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This is scriptwriting 101!
I don't know what I just saw , but the last 4 minutes brought this thing home into a total climax! Everything was culminating to the spectacular ending! Talk about an arc over, but the line that was delivered at the end was so powerful that it made me rise out of my seat in awe! Excellent , excellent writing, sure the tale is very hard to follow, and the characters, (at first) will make you barf but at the end , the transformation is incredible, they become sweet lil' angels forever petrified as born again lil' ideals! Beautiful and romantic and ever so affecting and ever so touching! Would love to follow this writer...

Isn't It Romantic

I thought it was very sweet and funny all at the same time...
It was thoughtful , and mindful, and affecting for all those people that are lonely and love rom coms, you will like this cause its a fun creative journey into the other side of romantic comedies...

But the protagonist lady is really funny - this was well written , I love the voice overs , haha totally Freudian slip!

I thought it was a great idea and was very interested to see if someone could pull it off , and here they did! The writers didn't miss a beat to write a funny and witty joke about a rom com cliche that didn't make me say , oh yeah, that's cool, that's funny!

I loved the gay side-kick , and then the mean gf at work gosh did she make a weird scary turn around! lol... good acting! (cause I thought she was like a dowdy milk toast chick , but then the transformation, didn't see that coming, cause they did such a good job!) lol... but anyway, I think people should lighten up a bit and let this interesting take on rom coms do its job cause its well worth it!

I would totally watch this again, its got a lot of aplomb, moxie, and heart!

No I'm not a shill, but what I am is a fan of storytelling - and anytime something new enters our world, I think people should acknowledge the creativity and give it a fair shot, cause sometimes it might just surprise you!

Honestly, I loved it! haha...

The Mule

Clint makes very good Jimmy Stewart Impressions!
This definitely was worth that lil' article in the paper I tell you what!

The first 'The Mule' the Australian version which has nothing to with this , everyone made a big giant row about a guy going to the bathroom; whilst here, they make a big fuss about someone joy-riding!

This was definitely a spectacular film, because the idea is very good, I loved the grey matter of the topic, drugs, once again we find ourselves muddled as we root for some poor wretched miserable curmudgeon, ex-vet, all American, never had a ticket! and although he is doing something against the law, at the end we have jumped shipped and hope he will some how magically end up in some magical old timer's home and everything and his family will just work itself out.

The line at the end: 'Am I the reason for you missing your anniversary?' I think he, this , everything about how we handle "the drug" problem is the reason a lot of people are missing a lot of things.... But that's neither here nor there, it does raise the question yes, but ultimately this was about one man, the protagonist and his tale and the way it unfolds here is done in a classy honest and interesting way that makes us hop aboard for the ride, literally - Although I really love the first beat-down truck the best! classic!

The Mule

Yes! disgusting but worth it!
I've never seen so much hubbub around someone going to the bathroom!

But dang this film, I don't know why, I guess its the fact that its the darkest possible content, anytime you have drugs , illicit drugs there is always that grey area - and here, the lines are blurred the moral compass is spinning out of control , and everything is fragmented, incoherent all teh way even to the end when knots are tied, and we find out what's what.

But there is so much more; a whole lot more, we end up rooting for this guy, but he is actually now more involved in what was in his stomach than when he assumed the pose of the golden goose!

I don't know what the hell I saw , but the journey was wonderful, its like taking a good Sh*** lol, jk, no really , it does explain everything and it all ends well but dangz if even at the very well explained ending you don't feel even more muddled than when the thing started but in a good way for the vehicle of the thing raises a lot of questions and hits on a lot of different variables of our human condition.

Excellent film I would highly recommend it, I actually thought I was watching the new one with Clint Eastwood .... but I was wrong, no wonder the subtitles didn't work, lol, but I'm so glad I messed up and watched this one, now I'm going to try out the new one, the 2018 Eastwood film! But honestly after watching this , I don't think there is anyway that it can rival the fun black comedy action multifaceted genre of this version!

Creed II

I gotta give it to Stallone...
When the man wants to pen a nice apropos extravaganza, his pen flexes and dances and delivers!

I've always said I would love to read or watch something Stallone wrote on the fly that did not need a big A** production - that is , it would have been nice to get a few indies in there about whatever without the big budget.

I mean he can act, write and put something worthy together, I loved this tale yes, am I fan of the Rocky's of course who isn't, would I have also loved to see a few flashbacks of Creed the father in there, sure, like in Part IV but we can't always get what we want...

