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New Amsterdam: Pressure Drop
Episode 11, Season 3

A great "woke" episode. This show - NOW - totally sucks. Global warning? CHECK! Gay sex makes someone happy. CHECK! We all need therapy. CHECK! Let's cover all the bases in 43 minutes. OVER IT. Done. Bye New Amsterdam ... your writers have totally ruined a once great show ...

Call Your Mother

It's done
No surprise it was canceled. It was not funny. It did not grab my attention ... and the canned laughter made it worse. Kyra Sedgwick said she thought it was canceled because the network kept moving the time-slot. WELL KYRA, as much as I've liked you in other things you've done, you are wrong. It was canceled because it was a HORRIBLE TV show... it will not be missed.

The Sauce of Love

Didn't hold my interest at all. Boring. BTW - this is not a Hallmark movie. It's an UpTV movie BORING.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Zoey's Extraordinary Goodbye
Episode 13, Season 2

What a Season Finale!
I hope they renew this show. It's such a feel good show. No politics. No opinion. Just feel good.

Make It or Break It

Recent Discovery
Just found this show on Freeform. It's enjoyable - even if a little far-fetched. Just lose yourself in the story of the girls.

I do have to laugh ... they seem to portray Boulder REALLY far from Denver. It's 30 miles on a highway built in the 1960s specifically for the commute between the two cities. Boulder is considered part of the Denver Metro area. LOL I laughed even more when, in S3, the girls talked about the altitude bothering them in Colorado Springs. There's a 700 foot difference. That wouldn't be noticeable to anyone living at a higher elevation. Writers who don't do their homework ...

The Mosquito Coast

How is this an original? See the 1986 movie with Harrison Ford ... hmmmm.

New Amsterdam: Disconnected
Episode 9, Season 3

Oh puleez ...
Max is going to solve the internet problem! He's a doctor - not GOD. All this show does now is piss me off ...

Station 19: Get Up, Stand Up
Episode 12, Season 4

Screw it ...
I am Caucasian. I am not privileged. I grew up with a narcissistic mother and an alcoholic father. We had little money. My mother learned to cook on a dime so we didn't starve (doesn't mean we weren't hungry) and then proceeded to demand hero worship by doing so. My father cheated on my mother repeatedly. Our house went into foreclosure several times before my grandparents pulled it out because they didn't want their grandchildren on the street. They were never repaid. My three siblings and I pulled our heads out of this nightmare. We are all successful adults. We are not alcoholics or drug users. We did not have our education paid for by others. WE PAID FOR IT BY WORKING AND GOING INTO DEBT. Nothing was handed to us.

We are so sick of these preachy TV shows 1) telling us we're privileged because we're "white" 2) have had everything handed to us because of the color of our skin 3) we owe reparations because of what people did long before we were born (by people who are NOT our ancestors - they came from Poland in the early 1900s) 4) police kill only Black people who break the law ... AND ON AND ON AND ON ...

We deleted Station 19 off our DVR and will neither record nor watch another episode of this preachy crap. DONE DONE DONE! BYE-BYE.

Big Sky

Liked it at first
But it's like all ABC dramas ... they keep adding mire and more stories - but nothing gets resolved. More and more drama. Makes me lose interest ... it going the direc of Lost snd How to get away with murder. We stopped watching both of those - which were also good in the beginning. It's time to say so long to Big Sky ...

Right in Front of Me

Cute movie ... but ...
Why does Hallmark think that 30+ women act like 16 year olds? The way they portray Carly as a silly school girl with a crush on the guy is ridiculous. I realize they have to create some kind of drama - but come on! Carly is 32-33 years old, a confident and successful business woman ... in real life, she wouldn't behave like this about a guy from her college days...

New Amsterdam: The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer
Episode 7, Season 3

Sad Sad Sad
This show used to be magical. It was about a better vision for better medicine. About better administrative decisions by those in charge. Now it's trash. Preachy trash. Last week the BLM stuff was ridiculous. This week ... just horrible. An episode starting with two people in bed? Unacceptable. I don't care if it gay, hetero or whatever - it's unacceptable for network TV. If I want to see that, I can watch Netflix, HBO, or Showtime. We're about done with this show. Sad ...


