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Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Good thriller which could have been GREAT
One of the best things of this Web Series is the Quality of the Action Scenes & the Acting by all including Mohit Raina & others. The music also went well with the flow.

The only point I did not like is the attempt to balance out the religions & not showing how things really were. This could have been an excellent Web Series deserving a rating of 10 had they stuck to the reality of the terrorists & not trying to balance out the religion extremism. They could have shown the words the terrorists use before starting an attack or getting themselves killed. Why soften those aspects.


Very Refreshing
A very refreshing movie with excellent story, direction and acting by Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi and all others. It has comedy and emotional aspects very well covered.

It's been a long time that I saw a really good Hindi Movie in the era of Excellent Web Series. I think Kriti Sanon will be thankful for a long time for having done this role.


Did they try to copy from Rocky ?
Some of the boxing scenes including the ones with Farhan were good. However the emotional aspect of the story did not touch me. It was too long and lacked the depth.

Also how does Farhan get trained again after 5 years. Does he really train on his own ? They should have emphasized on the training aspect again in the 2nd part of the film to make it more real.

Wrong Side Raju

Good Thriller
The Movie develops as a good thriller slowly. I am also impressed that Quality of Gujarati Cinema is improving. Good acting by Prateek Gandhi & others as well. Obviously I am watching this movie for Prateek Gandhi :-) .

I just felt that the Court Scene could have been developed much better. There were too many loose ends. Car has been changed from Right Hand Drive to Left Hand. But where is the Car ? Judge or Lawyer needs to ask.

Housefull 4

No meaningful Story
What is this ? There is no believable Story with proper characters. Gross Comedy with too many actors leading nowhere.

In the Houseful series this one is the worst. Not worth a watch even on TV.

Baaghi 2

Good Thriller
Watched this on OTT Platform. A great thriller from the 1st scene. The Story develops well. All characters have relevance & contribute to the story. Unable to understand why so many have given this a low rating.

I do agree towards the end it becomes a combination of Rambo & other action movies. But it is okay. Baaghi 2 was a good entertainer & definitely worth a watch.


Silly Movie
A Very Silly movie. It is neither a comedy or horror. The reason I watched is because I was told this is a sequel of Stree. The Comedy does not develop properly nor is the horror.

This movie can be given a miss.


What a thriller. What did I just watch ? Very gripping movie from the beginning. The movie moves at an interesting pace with many characters and plots leading to an excellent climax.

Very good Direction by Neeraj Pandey and also the acting by Akshay Kumar and supported by Rana, Anupam Kher and others.

This is a thriller that will go done in History as one of the best thrillers of all time in Hindi Movies

1962: The War in the Hills

Focus more on the war
It's worth watching once. I read a lot of negative reviews. The series does pick up Very slowly and goes deep into all the sepoy characters and their love lives.

The war starts from Episode 7 onwards. The problem is that people will expect a war web series but there are too many love stories. They could have shown some correlation with actual Historic facts.

However I found some of the scenes in Ladak beautifully done. Songs and Music are also good.

The Jackal

A Thriller worth a watch
An awesome thriller with Bruce Willis as a Cold Assassin does a very good job. The plot & suspense builds up very well. An adaption from the Book "The Day of the Jackal". I have read the book but not seen the original movie

This movie is definitely worth a watch especially for Bruce WIllis

Meray Paas Tum Ho

A Good Drama with a Very disappointing ending
A good drama that picks up well. I found the lead Actress Iyeza Khan extremely beautiful & talented. Surprised to see the last few episodes become a drag & nobody having any mercy on Mehwish even though she is repenting.

The ending is not natural & does not convey anything

Coolie No. 1

Can a movie be so bad, meaningless and no context. I started watching it as it was available on OTT platform but had to stop watching it after 40 mins.


Unbelievable Gujarati Movie
I cannot believe what I just watched. Flawless Direction, Garba, Songs, Lyrics & acting by all. After watching the movie I had to hear all the songs again on youtube.

This movie is a masterpiece not only for Gujarati but Indian Cinema. Even after winning the National Award, I am surprised it was not sent for Oscars...

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Worst Acting
This is one of the worst actings of Salman Khan and Sonam. For that matter I think Sonam cannot act at all and no expressions.

I am a fan of Bharjatiya films but was disappointed with this one.


What a horribly boring movie. Finally watched it on OTT during lockdown. I am surprised but acting of Salman Khan and Katrina was very average. Salman khan does not look convincing on this role. Also looks old for his initial part.

Disha Patani looks ravishing on the short role.

Would not recommend this as a movie to watch even for Salman Khan fans


Fresh & new Story
I found the Story line of Betaal very refreshing & new. The Indian version of Zombie Army is done quite well. I just felt that the Emotional Scenes of the Characters could have been much better developed. It sometimes gave the impression of the scene dragging.

The ending left us with Season 2 that should come

Bhoot: Part One - The Haunted Ship

Kept me edgy
A Very Good Horror film that kept me alert throughout. Very good Story, Direction, Photography & Acting. The film looks very real. I watched this on Netflix & realized it was time well spent

World Famous Lover

A Good watch
I do not understand why the reviews are so bad. Watched this movie on Netflix. I do not understand Telugu but watched it with English Subtitles.

A refreshing & new Story. Loved the acting of VD after Arjun Reddy, Geetha Govind. All the other actresses have also performed well.

Special OPS

Worth Binge Watching
I finished the complete season in 2 days, 4 episodes each day. An Excellent thriller till the last Episode with very good locations depicted.

Acting of Kay Kay Menon, Vinay Pathak & all others is good. This is one Web Series definitely watching.


Very loud background music
I am unable to understand why the background music is so loud in all the episodes.

I have yet to see a Pakistan Drama as good as Humsafar.

I found the pace of Khaani too slow and acting of the lead pair average. Had to leave it half way while watching on Netflix


The Political views of Bal Thackeray are not conveyed clearly. The film also appeared like a documentary with the first half in Black and White. None of the characters other than Nawazuddin are developed. Nawazuddin shines above all including the poor script and Direction

Mirch Masala

A must watch
A Very good narrative on Pre-Independent India where Oppression of Tax Collectors on Villagers is depicted very well.

While I do not want to summarize the Story, I would like to highlight excellent Direction by Ketan Mehta & acting by Smita Patil, Suresh Oberoi & Om Puri. The vulnerability of the villagers is exposed & very few people stand up against the Naseeruddin Shah who is the Subedar.

The astonishment of the villagers on seeing the Gramophone for the first time is also very impressive

I managed to watch it online & was thoroughly impressed. It certainly deserves a 9/10

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