I thought the most ingenious part of the script was when Creed Jr had to defend this title after he got pummeled , really challenging to see him go through hell with the training , the next level fight and the final outcome, I love how he brought back all the characters from Part IV and it just worked, at the end , some might say the cut aways were a bit spliced out of exigent contrivance to tie the knots to a few threads but I don't think so, I thought it flowed naturally and the ending and everything in this affair was just plain awesome!

I can't give enough praise , the dialogue was so cool, the unspoken moments were classic, here it just worked - is it as classic as the first four? I think so , I think it fits very nicely , would love to see many more!

BEWARE THE CLICHE LINE- can Stallone deliver the knock out punch? - without fail! this was high class super production super good kick ass job !

I can't wait for more!


I recall surfing the internet...
And coming upon this person and read a bit about her and thought what an interesting person and forgot all about it.

Now after watching I remember completely after I saw her pictures and thought wow, neat biopic, very detailed and thorough and quite entertaining, I don't think anyone has to try to hard here, she led an extra-ordinary life and it just unfurled nicely here...

I thought the acting was really neat and everyone did their job well I suppose I mean what else can one say about a tale, save ultimately did it work? and yes it did. And because there was so much going on as the end, what we are left with is really the beginning of another chapter of her life, the one emancipated from her ravisher and consequently falling into the arms of her deliverer, would of loved to see another couple of hours thence but it wasn't meat to be, we get a bit of writing on a screen, some really nice pics and that's that....

But what we do have has been exhausted, having to bear through her husband, her transition out of one relationship and into another , the burgeoning of a wonderful well rounded artist whilst blossoming into the wonderful woman her fans would more than likely remember her by.

Very nice tale..


I caught this on Netflix...
I was surprised to see how many people did not like it, I thought it worked until the very end...

I was like dangz, do these people think that sequels just grow on trees? This is not the type of story that works well with a nice juicy cliffhanger, in fact I don't know any movie that comes out with a good feeling its like receiving a really cool present on Christmas but the dang present needs like special tools to put it together , like what?

NO come on, clean up the ending man... they should of, yes imo, they should of removed the nice happy ending - replace it with the cliffhanger and then finish it, like speed it up do something but dont' leave us hanging like that bro... come on?

Its not right, I mean even the happy ending did not make any sense for they are like speaking on what just happened like its all over, like what? its the mob man, they are only gonna bring out the top guns now, you just wacked out a key member like what?

No, man... just finish it somehow, satisfy us with a descent ending... give us something not this...

but that saying I would watch the sequel if there is ever going to be one, which I doubt looking at the imdb ratings; and besides these lil' gems never get any advertisements so how are we supposed to know when the dang thing comes out....

Mississippi Grind

I used to think Ryan Renolds suced!
Big time! But now as of late, I think I was wrong, perhaps I was jealous of his good loooks lol, I don' t know, but here enacting his character he did a fine job, moving through the scope of human emotions really well , great timing and he pulled off a great job!

That being said, there was some fine writing here, his character is not only charming and forgiving but very exciting, so it lends to a very interesting plot line that sort of works itself out in the end despite his sidekick's depraved antics.

But I have to say, this film, was very very well written, the life of someone that is engulfed completely in this disease , is very very frightful in its (Noun of tenuous anyone?) lol, but yes, this is a tough road to pic in life, one never knows if one has won enough to be fixed or lost enough, nor when they are going to pick back up where they left off and what? How far can you sink in this game before you are facing the edge of oblivion?

Very cool, highly recommend it.

Unicorn Store

I feel weird...
It started good enough, and it increased with every scene, then the end I felt so weird, (spoiler) when Samuel L. Jackson said to go in there to get her prize - all the while I didn't know what to think, I tried not to think ahead, but suddenly when it was all dark, I thought perhaps the unicorn was code for ugly terrible monster... then! What I thought was real all along, came true, but for a few seconds there, I got all weirded out! lol....

Very cool film, very cool idea... excellent write!

I hope to see something as FANTASTIC AND FUN from this writer again soon that's for sure....

Sr. Pig

Howard is the cutest and smartest and most succulent pet in the world!
The pig does not like it when humans bathe him, like Danny Glover in the film, then later we come to find out he does like water, he jumps into the ocean on his own volition and swims and everything.