What a delightful show ...
I just recently found this show on Netflix. The premise wasn't all that appealing - but I was curious. Once I started watching it, I couldn't stop. The writing is witty. The actors are good. It made me laugh. It made me sad. The way the stories develop is amazing. I will be watching it again. It's DELIGHTFUL.

One Perfect Wedding

Just OK
Not the best sequel. Why was she so suspicious? It was unnecessary. Just kind of meh. I watched it because I liked the other two movies.

I think they should have at least acknowledged the shaved head. We know why he did it in real life - but it wasn't even acknowledged in the movie. No reference at all - just like it was normal, every day behavior. It could have been explained in some fashion.

Won't watch again ... not enough magic.

Breakup Boot Camp

Cute story ...
This was actually a pretty cute story. Italia Ricci and Ryan Paevy are actually very good together. A sequel would be nice.

Now on to location! The sweeping views of the bay are laughable. Portland had no bays. There's a river. A big, wide river - but no bay. If Hallmark is going to use Portland as a "location" for their movies (but are filmed in British Columbia), they need to be more careful about showing the surrounding area in BC. They've done this before showing huge mountains in LaJunta, CO (The Christmas Train) - when LaJunta is on the easter plains - nowhere near mountains. Obviously, Hallmark thinks people don know these locations - so just throw it in there.

Love at Sunset Terrace

It was OK fir an UpTV movie ...
First of all - THIS IS NOT A HALLMARK MOVIE. It's an UpTV movie.

The lead woman was a bit over the top in the beginning with reference to the leading man. No grown woman behaves that way! Teenage girls ... yes. She sees him on a street in town and acts like she doesn't see him? Maybe if she was 14!

Other than that, it was an OK movie. The story was cute with her "unplugging" and finding herself in the process. Her interactions with the little girl were very cute. It showed how she was actually beginning to enjoy herself.

My only comment is - there sure are a lot of dads in this world who have list their wives - with kids no less. It's a completely overused story. Find another storyline writers!

Chasing Waterfalls

How I wish ...
I wish Hallmark would stop casting Cindy Busby! Does she ever play a different character? It's always the same - over and over and over! Eye rolling. Silly smiles. Bad lines. Unbelievable acting. I feel like I'm still watching "Ashley a/k/a Hot Ash" on Heartland. It amazing that after this many years she hasn't grown as an actress. Same old, same old. Seven years with a recurring role on Heartland and countless other movies since - she's still playing the same character. ZZZZZZZZ boring!

This was actually a cute story - someone else (almost ANYONE else) as the leading woman would have made it far more enjoyable.

Christopher Russell and the little girl who played his daughter were good in this movie.

The Charm of Love

Good background sound
Didn't really watch. It was just noise while I was cutting out a seeing pattern. Not worthy of my full attention.

Hallmark's Pearl in Paradise did it FAR better. UPTV needs to give making movies up!

Fit for a Prince

Gag me
WTF did I just watch??? Hallmark - give these royal movies a rest. This was just plain stupid and BAD. I set the DVR and only half watched/listened while doing needlework. Great background noise - because that's what this movie was... if I'd been paying attention, it would have been deleted after the first 15 minutes.

It Was Always You

Cute RomCom
To the reviewer who said LeAnn Rimes wrote How Do I Live - WRONG WRONG WRONG. Diane Warren wrote it. LeAnn Rimes recorded it first. Trisha Yearwood recorded it second. Trisha's version was used in Con Air because Disney Pictures thought 14 year old LeAnn's version sounded too young for the adult-themed movie. Personally, I think Trisha's version far outweighs Rimes' version. It was perfect in this film also.

That being said ...

This was a cute movie. I am not usually a fan of Erin Krakow. When I see Tyler Hynes - I always think of the slime friend he was on Heartland ... but he's growing in me. He's been in quite a few Hallmark movies the last few years...and he is VERY believable in a romantic lead. Erin is good in this movie too. She is believable as Elizabeth, the woman who did not originally follow her dreams - but found herself listening to the adventures of her fiancé's brother - and remembering her dreams. She realized that she chose a comfortable life with her fiancé over the adventure she craved when she was younger.. She did not seek out another man - she and David were always attracted to each other. There was no "cheating" involved. She left on an adventure - she didn't dump her fiancé to be with David. Yes - they come together in the end ... but it's a year later.

