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Eliza Graves

If One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was a thriller
I watched this film without high expectations because of the rating, but God i was wrong.

First of all, this film isn't horror at all, it's psychological thriller with elements of mystery. The story is much deeper than you would expect, that's why I referenced Forman's classic. It tackles themes of the right way to cure the madness, asking question like is madness a disease or we are all mad in our own way. It's not just the story that makes this movie great, acting is very good, especially Ben Kingsley. His performance was even better than in Shutter Island. Directing and photography, lot of memorable scenes, amazing concept and one of the best plot twists at the end.

If you loved movie from the title and are keen to watching good mystery/thrillers this film is definitely for you.

The Prestige

Borden (Tesla) vs Angier (Edison)
Great movie with Great actors writers and twists.

Something that i didn't see anybody said about it that rivalry between two magicians is reference to Tesla and Edison's rivalry. In the beginning they worked together, then became opponents. I think Borden is Tesla cause he always was more talented than Angier (Edison) who stole Borden's idea.

Surely on of the best movies in this century, be sure to watch it more than one time.

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