Danny claims he is a dead beat dad but in the end he was able to do exactly what we thought was going to be impossible, how the hell is he going to find a nice home for Howard in Mexico when everyone looks at him like he should be part of breakfast lunch and dinner and late night snack! lol, and leave something behind for his daughter.

but it does all work out, that's the trippi, thing, Howard does find a nice home where it looks like he is going to live out his golden years just fine in a natural habitat; another great scene is when he is looking for Howard in the pig pens and the pigs begin to freak out as though they are trying to tell him , this is not place for any pig to call home and he feels all this , its very cool and thought out.

So right when it looks like they should give up because he made a large mistake forgoing the easy money for the sake of Howard's sanity and health; something better is looming around the corner and its grand!

This was just wonderful on so many levels; I highly recommend it, catch it on Netflix if you can!

The Highwaymen

I watched it on Netflix...
Which affords the fast forward on this extraordinary long stream; which I put in use; cause it did indeed feel a bit dragged out but the ending is worth it and so is Woody!

We've all seen or heard the Bonnie & Clyde tale a dozen times laid out in many different ways; but this one had the POV of the two gents that did them in! lol...

The ending here was really cool, my fav part was after they is all shot up and stuff, the car keep coming , and coming like theis ghosts in teh car, and being that its B and C - dang well, they's ghost got ghost, spitting out charcoal ghost bullets till there is no end in sight! But it was just the parking brake, when the young cop opens up the door and inspects the situation, B & C almost look like a regular pair of fond young lovers all peaceful taking a nice nap the day before their honeymoon or something; but only difference is theis all full of crimson holes, but its saying something, it really is... kinda neat...

That bitch just could not handle the can I guess, she was the one to draw first blood , even with half a dozen heavily armed men brandishing big ass guns point blank; or she just one of those that has to go out in a blaze of glory!

I will say, I had no idea what this was about, but when I heard Bonnie and Clyde I'm like all this again for what's been done so many times, but I guess a different perspective and it changes the course of the story significantly , but we all know where its all going to culminate... pretty twisted, pretty cool...

It is a bit dragging at parts but with Netflix, one can skip over some of the rehashed parts here and there....

I recommend it...

Triple Frontier

I absolutely loved this Netflix gem!
Let me start that yes, it did feel a tad long, like the trek back from the mission did feel like it could of been edited a bit ....

But other than that... this was really really good writing, Ben did an excellent job acting all greedy and s****! lol...

The protagonist dude is super masterly at his craft! I loved the journey from beginning to end, very cool film, and the best part for me was the end, it was set up well and it worked , the whole film worked on its own merit.

I will say, I don't feel too bad for that donkey on that terrible hike, at least he went down knowing what's like to be a millionaire or lead an opulent life even if it was for an ephemeral time. lol!

Night Tide

This was fantastic!
It definitely ended with an anti-climax, but dang it started with a wild premise , the reason the anti-climax for an ending did not take away from the film is because the writing took us to that fantastic place only really good confabulation can deliver. So we start off, saying things like "no way!' Then along the line we say 'Well, maybe' Then at the end , were like 'Oh so that's what happened!' lol, anti-climax, but it doesn't' matter because we were all in on the ride to begin with, its still stays true to the story so it doesn't matter if the ending goes even further and we see a bunch of strange singular sea mermaid sirens descend from a terrific rift from outer space give ingress to our world, or a lil' ol' man or lady, solve the great mystery in a quick lil' scene in a dank ugly lil' jail with a few curtailed concise banter... So that's it, then, most people get that mixed up with bad writing but its sooooo not , its quite the opposite, both endings would have worked really well here... very nice!

I recommend it, and who knew Dennis was so handsome! and not a bad lil' actor as well.... lol!

Women in the Night

This was creepy on another level...
I think it highlights crimes against all humanity by focusing on one central topic yet the horror lies within the tale in its seedy undercurrent that we are all animals, so whilst the man watches, we know this is wrong but there is always that looming animal side that pesters as desire... yes , we are human but the paradox is by placating our animal basic human instincts we clash against humanity trying to justify an inhumane decision by adjusting the moral compass here and now there, but in the end...?

But here I felt a choking oppression from every angle of this film. The bad guys, the good guys, war is just so consuming, it takes everything whilst leaving nothing, its as though the hitherto human characters forthwith lose all their humanity somewhere along the terrible journey that is war time.