As for the reviews who rag on Erin's hair - for most of the movie, she never thought of herself; hence the disheveled hairdo. The last few scenes of the movie, it was styled very cute - signifying that she finally looked to herself first. Not sure why people aren't getting this! But to review a movie and solely complain about an actor's hair? PLEASE!

This is a cute and fun romcom. I'll watch it again.

Mix Up in the Mediterranean

Cute movie
OK - so let me say right away ... I do not care for Jessica Lowndes. She can't act her way out of a paper bag.

I set my DVR for this one - fully expecting to delete it after 15 minutes. Well ... it didn't happen. I put off watching it for several days - and finally watched it tonight for lack of anything better to do. I actually liked the story. It had comedic moments. It had great family moments. The LGBT aspect was not overdone (and I don't have a problem with gay people - several family members are gay). It just wasn't a focal point of the story. Henry was simply a sous chef married to Julian. They did not focus on the LGBT story.

Don't get me wrong - Jessica Lowndes is still a mediocre actor - but she was actually OK in this role. Not over the top - but the story really about her (even though there was her family turmoil incorporated into the plot). The star of the movie was Josh and Julian (played by Jeremy Jordan). Hope Hallmark uses him more - this is his second Hallmark movie (Holly and Ivy being his first) and he was great in both.

Not a movie I will watch over and over - but it was a fun watch.

For Life: Say His Name
Episode 7, Season 2

Give it a rest
We know ...

White people suck. Cops suck. Hospital workers are heroes. STOP SHOVING IT DOWN OUR THROATS. What happed in Minnesota with Floyd was terrible. I din't know a single person who thinks what happened was OK. Covid can be a nasty illness. We get it.

This is such a great show. Don't bring it down by getting all politically correct on your watchers. I am a CAUCASIAN - I am not racist. I am not a bad person. Neither I nor any member of my family owned slaves.

Over it...

Last Christmas

Delightful movie
I wasn't sure when I first started watching - but I stuck with it. It's actually quite delightful. A good "finding yourself" movie - without being preachy. The character development is true to life. I was totally surprised by Tom's "secret." Didn't see that coming - but everything fell into place once it was revealed. I will definitely watch again - and might even buy the DVD.

Midway to Love

Nice movie
Despite what other reviewers have said - this is a nice, feel good movie. Doesn't have the glitz and glamour of most Hallmark movies - no polished Hallmark stars. It's an independent movie picked up by Hallmark. But it is a cute movie - very feel good. The actors are likable. The story is good. I watched it when it first aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries last year - and just watched again on a free Hallmark Movies Now weekend. I still like it ...

Beverly Hills Wedding

What a horrible movie! Brooke D'Orsay is playing the same bouncy chick that she plays in EVERY movie - even going back to Corner Gas when she was in ONE episode - with the goofy smile. Just no! Plus there's no chemistry between the leads. Brendan Penny is better than this.

So I guess the writers don't know there's an ocean that touches Oregon? Hey - it's the same one that touches California. The comment "I don't think I can head back to Oregon before seeing the ocean" just made me laugh! I've seen that ocean from Oregon many times...

Hallmark now seems to believe they need a gay couple in EVERY movie. It's absolutely not necessary. They have gone way overboard on the diversity issue. I am not anti-gay - we have family members and friends who are gay ... BUT most people do not encounter gays as often as Hallmark want us to believe! It's now in EVERY movie. Hallmark is trying too hard now - presumably to redeem themselves from pulling the gay ad last year. Just stop! We get it...

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Well - it WAS good
Season one was amazing - total 10. Imaginative , entertaining, good storylines. Made me smile. Made me cry. Made me laugh out loud sometimes.

Season two - a 3 rating. It SUCKS. None of the joy or heartfelt moments like the previous season. We don't watch for the preach. The show has been ruined by "woke" writers who feel the need to tell us how unfair or privileged certain people are. The grief Zoey is experiencing is being dealt with destructively - not constructively (different from her mother's handling - or her brother's). You know - even in grief there can be joy. The final straw is the drug episode. It tried to normalize drug use. Just NO.

I am sad - I loved this show last season. It was one of the highlights of my week. Uplifting. Fun. Sad. I am hating it this season. The music and dance numbers are still fun - but that's not going to carry the show. It's probably going to be cancelled - the writers shot themselves in the foot.

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