am I the reason for you missing your anniversary?' I think he, this , everything about how we handle "the drug" problem is the reason a lot of people are missing a lot of things.... But that's neither here nor there, it does raise the question yes, but ultimately this was about one man, the protagonist and his tale and the way it unfolds here is done in a classy honest and interesting way that makes us hop aboard for the ride, literally - Although I really love the first beat-down truck the best! classic!

The Mule

Yes! disgusting but worth it!
I've never seen so much hubbub around someone going to the bathroom!

But dang this film, I don't know why, I guess its the fact that its the darkest possible content, anytime you have drugs , illicit drugs there is always that grey area - and here, the lines are blurred the moral compass is spinning out of control , and everything is fragmented, incoherent all teh way even to the end when knots are tied, and we find out what's what.

But there is so much more; a whole lot more, we end up rooting for this guy, but he is actually now more involved in what was in his stomach than when he assumed the pose of the golden goose!

I don't know what the hell I saw , but the journey was wonderful, its like taking a good Sh*** lol, jk, no really , it does explain everything and it all ends well but dangz if even at the very well explained ending you don't feel even more muddled than when the thing started but in a good way for the vehicle of the thing raises a lot of questions and hits on a lot of different variables of our human condition.

Excellent film I would highly recommend it, I actually thought I was watching the new one with Clint Eastwood .... but I was wrong, no wonder the subtitles didn't work, lol, but I'm so glad I messed up and watched this one, now I'm going to try out the new one, the 2018 Eastwood film! But honestly after watching this , I don't think there is anyway that it can rival the fun black comedy action multifaceted genre of this version!

Creed II

I gotta give it to Stallone...
When the man wants to pen a nice apropos extravaganza, his pen flexes and dances and delivers!

I've always said I would love to read or watch something Stallone wrote on the fly that did not need a big A** production - that is , it would have been nice to get a few indies in there about whatever without the big budget.

I mean he can act, write and put something worthy together, I loved this tale yes, am I fan of the Rocky's of course who isn't, would I have also loved to see a few flashbacks of Creed the father in there, sure, like in Part IV but we can't always get what we want...

I thought the most ingenious part of the script was when Creed Jr had to defend this title after he got pummeled , really challenging to see him go through hell with the training , the next level fight and the final outcome, I love how he brought back all the characters from Part IV and it just worked, at the end , some might say the cut aways were a bit spliced out of exigent contrivance to tie the knots to a few threads but I don't think so, I thought it flowed naturally and the ending and everything in this affair was just plain awesome!

I can't give enough praise , the dialogue was so cool, the unspoken moments were classic, here it just worked - is it as classic as the first four? I think so , I think it fits very nicely , would love to see many more!

BEWARE THE CLICHE LINE- can Stallone deliver the knock out punch? - without fail! this was high class super production super good kick ass job !

I can't wait for more!


I recall surfing the internet...
And coming upon this person and read a bit about her and thought what an interesting person and forgot all about it.

Now after watching I remember completely after I saw her pictures and thought wow, neat biopic, very detailed and thorough and quite entertaining, I don't think anyone has to try to hard here, she led an extra-ordinary life and it just unfurled nicely here...

I thought the acting was really neat and everyone did their job well I suppose I mean what else can one say about a tale, save ultimately did it work? and yes it did. And because there was so much going on as the end, what we are left with is really the beginning of another chapter of her life, the one emancipated from her ravisher and consequently falling into the arms of her deliverer, would of loved to see another couple of hours thence but it wasn't meat to be, we get a bit of writing on a screen, some really nice pics and that's that....

But what we do have has been exhausted, having to bear through her husband, her transition out of one relationship and into another , the burgeoning of a wonderful well rounded artist whilst blossoming into the wonderful woman her fans would more than likely remember her by.

Very nice tale..

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