I don't think the salt of the earth , people who want to farm, feed their families, write a poem, enjoy nature a bit can ever ever understand war and all its attendant manifold corroborating threads to any capacity. It is virtually impossible, I think artists have come close , but I don't think anyone has really touched or grasped the concept of the few at the top that benefit from its universal concomitant atrocities.

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

I'm coming in, I'm coming in... Jack Black rules!
Skate kids and the paraplegic - the skate kids ride behind him, - hey thanks, - much obliged - do not you want to watch us skate at the park? - I do, I do, but I'm afraid I might get a bit inspired, and my mettle will endeavor to put me over the top , casue I used to Ollie really high! When I was a kid... (beat) - that's OK, cause were really not skate kids, and this is not a skate-park - oh? - yes, we are all young warlocks here to summon the father, to invoke meaning to our dreadful lives - oh? - and if you want we can implore his services to making you walk again! - Ah shucks, I don't know what to say, perhaps another day, I've grown quite languid, I must go home and rest lest I forget to languish all day in my normal habitual stupor! - OK, see yah!....

That was a really sweet film.


This was def a darling...
Ronald is good, but the ol' man with the monocle, gosh his funny! Mr. Cobun? whatever his name is, he sure can do a lot with some stuffy odd character! haha

Had me rolling! He probably is one of the Classics a lot of gran folk know about!

I would love to see more of his stuff, is there anything in which he is the main guy?

But everyone in this lil' charming film had a nice banter going on at all times, it was neat and more importantly it just worked.

I would recommend it! Youtube classics TCM special. Wish they had everything I mean come on, why should we have to purchase something that makes up the foundation of Hollywood or just plain the beginning of movie making all across the world, they are classics , they should be as free as going to the library and picking up their source materials in book form... It just makes for more learning and how our ancestors grew up in the nascent stages of filmmaking...

Well, this was nice...

Teenagers from Outer Space

This was straight up a gem!
This was incredible how close it relates to the prescient timeless classic; very smart indeed, a pressage of what's to come with the weapons and the robots aliens and everything and think about their planet - its just out of this world!

and how cool the action sequences were, how yet advanced a race can become and yet regress back to slavish barbarity.

I don't think there is anything close that touches this, unrelenting and gamma rays and the skull people , just magnificent!

Low ratings , should imo be one of the best!

Very very cool movie...

Fallen Angel

What are you gonna do!

I just really wanted to write that. This movie had me on the edge, I love the dialogue they gave everyone, and the strange thing is, for the protagonist for being such a bum wiseguy we could sure appreciate his candor, perhaps he was just midunderstood.

Very cool film, it had me wondering who done it, I was like, did he do it, did she do it, I don't know , turns out it was the one person I never assumed would have done it! hahaa, but what are you gonna do, their are dames and there are dames and sometimes you find yourself starring right into the Devil's madam.... haha, she turned out to be my favorite character, she had the funniest coolest lines! haha..

Very cool affair.

The Dark Tower

The most disturbing aspect of this tale....
To me, what most people find disturbing is the Dr. and his insidious ways at attaining his own personal goals; I agree, the man is a droning awful cold and calculated machine that panders solely to his decadent desires but that's not what I found most disturbing in this here yarn..

Oh no, did anyone heed the fact that the audience to these spectacles go to the circus for the sake of perhaps seeing someone especially a nice lady plummet to her death whilst performing for them in a tightrope act?

That is what made them famous, no, not the safe dumb clowns, or whatever else the circus has in store, but the simple fact that maybe the patrons that frequent this weird establishment offer up the possibility of a human being plummeting to their death as the best, most appealing, most popular, most exciting thing in their act, what is that about?

I mean who cares if she falls or not, if there is a net, we shant have to worry, no, for that is why we call it a safety net, it does not add nor take away from what we really came to see, the talent behind the Trapeze artists... Not sitting there with bated breath biting into our nails in hopes something out of the ordinary transpires before our eyes like.......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! plop....

Good show, good show indeed sir!

The Snow Creature

this was all right, I did not give it any stars... but it was all right.. just that...
Well, (spoilers) when the Snow creature kills its only the women, its strange how he pummels the guys but they just seemed to get up again, makes no sense, we expect a big spooky snow creature to destroy everything in sight no? but...

And at the end, the protagonist has no qualms about destroying the creature for whom earlier he wanted desperately to bring it in alive for the sake of science , but at the end, he just laughs it off , like its no big deal and they make a bad baby joke, a real bad baby joke...

But if you want to see a weird snow creature, then check it out, I would suggest just fast forward to the creature and move on...

Cry of the Werewolf

I thought this was fantastically neat!
Perhaps in a few more years down the road, this terrible werewolf under its full manifestation thereof would of seized to be a cute winter shaggy dog with a mean gruff growl, and perhaps something at bit more like a werewolf in London? lol, that would've been pretty cool... but its still darling in its own right.

This was cool, but what was a thousand time more disturbing was the "evil" lady gone full werewolf , BEFORE SHE WAS A WOLF AND BOY BOY BOY, GOSH DARN, THIS WITCH WAS A REAL B*****c yes, a real one at that, gosh, I mean with powers like that why not try to rule the world, she is running back and forth like a rat out of a cave scorned because of some unfulfilled love triangle trysts gone bad, dang, a bit trite do not you think... .

But in the end this was a darling, check it out!

Juliet, Naked

this was really really sweet with extra cheries and cookies and gooey whatever ,
Molassess , I don't know, I guess this is from a book, the same guy that created High Fidelity! Cool, the guy has not only seminal ideas for stories but knows exactly how to execute the process into something special -

Whomever transferred that gooey stuff over to screenplay seemed to have done a very very good job because whatever ever single scene was fantastic, I assume the book must be loaded with them! Although it would have been nice to have the prose guy transfer all that stuff over to screenplay but who knows what happened there, but this was a really neat way to put it together.

Someone complained about movie stars getting old, I actually felt the complete opposite: I actually am looking forward to seeing Ethan now older handling other types of stories, its very interesting to see a thespian through the aging process handle different subject matter, a lot of them want to put down the guns and perhaps sit down with a fine Woody Allen script , save Tom Cruise of course, if he could stay frozen at 25 and play top gun forever flying here and now whatever there, action action action - come on! Peee lase!

Someone here on IMdb, said they did not like it because it was boring, hmmm, um, the only thing that comment made me feel was pray expatiate a bit, boring how? But , I never understand why people feel the need to say I didn't like it - well why? - oh I'll tell you why, frankly jack, it was very boring! These are the people that think an exclamation mark is an explanation lol! hhahaha, pray expatiate?

I have to tell you, what I loved the most , the very most! was the initial first perspective of the superfan , and how the Narrative by the by was delivered from the POV of the love interest, very very cool, and finally when all three collide and Ol' boy meets his idol, come on, that was so classic, I actually at one point felt this intense feeling as though the superfan anytime he came near his idol was like meeting Jesus or some superhero figure or something! lol, very very nice...

But the best line, the ultimate line delivered by the superfan: Art is not for the artist; no more than water is for the bloody plumber... ' Very very cool line, I bet the book has a lot of gems, one thing I would like to know, If it is in the first person does the narrative transfer from one character to the other at some point in the story?


This was a very well thought script , nice idea...
But once it got underway, as the progression of 'The Rectifier' and his becoming unfolded, (SPOILER) there was a junction in the tale in which it his little vigilante stunts reach a fever pitch and it gets to high places in society; here is the question I have, if a normal citizen whose job is not of invoking the sleuth inside; why could not a legitimate political crew work on this and track him down as well?

This observation does not negate the overall atmosphere of this film, no, it would have been nice to bring it up a bit but, I mean at one point the Mayor, who has a hardon for the Rectiffier wants to use the Patriot or terrost law on him, can't call a couple of dicks, lol, to detect this pest?

But if you can get by that, its a fun tale, Tim is always cool, no matter how stupid his scripts are, (esp in the 80's) but that said, it was very interesting...

I will say there is a character at the end that really , just gave a terrible start, the pretty activist girl, her acting after the trial as she appeals for his services crushed me when denied... I guess there is a big part of me that feels just like her, I think we can all identity with feeling helpless in the throes of injustice but... that is what so great about this film, the undertones, the themes, everything... lol

This is how I feel about that special character: there is a lot going on with this ancillary character, she is an activist, this avocation is one that merits worth , its is noble sure, but, after the work is done, all this not unselfish work is done, the old influx of feelings come rushing back, loneliness, disconnection from the world, meaning, where do I go from here, do I matter , what is my worth, what can I do, who am I, filled with this terrible anxiety she withers into disillusionment, the question she has to ask herself is , am I doing this for the noble reasons I thought I was, or am I just trying to fit in somewhere, attain that quick fix, the rush of doing something , its the right thing to do to fight an establishment that treats us worse than an animal surely, but the pain in her countenance bespeaks a whole hell of a lot more.... there is a whole lot of pain, a pain that manifests itself as hate , a hate that seeketh the effigy upon which to displace all that anguish and uncertainty, the same emotions everyone in this world fights against since day one, that no one of us have any control....

Waiting for Forever

I didn't give this any stars, the idea was very good...
Yet the composition needed not work but to be somewhere else, it should of been a novel twice or three times longer than a 100 script , that was just not enough, in a novel at least you get all teh time in the world to expalin and over explain and expatiate on ever single episode to finally tie it together, here there were so many questions unanswered, it could not fix the temperament of the love interest in time before the big end scene and so much more, felt a bit force , they are having an intimate moment and all of the sudden Ol' girl cuts him off and frowns and says: wait have you been following me? yes the retort was nice but again felt forced , so we could have some lamo hurdle to bring it together with a nice love letter, why not keep it real , the reason why it did not work, is that they were trying to extract a story out of something that was already there, this is found art, yes one can say the rift betwixt them was long enough for her to change , for he changed as well, but dang.. It just needed to be a novel third person to explain everything - or perhaps first person , that's more difficult, liek a screenplay, its very limited, but this was just too too much to rest everything to be explained on the shoulders of two thespians, it was just too much to ask... but it did have a very very good idea and it had a lovely ending save for the creepy psycho bf... I would of just extracted that creep - there is no excuse for someone liek that to be connected to a love interest in a sweet romance story... that can't be explained and it tarnished and or questions the validity of the love interest... Pe lease... again unless expalined... things that don't make sense need to be explained some how, either by telling or by the undercurrent or by some theme... here it did do that, but there yet were so many questions... despite the sweet ending...

La môme

I don't know who gets the credit for the timeline here but...
However it was done, with a perfect screenplay directly to film or if the manifest magic happened in the editing or what but that person deserves a nice job somewhere doing this for a living for imo, and whose other would it be, I think this is exactly how you transfer a biography into a biopic...

Unfortunately a lot of people do not like the jumping way forward and back as it does interfere with the process of telling a story comfortably naturally and without the contrived offense , but being that this is film, sometimes this makes a nice "alternative" option to seize the ever lasting snatches of the remembrances of time's past - and if you think about, no one is perfect, no one can maintain that which is deemed the ideal of staying in the now - even those perfect people , when accidents happen, when things don't go our way , it it normal in these unforeseen terrible situations to not stop involuntarily giving way to the accosting influx of thoughts , what could I have done to not have had this happen to me? , There are only a handful of people that can assert the situation with reason, accept it , learn from it and move on a better person, those are the tried and few perhaps dynamic super successful people who see openings that for us folk are just not there, we either have to be guided by a lil' help from our loved ones or keep on making the same mistake until the way out falls ontop of us and then and only then is the solution evident; so that being said, there are a lot of moments here that give way to mawkish sentimentality which cannot be forbore by those great ones but to the rest of us, we can and will relate to this...

I just think one thing, what impresses me most , and I have always wondered this, for there are successful people in the entertainment industry to either are not creative all , or they fail to attune to whatever is there due to not seeing it before their eyes... for this character the machinations of a beautiful voice had to be adjusted a bit there and tweaked a jot there and before we know it, a star is born but is she really a stand alone star, and the answer is no; she needed a team of people to express herself , and those were the writers of her music to which she prevailed on stage ever so manifestly alluring and graciously and wonderfully sweeping us all under her magic thus as we involuntarily follow at her every whim ,for she has us on the palm of her pretty hands we are swept away by her engaging charm and sweetness and dulcet tones, oh the pretty such pretty songs, but never once did she take a pen to paper and create not a one, so thus , she lived a very exclusive life for at the end when someone shows up with the perfect song that makes up her moral compass , that instills one with hope, manifesting all those universal tropes, that ever so includes all of us whom we felt dashed and misunderstood, there comes the perfect song that encompasses everything for which we stand for surely now , if I sing this all will be well with the world , to her, for how can they not love with in this all inclusive universal theme to be included to be desired, to be understood and to be loved....

Very admirable piece of art, a triumphal enterprise, and definitely makes one want to search this person out , and dang the acting was - how this person did not win best actress, I don't know did she? dang... of course imo... must of been some heavy hitters that year!

Very cool... very very cool... and I listen to Iron Maiden so , but I can say dang , this the music, the everything I learnt something... its not just about some annoying cats fighting with each other music lol...

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